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Vandalism hits Sunset Park neighborhood

Residents of Wilmington's Sunset Park neighborhood woke up Sunday to find some of their personal property vandalized. They said crime is a growing concern. Vandals spray-painted the sides of cars and stole lanterns from front yards. One woman had two bikes stolen. She said both bikes were locked up before she went to bed, but the locks were cut and the bikes missing in the morning. Neighbors said this is not the first time they have seen theft and vandalism in their neighborhood. Sunset Park resident, Chris Paladino said, "Bikes aren't cheap, we are in hard times, I don't have the money to keep shelling out for a bike, and this poor kid, that's the only thing he enjoys in life, is his bicycle." The neighbors filed reports with the Wilmington Police Department, but officers said crimes like these are hard to solve.

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Crimes... are hard to

Crimes... are hard to solve... My house was broken into back in August. The WPD took two weeks to file their reports, then closed my case the day after reports were filed. When I called to ask why? I was told "I could not tell them who broke into my house." I also found out the fingerprints taken were improperly taken and could not be used. Case Closed. I love the statement cases like these are hard to solve... Apparently so is robbery and larceny from houses...

I bet it is pretty hard to

I bet it is pretty hard to solve crimes like this when you're busy stuffing your face with donuts and chumming it up with a fellow officer in an abandoned parking lot on Oleander avenue. Sure does make doing your job difficult.

That isn't thier only hiding place

They also like to park by the amphitheater and yak on cell phones to their badge bunnies.

I know

Yep, those lazy fat police officers that don't do anything at all. They should be more diligent like you, work all 12 hours of the shift without any breaks. I bet you slow down when you drive by them because you can't be sure they aren't running radar. Therefore they are doing their job by slowing traffic. You are a dolt.

Probably neighborhood kids...

With the warmer weather I wouldn't doubt it's a couple of neighborhood kids that were just bored and have nothing to do.


JUST MAYBE...someone will meet them in the yard with a shotgun pointing in their face! I ABHOR thieves!