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Vandalism strikes Leland community

Residents of a Leland community woke up Wednesday morning to some vandalism. "Stop Obama" was spray painted in three places. One on a vacant home's For Sale sign, one on a stop sign and another at the entrance to the Birch Creek community. Residents said the neighborhood is normally very quiet and safe, so news of the vandalism was surprising. “It was kind of mind boggling because the community is so diverse and there's so many good people,” said Birch Creek resident Rochon McDuffie. “I've got great neighbors out here, and it just blew my mind that someone would write something like that.” The chief of the Leland Police Department said the department did not receive any calls from residents about the vandalism, but officers would go check it out. Because it involved the president’s name, the vandalism would be mentioned to Secret Service, but most likely the culprit would face a random act of damage to property charge if caught.

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Give me a break...

We were already broke..before Obama. However, do you homework people. Before Bush, our wonderful Clinton had us in the black. Then comes your precious Bush,oh how wonderful, he broke us not Obama. Obama has a tough job cleaning up after your great president. SO quit blaming the new guy..he was handed this mess. Grow up people, be responsible for your own mess and own up to the fact your president did this not Obama. By the way, I am not on welfare, we work hard, and hey isn't the cornerstone of sucess hard work. Those that are crying are the ones that have always had things handed to them, or are to lazy to make a difference in their own lives. Its about time some one looks after the middle class working man or woman.

Ignorance... you people

Ignorance... you people need to wake up.


If this is some people's idea of intelligent debate, perhaps they should take out more property's just destruction of property by IDIOTS. All it does is drive your insurance costs up. File a claim yet?


Huh? This is not vandalism. This is a public service.

Funny it was not a big news

Funny it was not a big news story when the signs said STOP BUSH......


this will spread across the nation as the Rip Van Winkles FINALLY wake up!

The Secret Service ??????

Just another way for OUR tax money to be wasted. Are all of you who voted for him awake yet???

Wide awake, dude...

I'm wide awake, and this has been the best 7 months I've had since Bush first took office back in 2000. I got my home loan reduced my 300 bucks per month through the HSAP plan..... I got my student loan reduced by 200 bucks per month and will get them all forgiven in 8 years.... and, I know my family and I will have health care even if my wife or I lose our jobs. We are a stable middle class family who works hard everyday to provide for our children, and if you think helping my family and others like us is waste, maybe you should get to know the real issues and see the families who have benefited from these programs. "WASTING" our tax payer dollars, in my opinion, would be programs like welfare that pay people who are lazy and do nothing.... It's not a waste to help those of us who are trying to get by with what we have and work 2 jobs to provide for our children and families.... and yes, I have a BA and MA and it's still tough to find well paying jobs here. I can't blame Obama for continued job losses when Bush did a great job of ruining our country for the past decade.


Why don't you go out and go into debt for a big screen tv and a blu ray disc player, maybe the government will pay for that too.


I agree with you about the "wasting" of money on lazy welfare recipients, but Obama cannot still be blaming Bush for what he "inherited", can he? EVERY president inherits something from the former, but not every president whines about jobs, economy, foreign relations, etc. forever and ever. They take on personal responsibility (yes, even when they make a mistake,) and realize that they ASKED for the job and now it's time to buck up. They DON'T make racial remarks about situtions they no nothing about (cop v. Harvard scholar,) and they don't condescend to the people (taxpayers) who pay their salaries. They CERTAINLY don't apologize for the USA when they go overseas. All in all, I guess I just think he's a total loser.

Why do you need help at all?

" I got my home loan reduced my 300 bucks per month through the HSAP plan..... I got my student loan reduced by 200 bucks per month and will get them all forgiven in 8 years...." So in other words, you are happy you got to reneg on agreements YOU previously agreed to and signed, and are grateful that President Obama encourages and blesses your irresponsible lifestyle, right?

property damage

its not property damage, it's beautification....sounds like someone wised up to obama....

stop blaming obama

Don't hate because he is half black and your are to lazy to get up and take control of your owe life he has alot of thing to clean up that Bush messed up.So if you want to blame someone blame the president that was in the office that mess it up. so people are so stupid you just tring to find a excuse because your life isn't going right. It is not obama it is you!!!!!


lets be honest he is breaking us!!!!...our kids are going to carry this burden, that he is causing for their entire lives. the USA is broke, no one penny, but yet he is spending our money. he should have give every household 200,000 dollars or even 100,000 dollars as a refund, the economy would going again and growing again. so lets look back we are broke, he is spending, jobs are gone and we are turning he has done a great job

RE: Obama..please

You're obviously not very bright! Did you take the time to think about your comment before you let your fingers do the talking? Giving every household in the country $200,000 would cost the government (aka..the taxpayer) more than $22 TRILLION based on the the census bureau estimate that there are 113 million total households in the US. Regardless of your political affiliation, you should think about what you're little digits are typing! Has everyone lost their mind these days?

Let's look at why we are in this mess

I believe it was the wonderful Bill Clinton that decided everyone should be able to get a loan to buy a house. Then all the smart people making 20k a year went out a purchased a 200k house. Then when they fall behind on the payments they want the gov't to pay for it, because the gov't was the one that allow them to get it. I heard a woman on TV crying because she was going to lose her house. The loan had gone up to 3000 a month (yes, I said 3000) and she could no longer afford. They ask her if she was aware that the load would go up and she said yes. She said she thought she would be making more money by that time. Now how bright was that? Should the tax payers help her out? I don’t think so.. One more thought.. Why do you think the Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are all behind the health care bill? It is because if everyone has health care they continue to receive the dollars they get for their services and they will not give anything away. If you don’t think there is money to be made by sales drugs just look on most street corner. You will see drug stores everywhere. I think the gov’t need to spend more time on bring down the cost of health care and then everyone will be able to afford the insurance.