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Verizon Wireless employees see a nice boost

Employees at Verizon Wireless just got a nice boost to their paycheck. Verizon planned to distribute bonus checks to employees Friday. The typical bonus will be around 10 percent of the employee’s salary, and starting salaries at Verizon are around $27,000. Many employees will also receive an additional three percent bonus next month. Verizon Wireless had a very good 2008, and is now the most profitable wireless company in the country.

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Please...are you serious?...what's wrong with telling the public that you or your company has done something good?? Big CEO's have their bonuses plastered all over the media and it makes them no more a target of crime than you or I. Besides everyone's tax information is public anyway, anybody can pull it and see what you make...oooooooo Go find something else to complain about, I'm sure the people around you enjoy it. :) Have a great day!!


I'm a little troubled by this article. I think that the privacy of the employees that work for this company should be respected and the fact that they are receiving bonuses and the amount of all things should not be disclosed to the entire public. The way the economy is today its sort of a set up for these employees to be a target for crime.


I have a lot of friends that work at Verizon...this article just makes me think...maybe it's time to call some friends and ask for money haha. Joking, but agreed. Doesn't seem the business of anyone else that these people got great bonuses.

Verizon Wireless Bonues

As an employee of VZW, I'm annoyed at the fact that WWAY deemed this a newsworthy story. I'm sure other companies reward their employee's for the hard work that is given to their companies and I don't see those bonuses percentages being broadcast. What I received as a bonus is my own personal business and shouldn't be broadcast. Contrary to popular belief not everything is a news story.

Lesson for Verizon employees

I have an acquaintance who works for another wireless carrier. They, too, received a bonus that was based upon ten percent, but could range as high as twenty percent of their salary if they really exceeded their goals. Then they voted for a union, and the CWA now represents them.....and they get a maximum of FIVE percent for a bonus. Gotta love them unions!


NOW NOW...according to our illustrious elected leader and his appointments....UNIONS ARE BEST FOR US can what you say be TRUE? LOL...UNIONS...throw the Union bosses in jail..and ABOLISH them! They are PART of the overall reason we are where we are today in a crashing economy!

Yes and No

I partly agree with your comments and then partly don't. I have no problem with unions who work for the betterment of employees, but the problem comes when they won't negotiate with a company that is having financial difficulty, or when it gets to the point as in the auto industry that you have three men doing the job of one, taking four hours to do a 5 minute job. That is the real evil here. Plus, the legality of unions is pretty set, but again, they should be limited in what they can do in terms of political influence and overall stronghold on the corporation. It's one thing to lobby for FAIR pay and FAIR benefits and working conditions, another thing entirely for having the power to bring a corporation to it's knees and putting people in other industries at risk or the general public. It's an imperfect system and I don't think there is any easy answer. Thoughtful comments though and I definitely agree with you in part. Oh, i'd also add to those that whine about "American Jobs" going overseas...this is why. Unions have FORCED corporations to outsource jobs to other countries by demanding unreasonable pay and benefits in troubled times as well as good times. Therefore you simply allocate your human capital to a place that it's cheaper. Simple logic and it is corporate leaders doing their job...which is doing whats best for the bottom line and investors. That is what they are hired to do and what they should do, popular or not.