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1898 Memorial dedication

Wilmington's dark history, gave way to a much brighter future Saturday. The 1898 memorial was officially dedicated.

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Why is that people in this

Why is that people in this town are still stuck on the could have, should and " I" would have? It makes no sense that with everything that has taken place this week and how far we have come as country and as Americans, that people still have to complain about something!!Do you all wake up in the morning worrying about what goes on behind someone else's door before you take a look at yourself in the mirror. We all know that The Port City still faces alot of change, but at the rate we are going we will never see it happen as long as there are people who continue to be negative. No the tax payers have nothing to do with the monument. The funding process began in the late 90's for this so do your research. So what the DOT donated the land,the MLK project was first talked about in 1968 and you see it took almost 40yrs to complete that.. So how about those tax dollars for you!! People who were passionate about this project left money in their wills so that this could be a way for people to learn history and move forward. This is why Wilmington has the highest crime rate in the country for a town its size because people always talking out the side of their necks and they not saying nothing ( excuse the grammar) If you wanna comment on something then comment why do we still feel the need to have segregated schools and why teachers and students are failing in our county. There was not one school that passed AYP all the way across the board. Why do kids not have textbooks,and they coming home with worksheets. Better yet, why is our police still committing acts of racial profiling for those of us African Americans who decide we like to show for the fruits of our labor. If I like to decide I want to walk in Belk's and purchase a Dooney and Berk bag I don't need a flashlight cop to follow me around. I have cash, better yet I have credit. Check the FICO score I see that anything that pertains to the Black Community in this town, where we have a chance to learn about our past, so we can have a better future always gets pushed to the back burner. As you noticed, nothing about the race riots is taught in "our schools" curriculum. Maybe because there is no textbooks to put them in..If it was not for great grandma or great granddad, we would know nothing of our past. Is it that you are too afraid that we will learn too much that we will be intimidating? Or is it that we will try to get revenge for what happened and YOU are scared of your fate? To be honest, we want EQUAL rights. Just because you sign a document and implement a law doesn't make it equal. It just makes it right so that battle in the court room doesn't get out of hand...So with that said stop being a part of the problem and be a part of the solution and RESPECT YOUR ROOTS!!