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Ukrainian students claim exploitation in job program

They traveled overseas for what they thought would be a memorable, fun experience in North Carolina. Instead a group of Ukranian students say they were forced to work more than 80 hours a week.

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I worked with these girls....

I just want to say that I worked with these girls, from day one they were offered days off and they REFUSED to take them. They lived in one bedroom but there are THREE beds in that room, and they had their own bathroom. They came here to work, not have a bunch of fun. I picked them and the manager up EVERY morning, they were always slacking and never ready to go when I got there. I don't have anything against these girls, I just think if they are going to tell the story then they need to tell the truth as well.

to whoever wrote this message.....

this is, im afraid to say, a bunch of crap.. i know these girls personally, and work very close to where they work working. i saw them most every day..they DID work 14 hours a day, and i would often see them at the end of there shift, around 10pm... they would complain that they were not allowed normal breaks, and on the odd occasion were alllowed a 30 min break.. i have spoken to other people who work at waves, and they have confirmed this, stating that they too, were also only aloolowed 30 min breaks, once a day, but not every day.they have never been paid the overtime they deserve, and this is wrong...they are hard working, loyal, and honest girls..i know first hand how they have been treated.. i have even been harrassed by the manager of waves, for my association with the girls. i have been lead to believe, though im not sure on this one.. that the same problem of not paying foreign workers took place last year.. i am told that there are police records of it wwith the surf city police department.. i will check this out, and encourage others to as well.. after all it is public knowledge. watch the news reports on tv, or online.. the owner states the girls lived in a nice apartment with each having their own room.. yet the news showed the place they were living.. a double wide trailor.. when is surf city gonna wake up and smell the java... it is far to obvious that Waves is lying.. to save face, and to not pay the girls that which is owed to the,,.. what is wrong with this picture.. doesnt anyone else see it??? another thing.. whoever wrote the comment to which i am responding states that the girls had a one bedroom, but it had three beds.. yet the owner states they had a nice apartment each with their own room.. can anyone else see the contradictions and lies in this besides me?????

You throw out a lot of accusations.....

...and tell your story as if you were there working with these employees every minute of their time. I seriously doubt this is the case. Most of your "testimony" here is nothing more than heresay. Get a law dictionary and look that term up so you can clarify yourself as the witness you want to portray.

I'm not here to say these girls are lying or that the beach shop owner isn't doing things wrong. What I CAN tell you is this: These accusations are blatant violations of basic federal, and state labor laws. All it will take is ONE phone call to the state and federal department of labor and they will be on that surf shops owner like white on rice! They do not play! They will audit his employment records, pay registers and past employees. All monies owed will be promptly paid in full and the owner will endure fines that could put him out of business. All it takes is one silly, stinkin' phone call! No lawyers are needed, no courts are needed...just ONE phone call.

Now, THERE is the answer to all of these accusations. Step up to the plate and formally accuse this business owner of the afore said labor violations or shut up about it!!!

One more thing, go back to school and learn how to spell, write a properly constructed sentence, punctuate and capitalize. If you speak the way you write, nobody will listen to you!