ONLY ON 3: CrossFit creates fitness craze
Submitted by wway news on Thu, 02/24/2011 - 12:22am.

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The "not moving from machine to machine at average gym" guy looks like he could use some more mass.

Hey, does Greg Glassman even workout?

I love going to Crossfit. Everybody keeps me accountable, it gets my butt out the door in the morning!

It is sad that the Crossfit you did your feature on is the one that actually create the most negative press for the local Crossfit community. There are three other crossfits in Wilmington all with a much larger and more ethical run facility. Also I will add that the other three are all in support of each others programs and support of Crossfit main. These three also have never been advised by Crossfit main to clean up their "backyard" or have your affiliate removed like the Crossfit you featured. I would suggest that your staff visit all the crossfits in Wilmington and do a story on that. I'm sure you will be very surprised by what the other gyms you missed have to offer. You will also find a lot of former members from the featured gym who will be able to provide you with an honest interview of why they changed and how much the level of health has improved almost instantly. Hope to see a follow up story.

I am 72 years old and walk 5 miles every day. If Crossfit could make me look young like the young woman wearing a Crossfit T-shirt I saw leaving Java Dog this morning, I would sign up immediately.