ONLY ON 3: Government e-mails discuss gambling boat in New Hanover County

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Submitted: Wed, 02/16/2011 - 2:21pm
Updated: Fri, 04/29/2011 - 7:10pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — WWAY has found e-mails on the New Hanover County government server that talk about a gambling boat docking along our coast.

One e-mail was sent by a man named Ron Robinson to County Commission Vice Chair Jason Thompson along with several state legislators. In it Robinson tells Thompson that he met with state Rep. Carolyn justice to review the status of docking a gambling boat at a pier at Seabreeze for offshore gambling.

In the e-mail Robinson says Justice has presented a proposal to the legislators, but another email from Justice to Thompson clarifies what the representative told Robinson.

She writes: “I have not presented the proposal to the legislative members… What I said to Ron was if Perdue gets her wishes and she combines video poker in with the lottery then I think that signals that she has the votes to possibly opening the door to ron’s proposal.”

A copy of the e-mail was also sent to Rep. Danny McComas and senators Bill Rabon and Thom Goolsby. We tried to contact those legislators along with Thompson, but we have only heard back from McComas.

He said he was unaware of any type of legislation regarding a gambling boat.

“I don’t see it happening,” McComas told WWAY. “We addressed that legislatively back in the ’90s. My stance is that I can’t comment to anything either way unless I see it. I haven’t had an opportunity to look into it.”

As for Robinson, the man who sent the e-mail, we have tried contacting him through e-mail, but have yet to hear from him either.


  • Guest says:

    Just because people gamble DOES NOT mean that they drink alcohol and are drunks too….what a way to stereotype people…..

  • Guest says:

    NO WAY. We the residents of Seabreeze are starting to see a change from a drug/alcohol/prostitution infested area to a clean respectable community once again. The last thing we need is to invite the drunk/gamblers back. Mr. Robinson if you want a gambling boat, put it in your residential back yard, not ours.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    Wake up, states around you are generating revenue in the millions and North Carolina continues to take this backseat approach. The lottery came way to late, and gambiling happens whether its legal or not. I’m glad Perdue is at least considering the possibility so NC Dollars can state with in NC.

    As far as docking the thing in Seabreeze, I don’t think thats a good idea either. Its probably better somewhere downtown or in Carolina Beach.

  • Guest says:

    Nasty horrid belittled pack of conservative preaching liars. You are no different then the trash you vowed to replace. I knew a few of you were in bed with each other for some time, but this takes the cake. Disgusting.

  • Guest99x says:

    I hereby nominate the writer of “You filthy pieces of…” for this year’s Golden Spleen Award.

  • Guest461 says:

    Looks like they hit a slightly sore spot with you. There are anger management sessions and medications to help you with these issues you that publicly display.

  • WilmWatcher says:

    You represent today’s leftist sociopath quite accurately. Ambush the conversation with a flurry of insults and personal attacks – that way, maybe people will be so distracted, you won’t be in danger of having to form or defend a position, and just maybe – the dirty little secret of how intellectually devoid and empty you are will remain a mystery for the time being.

    I just realized – that was probably way over your head. How’s this? YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

  • Guest4222 says:

    As someone who believes that small government and less regulations are better, I am all for allowing a gambling boat, but Sea Breeze is not the place for it. The area is mainly residential and a casino boat in a residential neighborhood is less than ideal. Furthermore, Carolina Beach Inlet is shifty and shallow and will create significant safety hazards. Why not create a riverboat casino that offers scenic cruises similar to what the Henrietta offers, but with gaming. Downtown has plenty of parking, and passengers on the boat will bring much needed revenue to downtown.

  • Common Sense says:

    SEABREEZE????? When patrons got back from the cruise their vehicles would be stripped to the frame if not stolen altogether

  • Guest99x says:

    Just because other states are generating revenue as you say “in the millions” doesn’t make the introduction of another state sponsored vice RIGHT.

    The state has no business in the sale of alcoholic beverages, nor should the state be in the business of wagering and gaming.

    The only legitimate source of revenue for the state is taxation, the only legitimate use for this revenue should be the provision of essential services, PERIOD.

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