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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Brunswick Co. man upset pit bull roams neighborhood

Held hostage in his own neighborhood. A Brunswick County man says he can't walk down his street because of a neighbor's pit bull. Joe Trull says he's called Brunswick County Animal Control and the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office, but they haven't helped.

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pit bull

I have two of these dogs. When a new person is around my dogs run up to sniff them. The guy didnt say that the dog was growling or even barking at him. He said the dog "snuck" up on him. If a pit is coming to attack you you will know when its coming. They dont sneak up on you. He is just scared of the dog. I do believe that the owner of the dog should be a more responsible owner and respect the mans wishes after all there are leash laws, but just because a dog runs up to you dont mean it is going to attack you. Had it been a lab, poodle,or golden retriever he wouldve never said a word to anyone.

Are you trying to somehow

Are you trying to somehow defend the dog? Of course he is scared of the dog, that is why he has called Animal Control, the Sheriff's office, and WWAY! The dog got close enough to him that he was able to hit him with a stick in self defense.

So what should he have in your opinion? If I turned around and saw a dog running up behind me, I would assume it is attacking.

I have been bitten by numerous dogs while out jogging (not pit bulls) and I learned that when a dog is coming up on you and you try to ignore it, it will bite you.

I have tried to not be prejudice to pit bulls, and I know many families that have pit bulls are very happy and secure around their pets.

But pit bulls are intimidating and if one decides to run up on you, I do not think you need to wait to find out if it just wants to sniff you.

When the owner does not have the sense to keep their dog secured, then they do not need to have procession of such a dog.


What is the update on this sitution?