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FIRST ON 3: "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans, others arrested Sunday night

Friday, we told you about MTV's "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans and a video of. Over the weekend Jenelle, the girl she fought and the girl seen pushing Jenelle into the fight in the video landed in jail.

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If we keep glamorizing the most ignorant of people then it sure proves that this world is going to a place where only a handbasket can bring us all! BEING A PREGNANT TEEN IS NOT ANYTHING TO BE PROUD OF. AND ANY MALE WHO CANNOT BE SAFE WITH SEX, SHOULD NEVER HAVE SEX! Duh!

Stupid People ARE breeding, this is obvious!

teen mom = disgrace

this person is a disgrace to our community on several levels...why do we continue to publicize garbage like this so people can get their 15 seconds of fame? We are all spiraling downhill way to fast.

I agree with you. I live in

I agree with you. I live in Brunswick County too. I have watched the "Teen Mom 2" I no longer watch it nor do I allow anyone in my home to watch it. After watching her and her mother act like animals, I believe Jace should be with a LOVING family. Her mother acts no better than she does. I feel sorry for the baby. He will have a hard life ahead of him if he stays with that family. He would be better off being raised by wolfs. I believe its all about the money and NOT about the baby!!!!!!! If her mother knew how to be a loving mom, maybe she would know how to be one too. One is no better than the other when it comes to raising Jace.

Jenelle/teen mom

You are so right. I agree 100% with you on this one. Neither one deserves that baby.Sad sad sad situation for him. I too watched it once just out of curiosity. Saw all I needed to see.These reality shows are really going too far.I always say one of the greatest traits my parents taught me was respect and there is not one ounce in that family .Just terrible!!!!!!

I agree with most of that as

I agree with most of that as far as reality shows going way too far! I currently let my daughters watch it only to see the struggles that come along with being a teen mom/ young mom hoping that will make them think twice... the show doesnt sugarcoat anything bout being teen parents thats what I like bout it.. I agree with the respect to and it seems alot of teens/young adults lack it and many other values that sickens me!!Jennel is in a tough spot cause her mother is CRAZY and thus is acting out in other ways..they dont work together at all but the mom/grandmother prevents jannell from doing that and janell is still very immature and is in no way able to care for jace on her own..Janell prolly feels trapped they all would benifit from some counseling!