FIRST ON 3: “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans, others arrested Sunday night

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Submitted: Tue, 03/29/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Tue, 03/29/2011 - 4:19pm

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Friday, we told you about MTV’s “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans and a video of the tabloid star fighting another Brunswick County teen. Over the weekend Jenelle, the girl she fought and the girl seen pushing Jenelle into the fight in the video landed in jail.

This time, though, Jenelle’s lawyer says he thinks she was set up.

After the video of Jenelle fighting Oak Island resident Britany Truett hit the Internet last week, charges quickly followed. Oak Island Police arrested Jenelle Sunday around 9 p.m. on warrants for assault and simple affray.

The police report says when the officer arrested Jenelle, the 19-year-old had consumed drugs or alcohol, although it does not specify what substance she had used or how much. Police took her to the Brunswick County Jail, where she was released on a $500 secured bond.

Police arrested the other girl in the fight, Truett, Saturday for simple affray. She was also released on a $500 bond.

When we tried to contact Truett, we were told we needed to contact Splash Media in Los Angeles, which would organize all of Truett’s interviews. The organization is also responsible for the video of the fight and pictures of Truett afterward online.

Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan of Bolivia told us he is not convinced the fight was simply caught on tape.

“We’re trying to do a little investigating to see if any of the parties involved in the altercation were in fact paid for getting this set up,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says some media outlets know of reality show drama before it happens, which makes him question the nature of the altercations.

“We’ve received some information that one of the individuals was in fact paid a considerable amount of money, and it had nothing to do with Miss Evans, so that leads me to believe that there’s a lot more to this than just a simple altercation that was between two females,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says he has not spoken to Jenelle about the arrest yet.

When we went by the home listed on the arrest report where Jenelle was arrested, the home owners told us they’ve received more attention than they ever expected to get by helping a friend. They told us Jenelle was not there, but her car was parked outside.

Jenelle’s friends told us Jenelle does not know who she can trust anymore because so many people are selling her out for fame and fortune.

The folks at Splash Media told us Brittany Truett will be on Good Morning America tomorrow morning. Producers at the show confirmed to us they are trying to book her, but nothing has been finalized.

Also arrested was Brittany Maggard, who allegedly pushed Jenelle into the fight.

Jenelle’s legal troubles also mean more trouble for her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Oak Island Police say when they picked up the teen mom last night, she was with Kieffer Delp. He had an outstanding warrant for cocaine possession.

The arrest report says he had consumed either drugs or alcohol when he was arrested.

Delp is still in jail under $5,000 bond.


  • Kirstin says:

    I am not from the Wilmington area I live about 45 mins from Charlotte but I need to say this, I do watch the show and I have seen about enough and heard enough about Janelle. I was 16 when I had my son, and the day he was born he became my 1st priority! She does not deserve her child back until she can act like a mother, adult, and a lady! Ladies and mothers DO NOT behave like that I don’t care if it was a set up. She could have been the bigger person and walked away. I agree with the other comments local news channels should be more concerned w/ local and world news, not another strung out teenager who can’t take care of herself let alone her child. The girl needs to grow up, if she was adult enough to lay down and make a baby then she is adult enough to take care of it.

  • Brock says:

    Is pretty hot. Kinda has that dopey girl next door approachable hotness thing going on. Post more Jenelle pics WWAY.

  • anne says:

    My suggestion is not going to sit well with many of you but here goes:

    (1) get rid of the realty show. It serves no purpose other than letting the crazies crawl out from under the rocks and showing themselves for what they are
    (2) this poor girl needs help now. Stop watching her and contributing to her stupidity by giving her the publicity she craves
    (3) don’t report these things as news. It is not news. It is sensationalism at its finest. People are going to do anything and everything stupid to get their 15 seconds of fame
    (4) commit her before she hurts or kills herself or someone else. She is a loose cannon just waiting to be shot off. She is getting paid for what she does and nothing seems off limits.

  • missy says:

    i do agree with you 100%..i do watch the show every week and i like that kind of stuff but janelle do need to grow up and take care of her son I think once you choose to make a child it is time to grow up..i have a one year old im just glad i didnt had her at a young age..cuz it is still heard for me to deal with her some times and her dad is around to help but we still try to do are best to be there for her and show here we still love her no matter what even if janelle cant take her of her son she still can be there by him showin that she still love him but that is on her if she dont want to it just makes be so mad how people choose to have kids but dont want to take care of them..If you dont want kids then close your legs

  • Guest:guest2 says:

    I think we should not only get rid of this kind of “reality” show, but the producers of this one should be charged with aiding in the delinquency of a minor. How low are we as a society going to stoop in the name of entertainment???

  • Ish says:

    I think we should keep teen mom and 16 and pregnant going, however i do believe the show that is interviewing brittany and all that should be fined! People need to get off janelles case, she isnt dragging around jace when shes going out shes keeping him this someone she trusts which is alot better than takin him. And she tries to do stuff for her u guys even watch the show? Her mom wont let her! Her mom nags her about everything..the girls in school and trying to work shes doing better than alot of people shes just on tv while others arent. I think the only thing is she needs to get rid of kieffer! Hes no good! And the fight was def. Fixed and i guarantee kieffer was in on it just the same..come on janelle u were mad he did coke behind ur back and he jus did it again..dnt keep him in ur life to have that around ur son!

  • Taxpayer@large says:

    Where are the parents during all of this. This child is going to end up in jail where she cannot care for her child and the whole little trailer park “thugette” syndrome just perpetuates. It’s clear that the stardom of being on TV has adversely affected this uneducated little girl and to think that she has a child of her own is horrifying. From what I saw before I stopped the video is a little girl misled by her peers trying desperately to become something she is not; a gang-banger. Just to inform you little girl we have enough of these hardened criminals going through the revolving door of the penal system. If you want to be different from the rest of the trash that antagonizes you to perform these public displays of petulance, get a job, pay your bills, get a higher education and above all else make sure this never happens to your child. If you will not do it for yourself do it for your child or possibly the hard working taxpayers that are going to have to shell out their hard earned tax dollars to institutionalize you and your child if you do not make a stand for whats right. We are tired of paying for your stupidity. As for the father of her child; you should be chemically castrated.

  • Guest says:

    Now That’s funny and the TRUTH!!!!! Thank You!!!! Her MOM is A HERO IN My BOOK. Jenelle I expect to see on Street Walker show next, on Behind Bars. As far as that so called Boyfriend What can you say but STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. He’s a joke or someones girlfriend back in Jail, What Jenelle going to do go to Jail and fight them to? Like I said What a waste of TV…

  • guesty says:

    Taxpayer@large said “…..criminals going through the revolving door of the penal system.” Don’t say that, she will be trying to get arrested again thinking it is a way to get pregnant by the government.

  • Lilly says:

    Nothing but a piece of trash Jenelle is. Her mother has done everything for that poor grandson of her. Jenelle should never get to see her son again.

    I give credit to Jenelle’s mom she does everything to provide for Jace.

    Jenelle needs to spend some quality time in lock up and see how she likes that. She will never change until something serious is going to happen. I am glad Brittney decided to press charges.

    Jenelle’s mom has delt with too much BS with her daughter and Jenelle doesn’t deserve anymore chances or I am sorry excuses. Time to welcome Jenelle to the real world. If she wants to act like a bad a** treat her like one then!

  • Local-Res says:

    Trust me, Jenelle’s Mom has treated her awful for years. Mom is negative and emotionally abusive and I can see why Jenelle has turned out the way she has. Grant it, what we are viewing now people would say “You can’t blame Mom.” But think about it, Mom raised her. Listen to the things she says, things that are not needed in order to get her point across. As the parent she should be the better person. If Mom uses the same type of parenting on Jace, he will end up the same way.

  • GrowUpAlready says:

    Jenelle is a public figure, like it or not, thanks to MTV & TMZ.

    This IS news & I don’t condemn WWAY for printing it – as their reporters have said before, they get a lot of traffic on the stories on Jenelle’s trials & tribulations.

    I get sick & tired of seeing Jenelle referred to as a “child” or a girl – she’s a grown woman. She’s old enough to join the Army & fight in Afghanistan, which many 19-yr olds are doing right now; she’s old enough to work, to drive a car, to own a home, to vote, and to pay her own bills.

    These Teen Mom’s on MTV also get paid $$$ for each episode. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She’s had so many more chances than the vast majority of teen moms get, and she doesn’t appreciate any of it – certainly not even her own son.

  • Challengetheworld says:

    WWAYTV3, please, for the sake of the sanity of the viewers of our local news, find something that is truly news worthy. There are currently over three articles regarding this ridiculous story. Oak Island and Brunswick County collectively are nice communities. Please give them some respect by ignoring the tabloid trash of MTV. This television show provides no guidance to teenagers suffering with some poor decisions. MTV is an entertainment organization and WWAYTV3 is a NEWS organization.

    Publishing these stories damages the credibility of a legitimate news organization. If WWAY TV3 is becoming the local version of Wilmington TMZ, then please let me know. I am disappointed that the tracking of this girl has become more important then the events in Wilmington, the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and the suffering of the people in Japan.

  • jmm says:

    Ignore her….maybe she’ll go away…

  • Guest says:

    I read this story on Fox News. Aren’t we proud?? Our area made national headline news and it’s such a great story line. Makes us look like the thugs we are and hey, the National Enquirer may be here next. This is evidently a good thing, too, since your paper has given it raving publicity and headlines. As for me, I am actually ashamed of this for the national news and for your paper. I’m sorry someone at your news office has the rag mag mentality to think we want to read this or even hear about it. Disgraceful.

  • WHITE TRASH says:

    this girl is nothing more then a worthless piece of trash. the news should be ashamed to even show this nationally! jenelle and brittany need to be put in jail and throw away the key! this is absolutely absurd, and makes brunswick county look even slummier then it already portrays. i find it halirious that these scumbags got paid for this fight to be released, what is that? thats instigating this type of behavior. totally disgusted

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