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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Family of four killed in crash with Brunswick Co. school bus

Highway Patrol says four people are dead after a head-on crash between a car and a school bus in northern Brunswick County. A trooper tells us that all four people in the car were killed. They were members of the same family: a mother, father and two children.

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Family of four in MVA with Bus.

My heart goes out the the family of Joshua Williams, his wife Brandy and their wonderful children. {lease pray for the family and friends they left behind to mourn this great lose. My God bless and keep you safe in his loving arms.

Sad, sad, story. My heart

Sad, sad, story. My heart goes out to the family. I'm yet to hear anyone say anything about the curve in Camp Branch that this happened in; it does not have a warning sign or a reduce speed sign. I myself have been driving on this road and this curve "sneak up" on you since there is no warning signs. This curve is even hard to handle at 55 mph, I could not imagine if someone was speeding. I hope this provokes DOT to put up warning signs and repair the horrible pot holes on this road.

pray for everyone that was

pray for everyone that was invaled in the acciendt. also pray for that people in the car that past away and there family. god bless

Not the only one..............

WWAY TV 3 I am not the first to see that as you said Ash is NOT in northern Brunswick County. Do you live under a rock..........Supply and Ash are in no way the same area and to say northern Brunswick County. Miles apart, I am sure you have Google Earth. Any IPhone does that, we have them out here in the sticks also. If you want to report from this county: Know what you are talking about and where. With something like this people are hanging on to every word you say. You are one county north of us! Get your head out of the sand! Not happy with

Statistics of where YOU live

If you divide Brunswick County into four quadrants, Ash is located in the NW quarter of the county. When you see the county depicted on a TV map it is not always shown exactly as positioned on the Earth, which is round by the way. So yes, Ash is considered northern Brunswick county as opposed to southern Brunswick county. Ash is a part of Brunswick County located at 34.067 latitude and 78.526 longitude while it's neighbor Supply is located at 34.018 lattitude and 78.26 longitude. These would be points of what is considered the "city" center and are 13 "miles apart" as you put it. If you MapQuest Camp Branch Rd it takes you 13 miles north of US 17 up 211 (which runs NW). In that case, Supply and Ash are considered bordering towns. The Green Swamp is not a town but happy to hear modern technology is working there although experiencing some operator error apparently. You know the little box where the people talk to you and report the news doesn't really have little people in it. There is a whole world of people out here that completely understand where Ash is located and also understand the expansive area Brunswick County encompasses.


Put them in there place!!!!

I have been a BC resident for 42 years now and my family grew up in Ash and if you was to ask me it is Northern BC!!

Sounds like someone just don't like good news.

Just please remember why it was on here in the first place. My heart and prayers go out to my family