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ONLY ON 3: Contractor defends company, says workers will get paid

We have response from a contractor accused of not paying workers for an ongoing job here in Wilmington.

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NC Contracting

My brother did work for this company months ago. After working for them for some time, they paid him some of what they owed, but they never paid the rest. He stopped coming into work, and the boss called him to ask him why he didn't come back, and that they needed his help. To which, of course my brother replied, "Because you owe me money." They actually had the audacity to try and get my brother to recruit more laborers for them to rip off, which of course my brother refused to do. My brother worked, in a self-employed status in construction for years, and thought that in this slumping economy, he finally had a decent job to keep his mortgage afloat, only to be worked as if he were in bondage for no compensation. The sins of this subcontractor can not be forgiven, and if their reputation is ruined, then so be it. Someone got that money, someone got rich. The laborers got hosed. This guy has the audacity to talk about some "unforseen family emergency" involving an employee at Clancy and Thayes. An unadulterated line of bull. Which employee? Clancy and Thayes don't possess enough employees to cover sub contractor payroll? How come all the illegal aliens got paid? In these financial times the behaviors exhibited by NC Contracting, and Clancy and Thayes is not forgiveable. May NC Contracting and all of the involved culprits burn in hades for all eternity. I for one don't have any sympathy for your "ruined reputation" you eternal scum.

Have Not got paid from Robert Miller-Its been over three months

Thank you for this video! My company worked for this guy and his company on this job back in December and still have not got paid. I have tried to call NC Contractings office more times than I can count and all I have got is rude behavior and the run around.