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A sweepstakes parlor moves out; a hookah bar moves in

Many sweepstakes parlors left town after North Carolina banned them but those weren't the only businesses forced to close their doors. A ban on hookah bars left many business owners with nowhere to turn one couple is ignoring the ban and hoping for better luck in a new location.

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Misinformation about local Hookah bar.

Knowing the facts would be a good start to a proper story. I was very disappointed to see this establishment portrayed as breaking the law. The smoking ban is on businesses that serve alcohol, or prepare and serve food. This particular place does neither. Tobacco shops, are exempt from the smoking ban, as long as they do not serve food or alcohol. A disservice has been done to these local business people by attempting to portray them as flaunting the law. They are doing nothing of the sort. I would hope that this would be looked into, and a correction be issued. In these hard economic times, we need all the successful businesses we can get in Wilmington. Lets not contribute to putting another one out of business due ignorance, and the misreporting of the actual facts.

interview misleading

While we appreciate the attention, this interview is very misleading. This makes us look like we are breaking the law but that is far from the truth. The smoking ban only applies to establishments that serve food and/or alcohol. We do not serve either of those. We are a smoke shop. We serve only hookahs and you can buy prepackaged snacks and beverages. This was discussed during the interview but was edited out making it appear we were ignoring the law. We are not nor do we intend to break the law. Thank you.

Gentlemen: As best we can


As best we can tell, hookah bars did not get an exemption in the January 1, 2010 state smoking ban.

The ban stipulates that you cannot smoke in an enclosed area.

Click here to see the law:

If that is still the case, which at this point we believe it is, we stand by our story.

Thanks for leaving your comments.

Scott Pickey
News Director

I have read this law many

I have read this law many times, and you are correct that Hookah bars did not get an exemption, in the way that cigar bars did. What you fail to understand is that Tobacco shops do have an exemption, so as long as they are not serving alcohol, or operating as a restaurant, and a certain percentage of their revenue is from tobacco sales they are operating within the law.