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Whiteville baseball coach gets tossed out of season opener against Laney

Whiteville baseball coach Brett Harwood only watched half the game on Tuesday night in the Wolfpack's baseball season opener against the defending state 4-A champions, Laney High School.

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bad call from the

bad call from the umpire...........if the coach was gonna get tossed , it shoulda been as soon as the first word about balls and strikes came outta his mouth.............not with their backs to each other and walking away..........

Harwood is my boy

I played for Harwood for 4 years in high school and 4 years in legion ball. Hands down the best Coach I have ever played for. Who ever posted anything negative about this man has to be out of their minds. Harwood puts in the most time out of any coach in southeast NC and I can guarantee that. He loves his players and would do anything for them. I don't know of any kid who wouldn't want to play for a coach that wouldn't fight for his players. Harwood is by far the best Coach in the area and is not in the wrong for arguing a call. As you can see it fired up the Pack! I know I always loved when he would get fired up bc it fired me up! Harwood you my boy!


Would the homeplate umpire Curry please post what inning it is okay to complain about balls and strikes? A coach that won't question calls that affect his team, needs to find another line of work. The worst thing for a pitcher is a changing strike zone. Ditto's to Coach Harwood. I support you.

Cry babies

Only in Whiteville do you see fans cry and terrible attitudes. It starts in their Dixie Youth program. They recruit better than most colleges. They look for every excuse when they lose. Just like at the state tournament in Dixie ball. They all wore these shirts with their slogans on them GOT______? Fill in the blank. People laughed when they couldn't even win their bracket with their recruited team. Hope they got their refunds from their world series reservations. Ha-ha WHS. You got what you asked for. I find it hilarious. It starts with the parents and filters down. They think they are better than everyone else.

You are smart, what excuse

You are smart, what excuse did they look for? In baseball everybody has an umpire that makes bad calls for any reason, but i never saw a tear at the game, and i guarantee you could not play baseball for WHS. The amount of work they put in in pre-season and throughout the season is more than most teams in this area. So if i'm correct they won this game did they not? Ok so if you have a problem with Whiteville baseball steer clear of it, but you might not be able to see what a good team looks like if you do....

That's Just Baseball

It's not fun watching your coach get ejected from a game it happens from time to time. Does a coach not have the right to say anything to the ump if he feels he is not getting a fair shake? My goodness it's not like he spit on the umps shoes or even got nose to nose with him. It seems to me the ump got a little hot under the collar, maybe he should have been replaced as well. Ejections happen to players and coaches just ask MLB coach Bobby Cox he holds the record of most ejections from a game ---130 ejections. I still love the Atlanta Braves...that's just baseball GO PACK!!!!

Coach’s Job

In support of Coach Harwood sometimes coaches need to let the umpires know when they do not approve/agree with their calls. It is part of their job as head coach. As an umpire if you think you were going to call a game without any comments from a coach you are in for a rude awakening. In my opinion Mr. Currie made the first wrong move by approaching Coach Harwood. He should have told Coach Harwood, from his position behind the plate, that that was enough and if he heard more that he would be restricted to the dugout or possibility removed from the game. I have seen Mr. Currie in action several times and in my opinion goes a little overboard when questioned by coaches. Last years contest between Whiteville and South Columbus he (Mr. Currie) and Coach Willie Gore had it out and really it was quite humorous. Maybe Mr. Currie likes this attention when he gets in front of some of his home crowds (Mr. Currie lives less than a mile from Legion Stadium). Just a thought. Did Coach Harwood deserve to get tossed? Did he use profanity toward Mr. Currie? Watch the video and you can answer those for yourself. Coach Harwood did what any good coach would do. One poster did say that the team played better when Coach Harwood was not there. Think about it this way…Maybe they were fighting for the win just like he (Coach Harwood) was fighting for them!

go harwood!!!!

go harwood!!!!


For a person to see this video and to believe that Brett Harwood was a bad influence here is a huge mistake. This was proof to his baseball players that he would work just as hard for the team as the players do. Personally i believe this was a good way for the baseball team to show that they knew what to do even if the headcoach is not there, and for a WHS parent to feel it was a mistake to do this is completely wrong. It is a coach whose pitcher is not getting any calls so he made a stand for him, all of his comments were reasonable. To all people that do not support WHS Baseball, it is not a law that you must go to the game, so just don't. Go Pack!!!



Looks like those boys played

Looks like those boys played better without head coach!!!!!!!!


Darren Curry was a horrible umpire in this game. The first three inning this pitcher had a no-hitter, until Darren shrunk the strike zone. The pitcher (Justin White) was hitting his spots very well. Whiteville's defense was led by the short-stop Hyland Tyler.


I Guess the umpire DID tell you what to do, coach! Was it worth it??? I'm ALL about taking up for your players but sometimes you have to learn to keep you mouth SHUT! You need to teach your players respect and HOW to handle things! Great influence there Coach!!! But it looks like those WHS boys did BETTER with you off the field anyway!!

What a trip!!

Until you can PLAY a perfect game don't EXPECT the umpire to call a perfect game!! Darren Currie called it like HE saw it right or wrong he did his best ! Good job umpires out there I would hate to have to deal with all you guys have to deal with! oh yeah and I'm a WHS parent not a Laney parent!


If you think that umpires cant influence a game, then you don't know baseball. Darren is a horrible umpire. He always has been. Nothing is going to change the Wolfpack swagger. They still beat Laney in the end. Even Darren couldn't do anything about it, even with his bogus calls. Get WRATCHED!!!

no one cares who you are and

no one cares who you are and that umpire was horrible last night your probley just mad because your sons not good enough to start so you write comments like this to make you feel better.......

way to support your school

way to support your school

i am supporting my school

i am supporting my school you must not have a high iq level because your a whs parent and your trying to degrade the school you are suppose to support and for the record im taking up for coach Harwood because he cares about his team and was taking up for the team, including your son.......