FIRST ON 3: Stacey Scott speaks out to WWAY about R.C. Soles
Submitted by wway news on Sat, 04/23/2011 - 11:39am.

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Back off Stacey...

If I came home and you were "just sittin on the deck" waiting for me, I would have beaten you worse than you claim RC did...

I'd'a snatched you by your genataters and muligated you....

Stacey noted on his interview that he needed a job. I think he should submit an application to EUE/SCREEN GEM STUDIOS in Wilmington for an acting position!

I guess he isn't on the Soles gravy train anymore. It is soooo sad.

That boy can quote the Bible! Impressive!

The next time I find myself in a state of spiritual perplexity, I shall call on Stacey for guidance.

Love it when Stacey quotes the Bible.

I've always heard that quoting the Bible is the last refuge of scoundrels, and, evidently, it's true.

Soles, an old man, beats, pistol whips, tosses around a tough, strong 29-year-old hoodlum. Yeah, sure. And the cow jumped over the moon.

I think I would've gotten the mssage without the full performance of the audio of this afflicted young man. His ignorance precedes him as it is. Perhaps your new audio editor forgot where the bleep button was? Maybe "raw and uncut" video means just that. I'm surprised you couldn't find a way to get a pornography shot or two in to go with it.

I've always supported WWAY and its journalism. That's beginning to fade now...

After watching the video, I am convinced this fine, upstanding, young man is telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

You can tell by his demeanor and his eyes that he would never tell a falsehood.

Just look at those eyes and how they shift when asked a pertinent question. Shifty eyes? Always a sign of telling the truth.