ONLY ON 3: Most of Petrolino’s charges dropped; Won’t serve jail time

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Submitted: Mon, 04/11/2011 - 8:54pm
Updated: Tue, 04/12/2011 - 4:25pm

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nearly one year after Wrightsville Beach Police say a 19-year-old girl was huffing dust cleaner and crashed her car, several of her charges have been dismissed.

After months of delayed hearings, Randi Petrolino pleaded guilty recently to one charge of inhaled toxic vapors and driving after consuming under age 21. Her sentence includes 24 months of supervised probation, as well as community outreach and a revoked license.

When Petrolino crashed her car last May, she was charged with DWI, driving after consuming, failed to give notice, and damage to real property, which could have landed the 19-year-old in jail. Prosecutors say after considering all of their options, they decided a plea deal was their best option.

“The blood results didn’t give us a level as to what was in her system,” Assistant District Attorney Kristen Robinson said. “That’s what we would have to prove for the DWI charge, is that she was previously impaired on that substance. We didn’t have a level.”

Robinson says the results from the state lab showed Petrolino had some substances in her system, but was not enough to get a conviction. She says the District Attorney’s Office also considered the fact that Petrolino took steps to improve her lifestyle before her court date.

“She had completed going to AA meetings and inpatient treatment,” Robinson said. “She had done a few things to work toward sobriety and had shown us that she had tried to change her life so that’s part of the reason we made that decision.”

Robinson says the main reason the DWI charge was dropped is because of insufficient evidence due to the missing levels, but she says Petrolino’s age played a part a well.

“The fact that she was so young and had done so many things towards sobriety was part of that also,” Robinson said.

Petrolino will have to take regular drug and alcohol tests as part of her probation.


  • googoodoll says:

    your gonna go thru getting run over , an all u need is a bottle of endust ?

  • Fair? says:

    Just goes to show that if you have the right amount of money, you can get anything dropped. Had this been a person who had a public defender, they would not have got their charges dropped and probably would be seving time. Great job New Hanover County, I can see that this county is realy making progress into equality. LOL. When she kills someone b/c she starts huffing again b/c life is just so hard,cry me a river why don’t you, then maybe, just maybe the court system will punish her as she should be. Oh and age should have nothing to do with her sentancing, what about a 3o year old who is making progress towards their soberity? Don’t they deserve the same preceident that the DA set for her? Just b/c she is young doesn’t mean that she wasn’t a more hard core drug user then someone older then her..

  • GuestHuhhh says:

    How do you complete AA meetings, if Alchoholism is a disease that needs continual treatment?

  • Guest31 says:

    I don’t care she’s HOT! She can run me off the road anytime!

  • kshelly64 says:

    This comment is bigger bullcrap than the original you posted ole smuggie! The problem is that you can’t take criticism. You should have called the cops. If you truly were a “victim” of “almost being being hit” by an intoxicated driver, you should have gotten to a phone and helped prevent a future repeat offender. Just saying. It is what it is. Maybe one day you’ll realize how important it is to call the cops for idiotic drivers and save a life or two yourself. Again, if you aren’t part of the solution……Have a great day Smuggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kshelly64 says:

    That is crazy but I’m sure you are probably right in your statement.

  • ShinyFurniture says:

    They would if they were in Wrightsville Beach…. There five types of people there.. Surfers and laid back locals who deal with problems, don’t call cops for BS things and go on with their lives.. posers from areas outside of the island who think they are cool and witty by going to the island to party knowing their chances of getting pulled by wbpd are about 500% higher than anywhere else in the state.. And the mommy and daddy rich kids, still living in mommy and daddy’s property in Wilmington with the occasional romp through the ol trust fund and an overnighter ant the family beach house.. (They normally graduated from Hanover..) and then there are the rich locals and retirees who wouldn’t have been out at that time at bars but would have called the cops…
    Im guessing Ms. I like lemon pledge was a poser… But the guy on the bike was a laid back surfer or island implant implant ready to flip her off and move on with his life..

  • smuckleheads says:

    the law states no bicycles on sidewalk in wrightsville beach ,so where does that leave cyclist to ride ?the only bullcrap i see is your comment, get off your fat @$$ an do the loop,or get a bike, ride wrightsville beach and you will see ..How is wrightsville beach police gonna control or police thousands of party hungry fools invading that place ? Randi is just one of the lucky ones whom got caught, an maybe it will change her ways an make a difference with her life and thankfully no one was hurt as such with the river road incident an the doolittle father and son deaths ..

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I was hoping that Randi could join us as Jenelle and I sail to St. Croix next month.

  • guesty says:

    I thought Frog & Soles were going along with you.

  • WilmingtonMAJ says:

    Why not take them to Aruba…maybe we can arrange for a boat ride for all of them. I know a great charter captain there…Captain van der Sloot!

  • Guest4396 says:

    I am surprised she even got probation. I suppose after she kills someone or herself, everyone will cry the blues and ask where did the system go wrong. How much you want to bet the lab results were rigged or ignored?

  • Vicky says:

    the DUI was dropped. For heaven’s sake.. did you actually think anything was going to be done about this? Our judicial system STINKS. Her parents should grab hold of her and be #^*)+”>~< SURE she gets the message about how wrong her behavior is. I wonder if they thought about doing this. And, whose name is the car in? Who is paying for it? Who pays insurance? If it were my daughter that car would have been sold the very next morning after her arrest. Think that’s too harsh? I found unopened beer bottles in my daughter’s trunk two months after she got her car. I sold it!! She learned a valuable lesson and still talks about the day I sold that car. . but she smiles when she tells the story.

  • !!!!! says:

    FYI. It was not her car, her wonderful friends had her drive it. And as far as the parent is concerned, that’s a joke.

  • smucklehead says:

    OMG…..seriously …this chic almost run over me one night in wrightsville beach …im sure you dont remember this randi, but i do very well ..i had to swerve and jump off my bicycle because you and your huffing buddies,u had the music blarring and u were swerving off the road ..laughing smiling singing into each others faces inside the vehicle….everytime i saw your face after that ..i dreamed of crushing it with my bearhands …i thnak god you were finnaly caught because u deserve it and more …i just recognized your face and it dawned on me thats her wrightsville beach driving crazy music blarring car full of friends laughing smiling singing swerving …no one is perfect, but when u operate a motorvehicle u should be in control and competent ..dont feel bad your not the only one who just jumps in and pushes the gas and brake running up and down the road

  • kshelly64 says:

    This is a bullcrap comment. No smart person would ever allow someone to almost run them over without calling the cops. Especially if you thought they were intoxicated. Everyone knows Wrightsville Beach cops have no problem arresting people and if someone “almost” killed you, they would have done something about it. So obviously if you didn’t call the cops on her, you were enabling her to commit more crimes. Shame on you and as they say “If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

  • guesty says:

    I’m sure they would have to keep the frog in quarantine to prevent the spread of disease to the island. They may also assume Soles may try to strut around in a speedo. Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth. But you & the girls have a great time.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …but the St. Croix authorities had obviously heard about their antics.

    They told me that we would all need visas to visit St. Croix, and how no male who was seventy-six going on fourteen could get one. They also added that no one nicknamed after an amphibious reptile was allowed to enter the island, especially if he had any matches or a lighter on him.

    I think they were making it all up just to keep the island reasonably tasteful, but I did mail off the $1500 (cash) for the visas that the three of us needed. They arrived yesterday and I must say that they look odd. They’re nothing more than handwritten notes that say, “Dis person can come to dee island, mon”….and the letterhead on each says, “Government of Saint Croy,” with a drawing of the little Zig-Zag man on one side, and Mister Natural on the other. Evidently the motto of St. Croix is “Keep on Truckin’,” because that was written at the bottom, right next to a ketchup stain on one of them. (It might have been cocktail sauce.)

    Still, $1500 is a small price to pay for getting the girls into the Virgin Islands.

  • me! says:

    Now, that was funny!

  • Guest5876 says:

    Congratulations Randi, you get a second chance!

    I messed up bad when I was 21, wrecked my car, hurt my neck, landed in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. I got a good lawyer and got most of the charges dropped.

    In the end I was convicted of exceeding a safe speed. I lost my insurance and got stuck with three thousand dollars of hospital bills.

    That accident was an eye-opener and a game changer for me. I was headed down the wrong path and that wreck let me know it.

    But after getting that break I went back to school, got a 2 year degree from a local community college, then got a good job. I hate to think what could have happened to me if I hadn’t gotten a break back then. Getting a second chance really worked for me.

    I know you will be getting a lot of feedback on these forums, but please don’t lose sight of the fact that you have been given a second chance. I urge you to make the best of it.

    I hope yours works out for you as well as mine did for me.

    Good luck!

  • Guest7969 says:

    The legislature should pass a LAW that FORBIDS the justice system to drop DUI’s…they just go out and do it again..AND KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE! She SURE learned her lesson!

  • GuestPOed says:

    Randi’s parents paid the lawyers lots of money and fed the courthouse money machine and Randi got a little slap on the wrist. That is how the game is played in a system designed by lawyers for lawyers and judges.

    The legal profession has become big business, where justice is not the objective but, to keep the clock running for billable hours for the maximum profit. Just ask anyone that fought with the IRS, Child Support Industry, Local tax office…

    If Randi and her parents couldn’t afford a lawyer, where do you think Randi would be right now?

  • Guest3230 says:

    Lets see, you spent three weeks in the hospital and had a medical bill for three thousand dollars? Please tell use poor soles what hospital you stayed at. In America it’s $3,000.00 a day, unless your another welfare kid. Please enlighten us suckers who paid the rest of your medical stay

  • Guest5876 says:

    Dear sniper,

    It was 1979. Things weren’t as expensive then.

    I paid it in full, over several years.

    I’ve never received a dime of welfare, unemployment, food stamps, or government assistance in any way.

    Have you?

    Have a nice day!

  • Guest5876 says:

    Oops, forgot to mention…

    You did ask for enlightment on the hospital bills and I left out an important part.

    The hospital was Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville North Carolina.

    The total bill was over six thousand. Insurance covered half of it, I paid the other half over a period of four years.

    I do hope this additional information will enlighten ‘use’ poor ‘soles’ who think I am a welfare child.

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

  • Guest5876 says:

    The hospital was Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville North Carolina.

    The year was 1979. Things were quite a bit cheaper then.

    The hospital bill was $6,000.00. Insurance paid $3,000, I paid $3,000. It took me four years to pay it while I was working and going to school.

    You are way off the mark suggesting that anyone but me paid my bills.

    Since that accident, I went back to school, got a job, and have been paying lots of taxes for the last 32 years. I’ve never received any government assistance in my life, not even unemployment.

    As I said, getting a break really changed things for me.

    I hope the same thing happens for Randi. I would much rather see her become a taxpaying law-abiding citizen than a jailbird.

    I thought maybe my comment would help. It seems to be the only positive comment on here.

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