Community rallies behind District Attorney Jon David

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Submitted: Fri, 05/27/2011 - 2:03am
Updated: Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:26am

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Although Judge Jerry Jolly isn’t his biggest fan, District Attorney Jon David still has his supporters who say what is happening is wrong and they will not stand for it anymore.

“I’m just a mom, I’m just trying to live my life but seeing what I’m seeing, I can’t just look the other way any longer,” said Jon David supporter Mary Wayne.

Supporters of David rallied Thursday night to show their allegiance to their district attorney. The “We Support Jon David/We Hate Corruption Rally” brought many folks together, all saying the same thing, enough it enough. Wayne says she does not agree with many of the decisions being made in the community. She thinks it is time people speak up.

“One voice can make a difference,” Wayne said. “One voice can join with another, and another, and another and you can find people that have something in common with you and get big groups of people to make a louder voice and make a difference.”

Those who attended the rally say they are tired of the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” that seems to make all the decisions in the area. Supporters say they think David is just feeling the backlash of a political system that is stuck in its ways. They say they are not going to let him be steam rolled by old politics.

“We are going to stand up, just like we’re doing right now,” said Columbus County Republican Party Chair Tristan Patterson. “We’re going to make sure that their voice is heard and that any injustices are brought into the daylight rather than just swept under the rug.”

Although David was not at the rally, his supporters say they hope he knows he is not fighting this fight alone.

“I hope Jon David understands that not only is the Republican party 100% behind him, but the citizens of Columbus County are behind him as well,” Patterson said.

And as for Judge Jolly… they say he should just let David get back to work.

“I hope that Judge Jolly will be ashamed of himself and drop these charges and let Jon David do his job,” Wayne said.


  • Status Quo is Gotta Go! says:

    So it has begun that the defenders of the status quo have started making their snarky comments here in this forum. After Sellerstown terrorism, after ColCor and the multiple indictments/convictions, after the cover up of the Davina Jones murder, after a convicted ex-gov/DA from the area.
    Yeah, like they have a leg to stand on. Now their actions are slowly being exposed bit by bit. And the Ola/Jolly fiasco could easily have been rectified with a mature response. Apologize for the false allegations and realize that Traffic Court actually works and their issue pretty much goes away. But they’ve become so accustomed to bullying that they can’t help themselves. Their MO has been to isolate and attack. When challenged the machine threatens (and yes they’re threatening Charlie Miller now and others in Columbus County now) but it isn’t going away!
    What they have never faced is a true public outcry, that’s happening now. The media clearly understands what is happening and so do the citizens who finally know they can come forward. The snakes defending this way of life are dinosaurs whose way of business predates citizen ability to communicate, organize and protest.
    Those who lived in fear are now emboldened and the status quo isn’t smart enough to see what’s happening. Jolly and Lewis could make it go away, but they lack the ability to do so instead choosing to attack folks who disagree. They learned from the Soles machine and the judge’s way in Columbus’ way of protecting the worst of the worst in RC Soles.
    Exposure will make them extinct, shamed or indicted! There’s more on the wway!

  • Southern Born says:

    It is my understanding that only 1% of the Bar exam deals with ethics, and most fail that portion of the exam.. the 1st Bar exam probably had a higher percentage, but in order to meet the country’s need for legislatures’,DAs’ and judges the number had to be decreased to an achievable mark..

    However you slice this, it is round one for the home team, and 0 for the out of Town Democrate turned Republican…. Ra,Ra sis boom ba Gooooooo—- GOOD Ole Boys’& girls.

  • Southern Born says:

    really,snarky, thats it snarky, the entire websters dictionary and thats it snarky, how disapointing any chance this was included in JDs appeals brief,

    Judge jolly was snarky in his comments about me sending a winfall of monetary oppurtunity to one of my supporters, in the case of bad vs evil your honor, snarky should not be rewarded and therefore my bad decision should stand & by the way did you hear I won the election by beating a DA who was so bad that he hadnt won a case since MOBY DICK was a Minnow.

    Im not a betting man but I will bet that if Rex Gore had made this exact same move before JD was elected, that JD would have used it in his campaign..

  • LawDog says:

    Wow! 50 people in 2 counties! Awesome.

  • Guest9743 says:

    Make that 3 counties, Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus….wow, what a support group, less than 17 people per county!!!

  • Guest333 says:

    Support Jon David 100%.

    That’s One Hundred Per Cent, LAWYER Dog! how appropriate your tag!

    WE will STEP UP when and if he needs us…and we LOVE him for exposing how backwoods Southern Lawyers live up to their stereotypes.

  • presidenttadpole says:

    WOW! We had more people than that for “FREE” FROG RALLY last week.

  • Guest28541 says:

    but hes come out looking asinine in this whole situation. Rest Assured I hope Judge Jolly has enjoyed his time on the bench because it will soon be coming to an end because like all other judges he answers to the public at the ballot box.

  • Interesting says:

    It is interesting that people keep saying that Judge Jolly looks asinine..How..He has done what he felt he should do and has shut up about it…Everyone keeps saying he is the one causing trouble but it appears to be only the supporters of David and David himself talking to the press and running their mouths. Perhaps we should all take a lesson from Judge Jolly and sit back and see what the Court of appeals does, which I imagine will be rule in favor of the actions taken by Judge Jolly.

  • Guest12345 says:

    At least judge jolly cares about voters,,, un like jon davis… he makes people come to court for a inspection violation now, and miss a days work, some people work hard for their money,, unlike our elected DA.. he really knws how to appreciate his voter…. in the good old days someone cld bring where the vechile had been inspected and the da office wld dismiss it,, not now….. u have to come to court and miss a days work …. yep he is really thinking about his voters….

  • OtherGuest says:

    Drop what charges? What are they talking about?

  • capitanobvious says:

    It appears Jon David really appreciates the work of Tristan Patterson, Mark Cartrette and the rest of the idiots at that “rally”. He appreciates it so much he doesn’t even show up. Evidence of how idiotic they are that he doesn’t even want to be associated with them.

    …your doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work

  • avid watcher says:

    i cold get fifty people in my county alone.i wonder if these people paid for his campaign too!!!

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    I hope those fifty people from your county can spell better than you.

  • Guest1118 says:

    Your name should be “captain oblivious”. Jon David was not at the rally because 1) as DA he was working and 2) his case is being heard through the NC Appeals and it would be inappropriate for him to be out there demonstrating. Trust me, he is very aware of the depth of his support and is appreciative.

    Why are the protestors “idiots”? Because they are standing up to and exposing the rampant corruption that’s festered in Columbus County for so long? Are you part of the problem and are now running scared because the light is finally being shown on the good ole boys down there? Hmmm?

  • capitanobvious says:

    If you look simply at the facts and take politics out of it, a elected official made a mandate eliminated several public options to receive a service and issued a monopoly to a man who gave money to this elected officials campaign.

    This is what you are fighting for. I hope you have fun stamping out corruption.

  • Guest1322 says:

    Typical Republicans trying to create a “controversy” where there really isn’t one. This is not about Democrats and Republicans but about EGOS. For all of you Republicans out there rooting for Jon David, any time he is talking to a constituent he severely downplays that he is indeed a Republican. Said he not really a Republican, but only ran as one to win. So supporters think about who you are throwing your support behind.

    For the record Jon is doing exactly what you hate the GOOD Ol’ Boys for…giving a friend and monetary windfall.

  • Damn Yankee says:

    Just to note Jon David recived 68% of the vote….Do the math ..If you can…That is more than 17 people per county. Maybe you want to sit al day in trafic court because your Registration was expired. But the traffic court Jon David put in place is for the good of the people of the district. (Bad for Lawyers)…The program that Jon put in place will be law in NC. what is your problem.. well it must be all those Damn Yankees that are causeing the problem.

  • Guest12345 says:

    there was a rally here in brunsco co too.. looked like about 20 to 30 people.. wasting their time…… to suppose the new DA that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar…………

  • Guest757 says:

    you couldn’t be more wrong.. Look at all the facts in this… before you comment… You don’t think something is wrong when a judge calls a police officier away from a investergation to serve someone with an order. (well, it’s the first time for that officier) and it was Judge Lewis .. that made the call.. it’s all the “Good Ol Boy Club”
    and they are coming down one at a time. If you live in Brunswick County you would think you would be glad. All the cover ups for many many years.. and going to stop… IE RC, Davina, Rex to name a few

  • Guest pookie says:

    Hand in the cookie jar huh! What is the difference in the Jon David / Jerry Jolly thingy when Dennis Worley’s brother A.J. works as magistrate and their cousin is Judge Jolly. What about Judge Sherry Tyler’s husband happens to be the Columbus County Court Administrator. The Conflict of Interest doesnt stop there, it is just a huge cluster. So, stop yacking about Jon David, he is no dummy——he knows what is going on.

  • Guest757 says:

    The ” Order came from Ola Lewis not Jolly. He is just one of her puppets… DA Davis has a lot of supporters.. He won the election didn’t he ????

  • A Backwoods Southern Lawyer says:

    If you dislike all of us backwoods Southern Lawyers so much, then take your YANKEE A$$ home. Why do want to live here with us? Get out of our redneck, corrupt part of the woods and go home. Take that Republican Jon David with you and stop by Wilmington and get that Democratic brother of his too, and go try to rule somebody else’s world.

  • Guest333 says:

    This Land is Your Land
    This Land is My Land…
    From California
    To the Blue Ridge Mountains….

    (Woody Guthrie)

    I have a right to be here, and more importantly, I have a right to express myself. Don’t forget it for ONE SECOND!!!!

    Going to stay right HERE and exercise ALL of my GOD Given rights by the United States Constitution on this Memorial Day Week-end and for as long as I choose. Also, I have the right to inform Every northerner that I know, whom you seem to hate, to com’mon down and STAY FOREVER!

    Our Veterans have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice for us to exercise our rights.

    I am also proud of my second amendment rights, so don’t tread on me.

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