District Attorney says office will re-examine death of Bald Head Island police officer
Submitted by wway news on Wed, 05/18/2011 - 11:21pm.

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I first reported on this story back as a brand new reporter at WWAY in 1999. I learned about it doing beat calls first thing in the morning. It's one of those stories that kept me up at night. I'm no longer in the news business, but have followed the story and kept in touch with the Buff family. I hope the case being reopened can help bring her family closure and bring justice for Davina.

Just a note.. when this happened apparently there were many Jamaicans that were working at the island several we had befriended us. We were told by several of the workers that she had come up on a drug deal and was shot due to this unfortunate event. They "workers" were afraid to speak up about it due to they were in fear of their jobs.. I forgot the names of the men and women but they were hired for summer help and I am sure that someone knows the particulars of this case. And its odd that the Jamaicans are not working there anymore too... they lived at some older motel at Southport area..