ONLY ON 3: HOA threatens to fine military mom for tribute to troops
Submitted by wway news on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 10:46pm.

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If it were me and someone told me to dishonor our military, I would march right to this persons home, drag him/her out of the house, walk them to the nearest cemetery and tell them to pay respect to the people who gave this thoughtless bastard/bitch the right to tell a Mother of a Military personnel to stop honoring the men and women who fight, sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice and perish during their time in foreign countries so the idiots in America can dishonor them.

As an Army Mom myself, I find this to be totally disgraceful! This is a personal smack in the face to those who give their all putting themselves in harms way daily for our freedom! How dare they attack the act of support for the finest men and women in our Nation. I will say my son, who is only 22 years old, is more of a man then most. Especially someone who hides behind an HOA to make a complaint. Whoever you are needs to know they should find residency in another country! HOOAH!!!!!!!!! Thank God for our Military!