Time is running out for homeless dogs

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Submitted: Wed, 05/04/2011 - 9:59pm
Updated: Thu, 05/05/2011 - 2:42pm

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) –- Time is running out for the homeless dogs in Pender County. Shelter workers say all the outdoor kennels will be torn down this week, and they don’t have enough room to keep all the dogs they have indoors. That means some animals may be put down.

“I guess I didn’t think the kennels would come down as fast as they did cause I’m not a construction person,” shelter manager Darlene Clewis said. “They’ve already started taking down the kennels on the left side so all those animals have been gone.”

After the shelter had problems with its septic system earlier this year, it quickly had to find homes for their dogs. Now workers say they are attempting to make a permanent fix so they won’t have such an urgent situation again. Clewis says the county has rallied behind the shelter, and although it has problems, it’s making progress.

“We had a little bit of flaw in the road but we’ve got that under control now,” Clewis said. “The county manager and the county commissioners are getting everything together and will start the bidding on construction.”

The Pender County Humane Society took dogs last time the shelter needed help, but this time it says it doesn’t have the room. Humane Society manager Debbie Rye says although they can’t take any more dogs, they are hustling to help and find those who can.

“Everybody is trying to do what they can to get the dogs out of there,” Rye said. “We don’t ever want any of the animals put down. There are so many so all of the rescues are trying to pull together to help animal control.”

If you can help in any way possible – fostering, adoption, or donation – contact the Pender County Animal Shelter at (910) 259-1349.


  • erik says:

    I called this place gave them my cell # said I could foster 2-3 dogs but they didn’t call me back. Seems to me they don’t care!

  • dc says:

    sorry you did not get a call back…i had over 90 calls on my phone and was answering them as fast as i could….thanks so much and we have placed all of the dogs but one…he does not like other animals and would not be good around small children…sorry for the inconveince….and i really appreciate all of the support we get…

    pender shelter manager

  • Allison says:

    This is in regards to the above post by erik. Please call them back today erik if you have not yet gotten in touch with them. I heard they are suppose to put down the dogs by 2pm today!!!! Thank you for helping! :))

  • RSL. says:

    Dogs/Cats also are victims of this Bad Economy. Many are at a shelter or in the woods. Many People lost their homes and most rental homes does not allow Pets. Also many people lost there jobs and they can not take care of the Dogs/Cats. So Dogs/Cats are turned over to a Shelter or let lose in the woods. The worst part. Dogs/Cats can lose their lives. Large Dogs suffers the most.

  • Wes King says:

    it’s always something with the animal shelters in SE North Carolina.

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