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Big changes coming to gun laws in NC

New gun laws go into effect December 1 in North Carolina. Yesterday Gov. Bev Perdue signed a bill that will give North Carolinians more legal protection when they shoot at an intruder.

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Yeah, like I am going

Yeah, like I am going shooting to ANY wildlife putting my CCP on the line because some ignorant citizen fear for his life while walking in the park. It is common sense dude, if you have a CCP that means you had a background check and took a trainning before you got your permit, according to this guy because the governor signed the new law we are now going hunting. You never know God forbid you find yourself in a life or death situation and someone that happen to have a CCP and its carrying walking in the park, think about it, that person that your fear so much because "its carrying a gun" might save your life. We are law-abiding citizen not retards like the ones that decided NOT to follow the law.

wy cant a ex felon protect them selve as well.

I got a felony 12 years what happens if some one tries to break in or hurt me? so, because i sold less than a pound one time in my life...your telling me now im worth nothen..???


first you should take some english classes, then you could petition to get your second amendment rights back. it may not work but you could try.

Under federal law, convicted

Under federal law, convicted felons will never be able to get back their right to bear arms