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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Video gives look at interaction between couple & trooper they accused

Two state troopers are off the streets after a Raleigh couple accused the duo of wrong doing. WWAY broke this story Tuesday, and tonight we take a closer look at what happened after the traffic stop last week near Wrightsville Beach. We’ve obtained video from inside the Wrightsville Beach Police Department that tells a slightly different story than what the couple has told.

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In this case what you have

In this case what you have is a Lawyer that thinks he is above reproach and a woman that goes along with her husbands imagination. The troopers have been suspended for nothing I wonder will the North Carolina Bar Association, suspend this Attorney's Law License for lying to the Media and the Public. Imagine if he lied to the media on something of this little insignificance, man one could only imagine the lies he tells in a court room. At the least his credibilty, is/should be tarnished.

Troopers agitation

Well you may thing the boys in grey are above reproach, but I can assure you that is not the case. I was stopped in jones county one Thurs afternoon at 4 pm I was driving 62 in a 55 saw the trooper coming and was amazed to see his grill dip as he applied the brakes and had his lights on before I even passed him. He came to the car, I handed him my license, no registration and he started the conversation like this What year model is this vehicle Sir? I responded, (note: he did NOT have my registration, so how would he know if my response was correct or not?) Then he ask me "How old are you Sir?" I responded. As I went to hand him my concealed carry permit, he responded "I don't need that" and walked to his car. I waited and he came back with a warning ticket. When I asked him how fast I was going he refused to tell me.
After talking with locals they said he has a high rate of dui stops, so when he saw the dog in the back seat, four offshore rod reel combos in the front seat and a Dr pepper in the console, he was done with me.
They are taught "verbal judo" at the academy and use it to establish probable cause for a DUI charge! Be warned that it's not like the old days and be ready to answer questions you are not prepared for, no matter how simple.
I called around and was assured by a LT Col from Raleigh that this stop should have gone a little differently. they are suppose to Identify themselves and then tell you why you were stopped. Then they can proceed to the Verbal Judo if the choose.

Verbal Judo, WTF

The trooper was wrong as

The trooper was wrong as soon as he refused to let her go after the breathalyzer showed she had no alcohol in her system and her car lights were functional. Had he just let her go and admitted he was wrong for pulling her, nothing else would have happened. This couple would not have media attention and both troopers would still be patrolling the streets and everybody would be happy!


"The trooper was wrong as soon as he refused to let her go after the breathalyzer showed she had no alcohol in her system and her car lights were functional. Had he just let her go and admitted he was wrong for pulling her, nothing else would have happened. This couple would not have media attention and both troopers would still be patrolling the streets and everybody would be happy!"

Your statement is incorrect. In the state of NC, after an arrest has been made, you have to be taken before a magistrate. You cannot just "unarrest" someone. So he transported her from the police department, to the jail, where she could be taken before the magistrate.

You are very wrong, it is

You are very wrong, it is the Trooper and any other Lawenforcement officers job to take an individual before the magistrate after they have taken a person into custody.

Although it appears the couple exaggerated ...

and the attorney appears to be very obnoxious,

why wasn't she released after the 0.0 breathalyzer?

I'm glad to see a news

I'm glad to see a news agency give the other side to this story, unlike wral tv 5 in Raleigh. There are good and bad troopers and good and bad attorney's. In this situation we have a good trooper and a bad attorney who obviously wants to increase his business with a made up story. The patrol should charge the Tessener's with filing a false report and the NC Bar should investigate Mr Tessener and see how he likes it.


Now would be the perfect time for the attorney and the governor to hold hands and got to the troopers and apologize for this nonsense. The wife is just sorry period for joining in the charades and she ought to be sorry too herself for not taking the tests on the side of the road.

Do not believe anything that this attorney said

After seeing this video it is apparant that this attorney is trying to get this trooper in trouble..After you make one false accusation then that just punches holes in your whole entrire story. Anytime you go to court that is all that the defense attorneys try to do. If one part of the story is deemed to be incorrect then their goes the witnesses creditability. This is exactly what has happened to this couple's story. I for one have extremely changed my mind.

changed my mind

After seeing the video I back the trooper.


Doesn't look anywhere as dramatic as the couple played it up to be. Wyrick may have stepped in some poo if he did text the other trooper to have the husband stopped. Other than that, it appears by the book.

Two sides to Every Story

For all of you arm chair quarterbacks that jumped on the hot-head attorney's bandwagon, don't you feel a little silly this morning. I am not saying the trooper was 100% right in the arrest of this lady but what a different picture painted then the one from the trial lawyer. Oh yeah, that is his job to paint a picture for a jury to see whether it is the truth or not. You only need reasonable suspician to stop a vehicle, but you have to have probable cause for the arrest. I just wonder what that was. I wonder if a blood test would answer some questions.
Finnally, other than money how did he get her???

Your right! BUT,in this

Your right! BUT,in this state failing to comply with field sobriety testing is Probable Cause for arrest...... In the fact when you get your drivers license you give implied consent. This meaning you can be charged for DWI and the officer only have reasonable suspicion when you fail to comply with field sobriety testing. If the field sobriety was completed she would have been on her way. " Never Arrested" A PBT (Portable Breath Testing for Alcohol) Would have been administered on the roadside. But failing to comply with the officer he had again reason to make the arrest. Now I hope the troopers sue this attorney and his wife and yes it can be done...
GOOD JOB FELLAS!! Just remember LEO'S watch your home at night. Lawyers sue you for shooting intruders coming into your home. Who would you trust ?

Thank you for putting up this video

I'll be honest, after reading the Tesseners' story from earlier this week - I was sure Hoyt and his wife must be telling the truth and this was a rogue LEO on a power-trip abusing his authority.

There's always two sides to every story, and it looks like this isn't nearly as black and white as the Tesseners were making it out to be. Not saying Trooper Wyrick didn't do anything wrong - we haven't seen recordings of everything yet - but this was a great reminder to always hold judgment till both sides have been heard.