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ONLY ON 3: Wilmington man sailing solo across Atlantic thought he would die

As you saw ONLY ON 3 last week, a Wilmington man set sail Thursday morning for a journey that would take him across the Atlantic to Portugal. Greg Frucci's first stop is Bermuda. He has yet to hit the island and has already faced two strong storms.

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Thank You all so much!

The images in my head do not seem real right now as if the experience could not have happened...but it did...both peaceful ones and violent ones...I am glad it all happened and turned out the way it has...the positive taken from the voyage is one of added strength, both physical and mental. Thank all of you for being with me in spirit...I felt your positive energy while at sea...Peace to you, Greg


You're doing great Greg. Been following your course. I'm proud to call you my friend. Stay safe.

Need regular updates on Greg!

Thank you for covering such a great story. Please give us updates soon. Praying for Greg!

Thanks for covering such a

Thanks for covering such a great story. Please give us regular updates! Praying for safety and success!

Almost to Bermuda!

Greg Frucci 32.72218 latitude, -65.93005 longitude He's almost to Bermuda. We are all following him on Facebook. So excited for him!

Greg, you are very

Greg, you are very inspirational! I know that this has been a difficult journey, but keep your chin up. You have many saying prayers for your safety!

Greg Frucci Changing Course

Thank you Sheila Schmidt Brothers
for all the good work you are doing for Greg!

Greg Frucci

What an experience! Hang in there Greg! You will make it!!

Greg Frucci

Hiya Greg, We've been following your journey since you left Wilmington. I check all updates and use NOAA to view your current weather. Steve and I are praying for your safety above all else.
Jackie and Steve Nagy

Inspiration and devotion has

Inspiration and devotion has brought Greg to this point. The support and prayers of all his friends go along with him.
Greg said "if you sit down and do nothing, you go nowhere" Proud of my friend for digging deep and moving along. We are along with him in our hearts and minds. Be safe my friend.

Go Greg

Wow, what a wild adventure. Those at home pray for your safety during this amazing voyage.

Greg Frucci

Greg Frucci is an inspiration to middle aged men all over the world! Actually living life, facing his fears and taking chances instead of comfortably sitting on the couch, coasting to the end of life.
GO GREG!!! and God bless you!

Greg Frucci

Incredibly inspiring!

Go Frucci!

I love what Greg is doing! He is doing what we all dream of doing, but we never have the courage to do so...maybe it's time we did.