UPDATE: Pender Sheriff suspends captain after prostitution arrest

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Submitted: Thu, 06/16/2011 - 2:36pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A high-ranking Pender County deputy is off the job facing prostitution charges. Wilmington Police say they arrested Capt. Mark Sloan last night.

Police charged Sloan with soliciting prostitution, crimes against nature and directional signals required after pulling him over on Physicians Drive around 11:30 pm. Tuesday.

Police say they initially pulled Sloan for the traffic signal violation before finding evidence of the other crimes.

Pender County Sheriff Carson Smith says there are serious consequences for one of his deputies breaking the law.

“Because of the gravity of the charges and any disruption it may cause in the department, Capt. Sloan has been suspended without pay pending our administrative investigation and seeing what we find out with the criminal process,” Smith said.

Sloan was released from jail overnight under a $5,000 unsecured bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 22.

Sheriff Smith says everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but his department is following standard procedure to ensure order.

“It is protocol. If somebody’s charged with a crime, we definitely are going to look at how it’s going to effect the department,” Smith said. “In this case, suspension seemed like the only thing we could do right now until we can sort through what happened and let the criminal process take its way.”

Smith says no one is above the law and the Pender County Sheriff’s Office will make a more definitive decision once all the facts are available.

A spokeswoman for the Wilmington Police Department says the other person involved was not arrested. She said there are specific reasons why they were not charged, but she cannot yet release those details.


  • dont matter says:

    I like how nobody wants to do anything about this except post things, (lies ) on the internet..amazing how humanity is now (saracasm)

  • Guest3293 says:

    Guess I am a little confused here. The article stated “they initially pulled Sloan for the traffic signal violation before finding evidence of the ‘other’ crimes”. How do you pull someone over for a traffic violation and then find “evidence of crimes against nature”. Maybe the two “suspects” decided to provide a show to the officers after being pulled over. Sounds to me like a “set-up” as in “somebody was out to get him”.

  • Frances C says:

    At least he got supended, Clinton didn’t. I have found most of the officers from Pender county are very nice and honorable and I did say most not all.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Exactly what are we suppose to do? If its true we can all take him out behind the woodshed I guess?

  • bryan foxbower says:

    if seriff smith has protocol on this type of situation then i would like to know what if any is used in high speed chases?????

  • Pender County resident says:

    My only comment concerning this incident,is this. Innocence is assumed in our courts until guilt is proven. Far too often we see guilt by accusation, whereby the mere instance of accusation implies guilt. However, there is an old saying I remember from my grandmother,”where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. It seems there would have to be some immediate indicator for the charges to be filed. A lot of good questions have been asked in the previous comments. (i.e what was he doing there at this time of night, etc.) Let’s let the courts take care of this matter for none of us are in possession of all the facts.

  • ilovehampstead says:

    I know Mark and he has always been there to protect our community and has given a lot of great advice to so many of us. I consider him a friend and hope the best for him. Nobody is perfect and we all have a few secrets, we’re all human. What he’s done for good for Pender county surely outweighs this. Hang in there Mark.

  • Det Sgt Retired says:

    WOW, what comes around goes around. Every dog appears to have his day coming. Doesn’t matter if he used a turn signal or was pimping or was the prostitute or was using the prostitute, HE WAS A LEO AND SHOULD HAVE MAINTAINED HIS POSITION OF INTEGRITY AS A LEO AND NOT HAVE BEEN IN A POSITION OF SUCH..EVERYTHING AFTER PUTTING HIMSELF IN THAT POSITION JUST DON’T MATTER

  • Mouse Speaker says:

    You nailed it right on the head man! CORRECT there are HUGE DOUBLE STANDARDS going on in the “judicial and enforcement” agencies in this state, makes folks NOT want to spend tourist money for fear of what torture their DAUGHTERS would endure visiting such a backwards world! (just sayin)

    Well said Mister! Well Said!

  • Guest 6935 says:

    apparently he has none!! i totally agree! i have kids and neighbors with kids that live all down blueberry rd. nothing tragic happened by the grace of god! but very easily could have. great question!!!

  • notyou says:

    keep them out of the streets!

  • bad boys bad boys says:

    This guy was a tool in high school, trying to stop people driving in town and making citizen arrest. Now he gets busted with a male prostitue. Bad boys Bad boys what u gonna do. Ha ha karma is a mother

  • The simple truth to the whole issue at hand is this. Nobody made Mark Sloan drive to Wilmington and go searching for a date for the evening other than himself. No one made him drive to Physican’s Dr. with a male prostitute, which shows intent, other than himself. How can anyone call this a setup? He did it himself. It does not matter if the city officer’s reasonable suspicion was Sloan’s failing to give a turn signal, which is beyond reasonable suspicion. It is a violation of the law and would contitute a valid stop in any court. We as the public do not know what the evidence of the crime against nature would be. The city officer, Sloan and the prostitute would know what that is, but will have to be mentioned in court. The fact of the the matter is this. Just look at the circumstantial evidence here. He was stopped on Physican’s Dr. Why was he in this area? There certainly are no doctors office open at that time of night. Maybe he had an appointment the next day and had his friend riding with him to find the doctor’s office. That is doubtful, but would be enough to constitute an investigative traffic stop at that time of night in a medical area, even without the turn signal violation. People usually do these types of things when they are up to no good. Which seems to be the case here. We are all human and do stray from the path from time to time, but when we are caught with our hand in the cookie jar have to face the consequences of our actions.

    When Sloan was sworn in this past December he took an oath of office in which he swore to uphold the laws of the Constitution of the United States and of the State of North Carolina. No matter how dumb we as the public may think they are, they are still the laws of this state. And he swore to uphold them and enforce them. Sloan should be held to a higher standard than most of us, just as all officers should be. Even if the crime against nature is dismissed there is still the fact that solicitation of a prostitue took place. If memory severes me correctly prostitution is still against the law. And this was a violation of the law. And simply put a violation of the law is just that. I know some of you will say speeding is a violation of the law and I would not agree more, or this is a victimless crime. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. How many of you would go have sexual relations with a prostitute then go home and have sexual relations with your spouse or significant other. I would venture to say none of you reading this.

    You ask me how I can say these things, I have worked for Mark Sloan, as many others have. I am glad that so many of you think he is a wonderful person. I will not attack him as a person. But I will say this. Those people who have worked for Mark hold a differing opinion than the general public. Even some of those who still serve the Pender County Sheriff’s Office have this same opinion, but will not speak out because the fear possibly loosing their jobs.

    When it is all said and done, a violation of the law took place and he was caught. Now, the time to pay the piper will soon come. Those other officers who continue to break the law will be found out in time. Stop pointing fingers and using speculation. The facts are the facts in this case and there seems to be little room for speculation. Sure we can all sit back and play Monday morning quarterback, but Mark will have his day in court to present his side of the story unless he chooses to invoke his fifth amendment right against self incrimination.

  • Guestabc says:

    those who know mark sloan know that this scandal makes sloan officially the biggest hypocrite in the history of pender county. this is outrageous! pender county taxpayers don’t need to be insulted this way, sloan needs to be fired, immediately! doesn’t matter whether the charges are antiquated, his behavior was unacceptable and an embarrassment for the department and the citizens of pender county! sloan has been involved in hiring and firing deputies during his term as captain and has dismissed dozens of deputies without definitive evidence or convictions showing misconduct, merely an allegation was enough for sloan to say, “your service is no longer needed”. pender county deputies are held to the highest standards of conduct and morals and sloan was intolerant of any exceptions, regardless of how antiquated or unsubstantiated the accusation! sloan was a dedicated officer and servant of pender county but perversions of this nature are totally unacceptable for the moral conduct of a leo, most definitely a leader in the department! sloan had the gall to take a trip 1 county away and seek favors of a sexual nature illegally and expect to be the exception to the very rules he has enforced without mercy! how can the citizens and deputies ever trust sloan again, he has lost his integrity and as a leo, that is the most important and valuable thing you have. without integrity, you are nothing! sloan should save the sheriff the trouble of firing him and step down in order to preserve the good name of those that remain and those who do have morals and standards and integrity! that would be the ‘honorable’ thing for him to do at this point, if he cares any at all about his county, his deputies, and his sheriff!

  • Guest3094 says:

    I wonder why this man wasn’t fired on the spot? Sure is funny to me that a 911 dispatcher gets fired because she lives with her boyfriend, and a Lt was shacking up with his girlfriend and nothing was done. A Sgt does the right thing over in Hampstead for some malnourished horses fired and wow we have Capt Sloan in wilmington charged with prostitution and he gets suspended. What the heck is really going on in Pender County? This man should be terminated immediately!!! You know the famous words that they Like to use “You’re services are no longer needed.” Just my thoughts.

  • l;asdkf;k says:

    Im sorry but I will have to defend some of the guys that you are talking about…as well as Carson! Please watch what you say bc they are not all bad.

  • iojsewnf[ojihewf says:

    mr billy bad@$$ himself. you say Carson hasn’t returned a call yet? dig a little deeper and you can get some dirt on him too. the whole damn PCSD is crooked as a barrel of fishing hooks.

  • Crystal says:

    I would have to agree with everyone else, not everyone in the Pender County Sheriff Dept is Corrupt. Carson Smith is a great Sheriff and he has done nothing but good things for Pender County. I know this is freedom of speech but sometimes people take it to far to slander someone else without having facts to back it.

  • Frances C says:

    You are right not All the boys are bad. There are some very good officers there. I know that for a fact.

  • mary says:

    You’re right. There are some pretty good officers w/ PCSD.

  • C says:

    I will have to agree with the statement above. There are a lot of good Officers at Pender County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Blinkie says:

    Not using turn signals is what I find truly shocking.

  • Guest4444444 says:

    What on earth is a “crime against nature”? If it’s what I think it is, it is ridiculous.

    We are living in the year 2011, not 1811. Sexual practices that were once taboo are now mainstream. Please . . . stop using this quaint, antiquated phrase. It’s downright laughable.

  • No Need For Names says:

    Disagree with all PCSO being bad. They just have a couple of bad apples. Kharma is at hand. Guess there will be some changes from “The Heat Of The Night”

  • Guest 1964 says:

    How do you know that????!@!!!!!!!

  • guesty says:

    If he was “doing it” in his car on a public road, it is no longer a private issue.

  • NoNamer says:

    So does this mean that he was using a prostitute? Or that he WAS the prostitute? Or that he was PIMPING a prostitute? “PROSTITUTION ” charges is kinda vague ….

  • RSimmons says:

    I believe the appropriate question is “Was he pitching or was he catching”?

  • Wakeup says:

    If this is true just another example of do as I say not as I do.
    Scandalous…. crime against nature laws have been
    Ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court in a Texas case decriminalizing it.
    North Carolina has it still on the books of still being able to harass
    People and their private lives

  • Guest6789 says:

    When you are an LEO you are expected to uphold a higher level of standards….you arrest individuals for breaking laws that you are sworn to uphold…yet if you (a LEO) break a law or violate the standards of the LEO creed…..should you pay the price? Should you still be allowed to LEAD fellow deputies as a senior officer??? It’s no different than the NHCS Deputy sending pictures of his “hoo hoo” (uncovered)..which CLEARLY showed his forearm tattoos….although NOTHING was done about it as it is considered “acceptable behavior”….which is VERY surprising considering the Sheriff himself stated he “holds ALL his deputies to the highest standards”…..well what standards are those? Sure doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how many deputies have forearm tattoos, or does it? Or does the NHC Sheriff accept,allow and condone his deputies doing this?


    Wonder if Sheriff McMahon has read this? If not someone should bring this to his attention….is this something he is allowing his deputies to do? What kind of “higher standards” does he have? This sure isn’t something that a LEO should be doing. So surprised that a LEO would do this type of thing

  • Guest4396 says:

    If you haven’t noticed, you are in North Carolina. This state is still in the Dark Ages where any type of sexual activity is concerned. It is more like 1511 instead of 2011.

  • bryan foxbower says:

    the pcsd as a whole is great as far as i know. i am friends with a couple of them but !!!!!!! as a resident of currie for 40 years i really didnt like the high speed chase thru currie weeks ago 15 mins after school bus stopped and let young children off bus and also my wife delivers mail on that road! that was plain stupid! u knew who he was. knew were he lived! risked alot of innocence peoples lives! and now this ! smith will not get my vote or nobody i know! he is suppose to be the man in charge! dont sound like he is doing a good job to me. ps. as a business owner we have been broken n to three times n 10 years. smith has done nothing for the workn man! last time we lost 5000$ worth of tools and one of his deputies came by three weeks later and asked if we had any leads. bull……. bryan foxboxbower larrys tire service currie thanks for ur time!

  • Guest this says:

    You don’t have any room to talk. We know about your strange behavior.

  • Get this says:

    I think it’s time to take that website down Dillon, even with current issues going on in Pender County, you still don’t stand a chance.

  • BB says:

    Well, ain’t this the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

  • BB says:

    Well, Mr. Dillion, ain’t this the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

  • Hwyheat says:

    looks and sounds like a SETUP! pulled over for a “traffic violation” yeah right! Looks like BS, sounds like BS, I don’t have to put my fingers in it to see if it is actually BS!! I’m not saying that he was in the right, I wasn’t there, but the Wilmington PD has too many Dillon relatives and supporters embedded in it for that to read true. I just guess it took this long for Mark to give them the opening they have been waiting for. If you believe in coincidences, I have a bridge in AZ to sell you, and you are in the wrong job!!!
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Guest911 says:

    You’re going to try to call Mr. Dillion out when the city has Sloan red-handed for soliciting prostitution…. that said during the election I followed up on some the associated face-book pages, the ones bashing MR Dillion; they were 100% fraudulent attributed to fake personas and moderated clearly by single individual associated with the Carson camp. Sounds as if Sheriff Carson is just as a rotten as Mr. Sloan… with this kind of conduct in his department I feel for the people he has been charged to “serve and protect”.

  • gram says:

    Obviously you do not personally know the ones about who you speak.

  • Guest205 says:

    It was a male prostitue too.lmao

  • guesty says:

    Kiss that career good bye. I was always told “The badge will get you tail. Tail will get your badge.”

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