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Video Update: Scott Slocum explains incident that led to his firing as Trask basketball coach

We've had requests to air even more of our Scott Slocum interview that we originally aired on Wednesday night. Slocum explains his side of the story on a disorderly conduct charge that led to his dismissal as Trask High School boys basketball coach. Click play video in order to see a longer version of this story.

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I just read this and have to

I just read this and have to put this out there.. I was a former student of Coach Slocums back when he taught at Williston and I attended which was mid to late 90's ( graduated HS in '04 ) I just have to add my 2 cents that I remember clearly that sometimes Coach Slocum had an anger issue, I remember him yelling alot and in fact when I was in 8th grade I was involved in an incident in Gym where I was forced to defend myself and all this happened on the top bleachers of the ground level.. I distinctly remember this man grabbing me and literaly throwing me off the top bleacher onto the gym floor while he let the guy who attacked me just sit there.. I got in trouble and I went to the office and to see Rev. Schmidt in ISS.. Although this is still unfair to me, I still hold some anger that he did not take me up on my word on self defense and by him launching me from bleacher to floor caused me some pain there after.. Sometimes Coach Slocum had a way with words that seemed to provoke certain feelings, like anger, and sarcasim.. However on the flip side, I know school is no place for fighting (even though it was defense) and maybe he saw me as the threat because I did exactly that, did what I had to do to get the guy off me, and im sure thats what ran through Coach Slocums mind was just to get us seperated.. This man has been teaching along time and they dont make much money at all teaching so it should show his love for the school and sport.. Even though you dont want to get on his bad side, consider it a form of tough love I guess, maybe he blindly prepared me for stuff I would face later in life.. I dont think he should have been treated this way by our school system, county and state because he has put so much time in and this is his first mishap in what 14 years? I remember the attitude some of these kids have and school and teachers really have to be safe these days and take threats seriously.. So point blank, the man loves his job and must be good at it to have kept it for so long.. If Trask is going to be foul enough to fire HIM over this and probably nothing happen to the kid then Trask needs to take responsibility and our county and state need to show support for our teachers and coaches who are educating these kids and keeping them off the streets! Pay this man!!! Sorry to hear about this situation Coach Slocum, glad to see your still doing and look to keep doing what you love to do.. Hopefully Trask wont be so low to cut you lose and not pay you for it!! Remember this isnt just about Coach Slocum but your sending a message to all eduactors to how they are and will be treated in the educational system, which honestly really effects me because Im going to school to be a teacher! I know I will not be teaching @ Trask or sending my 2 children there (hopefully the county and state do something about this or I'm sure I will not be the only one who will not be looking to teach in N.H.C or N.C.) Good luck!