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Bladen Co. school board members reportedly overspend on California trip

Two Bladen County School Board members reportedly over-spent more than $1,000 of tax payers' money during an out of state conference. In April, the two board members attended a national school board conference in California. According to spending records from the trip, the two spent much more than they were supposed to.

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Corruption is king in Bladen!

I thanked God today as I do everyday, that I no longer live in Bladen County. Would you locate a business into a county with such backwoods metality? I hope the board members try to explain their actions. A non response will be an admission of guilt in the public's eyes! If these board members cheat on a school board trip, I am sure they are cheating on their federal and state tax returns as well. I challenge them to make their federal and state tax returns public for the last three years. Bladen County has drifted into the ranks of a third world country.

In answer to the corruption

In answer to the corruption is king in bladen, Board members will cheat for vacation. I am very upset in what has happened here in Bladen County.. I made donations to the Teacher Assistants of Bladen County when they were raising monies to go to their conference in Greensboro.. 3 days 2 nights 2 assistants in a room to cut expense not to mention meals. I am happy to say the Teacher Assistants Of this county knew they would benfit from the workshops and raised the money themselves to go. From what I understand there is no money put aside for workshops for The Teacher Assistants of the County. So they put their heads together and raised the money so all that wanted to go to the conference could. It was all figured out from the get go what the cost would be and all had to pre-register and book a room ahead of time. I think Board Members could learn a lesson from the Teacher Assistants of Bladen County.. Oh and these are the ones they were talking about cutting from the system. My hats are off to the the Teacher Assistants of Bladen County.. I commend you on a job well done. If they will do this to go to workshops to bring back new ideas and better ways of helping in the class room WHY in the world would you even think of cutting their jobs.