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Ethanol creating mower problems

Cutting the grass is always a chore, but some of you may have found using your lawn mower is even more of a challenge lately. It turns out your grass cutter could have a gas problem. The extra ethanol that has been added to fuel over the past few years has caused some major issues for folks with vehicles and machinery, like lawnmowers.

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This guy is so lame! You need a new lawnmower not a landscaper. Get your butt off the coach and buy a new lawnmower!

Lawnmowers and Ethanol

Lame story. let's continue to feed our good friends in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran instead of using clean, green American Ethanol. Somehow works in NASCAR. I understand they have driven over 800,000 miles this year with Ethanol and the state of Minnesota with 10,000 lakes has Ethanol in everything burned. Somehow their Snowmobiles, Lawn Mowers and Boats seem to run just fine. Get your facts straight and interview both sides next time.

Their facts are straight.

Their facts are straight. It's the ethanol lobby that lies about it's product. Works in Nascar? It'd work in my mower too if I were getting the money the ethanol lobby threw at Nascar. And in Minnesota they do not have ethanol in the premium. No doubt that's what's fueling lawn mowers and snowmobiles in that state.