Hagan says failure to reach agreement on debt would be devastating

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Submitted: Thu, 07/21/2011 - 12:57am
Updated: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 5:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Sen. Kay Hagan is in Washington representing North Carolina, and she is active in the debt mess that has the nation deadlocked. One big problem is the politicians themselves, Republicans and Democrats are both sure they have the answer but they can’t get along and can not compromise.

WWAY spoke to Sen. Hagan Wednesday. She said failure to reach an agreement would be devastating.

“It would be absolutely terrible, if we actually defaulted,” Hagan said. “If we did not raise the debt ceiling you would see overnight concern over Social Security checks. Would the military get paid? How many people would lose their jobs? The numbers that I am seeing are 650,000.”

One ray of hope is the so called Gang of Six. It’s a small group of senators who seek to cut spending by a $4 trillion while increasing taxes. In other words a compromise solution.


  • SurfCityTom says:

    Democrats understand?

    The debt ceiling has been raised 7 times in the past 3 years. Look where we are now.

    The debt ceiling could be raised tomorrow. But, there will be no tax increase. There will be cuts in wasteful entitlement spending.

    They need to look at Minnesota. The state shut down for two weeks when the Democratic Governor could not get with the program. No tax increases and reduce wasteful spending. Took him 2 weeks for the message to sink in.

    The voting populace has spoken. You can not spend what you do not have. Take steps to reduce wasteful spending; and stop taking more from the pockets of working taxpayers with increased taxes.

    The Democrats have now stooped to fear tactics. Really not necessary if they listen to the voters.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Give them more revenue and the idiots will simply spend it!

    However, Hagan, if you and your Democratic buddies are so set on raising taxes, why not start with the 48% of Americans who pay NO income tax right now?

  • Abiemwense Mincey says:

    You say why not get taxes from the 48% who don’t pay any taxes. Good question, I use to be one of those persons but you should know that my income was $12,000.00 a year and I had three children. Yes I had a husband that left but I found a job and tried to take care of my family. We had many nights in which our supper was not that good, but we ate. Start with those who have incomes over $200,000,000.that’s millions and watch and see how they get blessed witn more. Every time Oprah gives away something she gets it back double time. Next tax those big giant companies starting with the GAS companies; then you folks who make more than $200,000. STOP IT! President Obama is the Chief so follow his directions and we all will be the better for it. Stop it, you selfish persons STOP IT, if you don’t I guarntee you GOD will get you.

  • Tom O says:

    When you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
    Who cares what Kay Hagan has to say.
    She is a non-player in US Senate politics.

  • Guest7969 says:

    like her WHOLE term to date…she needs to keep in mind..she was ONLY a means to an end…a way to get rid of Elizabeth..come 2012..YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK…BU BYE!

  • Guest7969 says:

    few other things…IF the Republicans compromise and raise taxes…come 2010 the Republicans will VANISH…the Tea Party will then take its place.

    I keep hearing of default on loans, etc….WE WILL NOT default on our loans…we have the money to pay our loans and interest…it will be the nanny programs that will loose funding…GOOD RIDDEN to them I say!

  • John A. Difloure says:

    Hagan is a bald-faced liar. She knows that not raising the debt ceiling will not halt social security or military checks. There is enough monthly income to satisfy our existing debt. We just can’t increase spending. She like Obama is trying to scare people.

  • Guest5150 says:

    just plain ol tired of the Democrats scare speeches. The Republicans want to throw granny and the military under the bus. 800 days and counting and Senile Senator Reid has yet to present a budget.

  • Sickofit says:

    Vote this woman out of office. I am sick of government taking what they want and not what they need. They have spent everything they have taken in, then borrowed the maximum, and it still isn’t enough to feed their bad spending habits.

    The Democcrats and Rebublicans have gotten us into this mess and they expect us to believe whatever comes out of their lying, crooked mouths. They have gotten filthy rich off of us, then bailed themselves out with our money and still want more to keep them rich and in control of the rest of our money. I “hope” to find a second job just to have a little “change” in my pockets to buy groceries with.

  • Guest1011 says:

    We have Kay Hagen–a party hack without an original idea and like Perdue, an Obama lackey. Why can’t she be more like West–integrity and courage. Thank heaven he called out debbie wasserman schultz as vile, viscious and vulger. we should all remember that Hagen and Schultz sold us out with their corrupt deals to get votes for Obamacare. Where were kay and debbie? When Obama threw Israel under the bus–where were Kay and debbie? When rep Sheila lee jackson played the race card like her friend Obama-where were Kay and debbie in condemning her racism and vulgarity? I respect West-what a breath of fresh air he is compared to mediocrity like Hagan and perdue. Only wish we had some Republican leaders with his character.

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