High school football star busted on drug charges

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Submitted: Wed, 07/13/2011 - 8:52pm
Updated: Thu, 07/14/2011 - 5:18am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A high school football star has been busted on drug charges. Omar Carr of Wallace-Rose Hill was arrested Monday after turning himself into the magistrate’s office in Kenansville.

The two-time defending state 1-A champ Bulldogs may be without their star running back this season. Carr is a rising senior who rushed for nearly 2,000 yards last year and more than 20 touchdowns.

According to the Wallace Police Department Carr is charged with six felony counts. These include drug trafficking, conspiracy to sell and deliver and possession with intent to sell.

“This particular one wasn’t being investigated too lengthy of a time, but it stemmed from a good, textbook, controlled buy in which the defendant was actually involved in,” Capt. Trey Giddeons said.

Wallace Rose-Hill coach Joey Price had no comment about Carr’s arrest, but we did get hold of principal M.D. Guthrie, who said he was disappointed it happened and the school will deal with the issue using standard guidelines.

Carr was already named the class 1-A preseason player of the year earlier this summer.


  • andanotherthing says:

    well someone had to be the fall guy down there………………….

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    This kid had a college scholarship…or two….or ten, all fighting over him in the near future. The pros were probably already counting down until he was eligible…

    ….and he pulls this?

    Nothing like throwing away the best opportunity you’ll ever have in life!

  • BCW28404 says:

    Same story, different name. Another young future derailed. The responsibility of it all starts at the homeplace. Parents get involved with your kids and find out what they are doing when you are NOT around.

  • just desserts says:

    not bitter baby, just better…

  • Really says:

    This is a news story? Chasing after a high school kid and his problems with the law? Well, I heard another girl at that school got pregnant…and one was cited for underage drinking last week…and one scrapped his knee after falling off on a moped.


  • calvin lewis says:

    it be the pole lice fault!

  • Guestgustd says:

    Those that have “pole lice” should see a pharmacist or exterminator ASAP!

    Those that can’t spell, well, there is something called “spell check”!

  • Guest8767896 says:

    Send him to Topsail, that’s where the last one that got in trouble ended up.

  • Guest11 says:

    Agreed. They need a little more deverstiy at that school. And some better athletes. Maybe then they wouldve had a chance to beat Pender last year.

  • just desserts says:

    Kudos to Capt Giddeons and the Wallace Police Dept. for doing what is right! This young man is NOT a good role model for our children. He needs to do the time for his crime. And by that, I mean – no football or scholarships – at all!

  • Just passing By says:

    You sound a little bitter….what’s wrong?

  • SurfCityTom says:

    their star running back? Unless the wheels of justice turn much quicker than normal, they will be without. A conference competitor or official will protest should the team attempt to suit him up.

    And so much for taking his talents to a higher level. It’s not likely any I-A team will consider him when his troubles are behind him.

    So, if he gets the opportunity to play, after high school, it would likely be at a community college level or a lower Division conference team.

    Six counts. Now, will he point fingers at higher ups, in the drug chain, to secure a light sentence?

  • Guest2233 says:

    I’m thinking NOT A SURPRISE… AT ALL…

  • SurfCityTom says:

    he had his first court appearance. Next court appearance is sometime in December.

    Legally, he can play until such time as he is convicted of a felony.

    Morally? It will be interesting to see if the Principal does the right thing and set an example which will send a message to all other students at that school and throughout the county.

    With him playing, the school has a decent shot at repeating again as State Champion.

    Without him playing, likely not.

    Will he be required to sit out the season? Or will he suit up and serve as a distraction for his teammates?

    As another poster noted, he’s likely shot himself in the foot for a scholarship at a top flight Division I college which could lead to the pros. UNLESS, his attorney pushes for an early court date and can secure an innocent verdict.

    If not, and his pro career aspirations are shot down the commode, he may not even qualify for a job at one of the pork or pultry processing facilities in Duplin County with multiple felony convictions.

    Who will do the right thing?

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