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Police arrest suspect in shooting near UNCW

UNCW Police have found and arrested the suspect in a shooting at the Seahawk Square Apartments Friday afternoon. Reginald Gagnier is now in the custody of Wilmington Police. They say they will charge Gagnier with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill after he is through with questioning.

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This Kid!

The guy in the video obviously has no clue what happend that day. At least the news crew somewhat got it right. He wasnt waving the gun at PEOPLE he was waving it at a PERSON and they were in an argument which the one shot must feel guilty of otherwise why would he drive himself to the hospital instead of calling 911?? 5 mins of fame for Jarman more like 5 of shame. This is how people get jammed up in court. . . people that just like the camera. Plus get the name right, it's pronounced Gon-yay not Gag-near. Its french.


Its French.....But hes pure Connecticut white trash. Ask his Mom.

Yea he was in his apt....

Yea he was in his apt.... And were you there to see the shooters actions? Probably not. Also if you got shot and had a chance to escape and get yourself to the hospital that would probably be your first thought.. saving your own life, not waiting for your gunshot wound to bleed for however long it takes ems to get there. Also no-one cares how you say the shooters name hes obviously a low-life. So with all of this presented to you "This Kid" stop trolling and making yourself look like an idiot.