Church's anti-gay sign vandalized
Submitted by wway news on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 10:54pm.

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I would like to express my opinion about my good friend Tr. My name is Angel Sparks and i just finished watching your news footage of the protest and Tr was repeatedly referred to as "she" and in fact Tr Nunley is a man. He identifies as a transgender man and to use a inappropriate pronoun is painful and disrespectful. I hope the people responsibility for this recording will ask his forgiveness. please fill free to contact me with any questions. phone # 678-535-8315. thanks Angel Sparks.

Angel: Katie did apologize. I forgot to tell her which pronoun I prefer. I sent her a message before the broadcast but the message didn't get to her in time. They revised it for the online version in the written section. Her apology was sincere. It was really weird to hear all those female pronouns. Thanks Angel for looking out for me.

As for the it's Pat reference from the person on this page....I thought those SNL skits were really funny. But unlike Pat, if you ask me a question about it...I would be clear and matter a fact that I am transgender. I was born in a female body but I have the brain and characteristics of a man so I prefer male pronouns or you could skip pronouns all together. So instead of calling me me TR. And thanks for allowing me to educate you and others that are not aware of what transgender is. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at

Thanks...your transgender pal TR

ha, TR, I think I may have the Pat slot covered.

Anybody remember the SNL character named Pat? It looks like we have our own version of Pat here in Wilmington. He/she attempts to look both male and female and brings this confusion on him/herself.