FIRST ON 3: Strickland posts $1M bond two hours after hearing

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Submitted: Sat, 08/20/2011 - 3:59am
Updated: Sun, 08/21/2011 - 3:24pm

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Once again, a high bond won’t keep a teen with ties to R.C. Soles behind bars very long. The 19-year-old with no job and no known source of legitimate income is on his way out of the Columbus County Jail after posting a $1 million bond. A deputy at the jail said at 12:40 p.m. Allen “Frog” Strickland was waiting to be fitted with a GPS device. He was released at 1:04 p.m.

This morning a judge set Strickland’s bond at $5 million or $1 million with a GPS tracking device until a trial September 23 for charges of vandalism at Soles’s house from an incident back in February. WWAY was the only Wilmington TV station at the hearing, which ended about 10:15 a.m. By 12:15 p.m., Sellers Bail Bonding has posted the $1 million bond for Strickland.

After today’s hearing, Soles told WWAY he does not pay for Strickland’s bonds, but that he does give his money to Strickland and other young men, because he is trying to help them because they’ve had such troubled pasts. Soles said it’s his money, and he could do what he wants with it. He would not say when all the violence and vandalism would stop or why he does not cut off relations with the young men who continue to harass him.

The judge set the bond so high because he said his primary responsibility is to protect the victim, in this case Sen. Soles, and to protect Strickland. The judge said the bond was not a punishment on Strickland, but that he took into account the fact that Soles has already shot one man who continually harassed the former senator at his home near Tabor City. The judge and attorneys discussed in open court that this case is being handled like a domestic violence case would be.

Soles told the judge he thought the no contact rule against Strickland would be dismissed, but a deal in the works fell apart yesterday afternoon. Soles, who at one point got so emotional he could not keep talking, said he came to the hearing voluntarily, because he assumed he would be subpoenaed if not. Soles has been subpoenaed to testify against Strickland at trial.

Today’s hearing came after Strickland landed in jail earlier this month after more vandalism at Soles’s home. This time, Soles called a police officer’s cell phone after Strickland allegedly broke a window on the house and a taillight on Soles’s car. A magistrate released Strickland on a $1,000 secured bond after he turned himself in the day after the incident.

Strickland turned himself in to Tabor City Police back in February after investigators say he and B.J. Wright rammed the gates at Soles’s home and did donuts in the yard before leading police on a high-speed chase. That case is the one scheduled for trial next month.

Police arrested Strickland again in April for another round of vandalism at the former senator’s home. When a judge set Strickland’s bond at $500,000, the teen, with no known job or legitimate source of income, bonded out within 90 minutes.

“I feel very sorry for the young man,” a teary Soles said after that bond hearing on April 7. “I wish him well, and I don’t wish him any ill will.”


  • taxpayer says:

    by the giver…not the receiver of the gift. But then again…there must be disclosure of the gift by the giver…wink/wink…nod/nod.

  • KingJerk says:

    after Chappaquiddick. Politicians just seem to work hard to be an embarrassment to those they represent. This is just what you get from a lot of politicians thanks to voting being a right and not a privilege. A thorough civics exam should be required to get a voter registration card and we should have to pass it every several years. It should be at least as hard to get a voter registration card as it is to get a driver’s license. At least Soles is a former politician.

  • Guest says:

    I am starting to feel ashamed of being from NC.

  • Les Paw says:

    When will the IRS get involved?

  • Guest69 says:

    Let’s get the facts straight. First, Strickland drives a brand new Mercedes Benz sedan that Sole bought for him after he (Strickland) wrecked the brand new Corvette Soles bought for him (when he was running from the police).

    Next, Strickland isn’t investing in property, RC Soles bought the house Strickland lives in. Soles paid for additional remodeling after Strickland burned the house in a fit of rage. And now Soles has purchased a single wide on one of the main streets in Tabor City for Strickland AND paid for the remodeling that was done at the house.

    Strickland’s means of income is being RC Soles’ boy, plain & simple. He has no job, hangs out at the Subway all day and then does whatever it is he does for RC Soles to give him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    And it’s about time the court system, judges and police put an end to it. If our judicial system doesn’t have laws that will keep one or the other of them in jail for years to come, then our judicial system SUCKS!

  • Paul says:

    What will happen when r c goes to visit frog because he is on house arrest and teen mom is laid up with him??? Everyone involved in this case is a human disgrace!!!

  • tabortim says:

    That’s why they call him “Frog” cause he can “jump” right out of the couthouse quicker than most people can count to ten!!!

  • anne says:

    To whomever bailed him out – one word – IDIOT!!!!!!!!! I don’t care if you are a relative – you are not helping this miscreant by bailing him out every time he gets into trouble. Sooner or later he will meet someone at the other end of a pistol and you won’t have to worry about him any more. To the ones involved with this character – IDIOTS!!!!!!! All of you are s shame and disgrace to your county. Somebody please investigate and find out what is going on. We are so tired of this drama being played out. To you fellow senators of Mr. Soles, can’t or won’t you do something do stop this mess?

  • Guest28451 says:

    Frog is lucky the old man hasnt already shot him. I dont know what the deal with Soles is with these boys and we’ve heardthe rumors if so prosecute the old man but that doesn’t excuse the actions of Frog and his buddies as being acceptable maybe some triple 000 buckshot in frogs rear end will put a stop to it

  • Guest says:


  • Guestjunk says:

    Who thinks we should call 20/20 or one of those shows? Maybe Nancy Grace? I think the world outside of Tabor City should see this!

  • Jimmy says:

    RC Soles, crying on the courthouse steps…puuuuhleez! His cockeyed domestic partner takes his weekly trip to the jail house and RC shows up with another wad of cash!…..Cry me a river, you freakin’ low life!

  • Patricia says:

    I believe someone has to be murdered or missing before they will get involved. Oh, how I wish they would get involved!

  • Guest says:

    Everyone of you should be ashamed. Everybody commenting and adding to these stupid peoples story and attempting to make their egos bigger instead of sending prayers to the famliy members of the man who got shot and the women who got killed by the gunman at Columbus Regional Healthcare.

  • B wright says:

    If only Frog could read then he would see how stupid he really is!! If he ever gets his GED then he can look back and see how stupid he was and more then likely is. If R C really wanted to help the kid then he would sit him down not lay him down and read him a few of these comments!!! Then maybe Frog would realize how ignorant he really is!!!!! Maybe then he would seek real help!

  • Guest says:

    The IRS does not have the job title listed. Frogs type of work is tax free except in Nevada where some brothels operate legally.

  • Guestax says:

    This guy has no job that I know of but has 2 properties, BMW, scooter…who pays the utility bills, taxes, food, bail….?

    If someone is giving him all of this money, has Strickland paid gift taxes on all of it? If it were you or me, the IRS would be all over us to find out how we continue to survive with no income. Something stinks to high heaven.

  • elaine says:

    All of you people lambasting the county and legal system, I think that’s right on the money. Something does need to be done about this situation, for a lot of reasons. However, when the DA does move on this, please come out and vocally and loudly support him. The minute he starts, we will hear Dems. and good ole boys shrieking that he needs to go back to Florida or New Hanover County. Don’t let him down when he tries to right something. He has enough trouble with judges – and you want to scream about injustice. You sure haven’t heard anybody jump in and apologize to him among the judges and lawyers, have you? Support him when the time comes.

  • Tshine says:

    Yea get your facts straighgt, R.C. didn’t buy Frogs Car he did, second of all Frog did not burn his house, he went to trail twice and both times he was found not guilty by 12 people. Just one more thing Frog maybe not have a job but his girlfriend does. I’m going to say this as nicely as I can get a life, please leave Frog a lone you don’t know him. Does anyone making the bad comments about Frog know what has happen to this young man in the last 2months.

  • Jp says:

    They will make you be ashamed to be a human!!!

  • anne says:

    Most of these comments make valid points. There are a few in defense of these bunch of yahoos but they are probably related to them. Anyone in a decent or coherent frame of mind knows that this has gone on too long and needs to be taken care of. Evidently no one with any time of authority is able to willing to do something about it. Until the feds step in, it will continue to go on.

    So with that being said, Mr. Soles do everyone a favor. The next time of or more of these dimwits show up at your house, don’t waste my taxpayer money calling the police. Drag them in the house and use a ball bat on them – or perhaps you can use one on each other – then call the rescue squad, police, or coroner – whichever is needed. THEN MAYBE SOMETHING WILL BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have made the community, police (they need no help in making themselves look foolish) and the justice system look so ridiculous and have made everyone around you a laughingstock. Do something or get out!!!!!!!! I am surprised that the national media has not stepped in to report this. I know they are getting tired of making fun of the president and the other yahoos in Washington – perhaps they could do something with all of you. We all need something to laugh about today!!!!!!!!!

  • GuestLee says:

    “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” – – Oscar Wilde

    If they gave a basic English Comprehension Test prior to posting, we would lose about 80% of the posters. Then with whom would we correspond? That would make things rather dull, don’t you think?

  • Guest says:

    To the sound of banjo music…
    … doesn’t frog have a purty mouth??

    Well RC??

  • Guest says:


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Perhaps it will convince Scott that WWAY really should adopt a basic English Composition test prior to awarding posting privileges.

  • GuestFROMTC says:

    He is not on house arrest. He is driving is moped all around Tabor City.

  • Concerned_Citizen says:

    A lot of people in Tabor City need to wake up and see how stupid they really are! Frog is not the only misfit in Tabor. There are plenty of other low life thieves stealing others property. At least Frog only terrorizes RC, when he is not getting his honey money.

    The town needs to be cleaned up! Starting with the Politicians, the police force, and all the lowlife criminals. RC and Frog should pay the bills for the cost to the tax payers for their stupidity.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Let’s take a moment to think about this….What money did Frog use to purchase the car? I can assure you his girlfriend doesn’t have enough money to buy a BMW nor his house. If you are really ignorant enough to believe that nothing is amiss between R.C and Frog then you are just plain lost. I’m going to say this as nicely as I can, GROW UP!!!!!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    he had been released on a $1,000 bond. And he had posted a $500,000 bond. I’ve been traveling a good bit and must have missed the latest episode on Spike.

    Did Frog commit another act of harrassment or property damage?

    When they make this into a reality show, I guess we can assume Frog and the other young men will all play themselves?

    Any thoughts on whom will be cast as former Senator Soles?

    I still say there must be something in the ground water which causes all of the disfunctional behavior in Columbus County.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …it must be magical. It sure has Creepy Old Guy addicted.

  • Guest 25 says:

    Finally, someone has seen the light and spoken the truth about the entire circus!!!!!!

  • Guest Tax Answer says:

    The IRS would not be all over you or me, because gifts are not taxable for the recipient. Therefore, Strickland would not be liable for tax on gifts received. The giver of a gift may have to file a federal gift tax return, but only if the gift in a given year exceeds a certain threshhold.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …for not posting my reply to this person’s post.

    It was a gem, a true masterpiece, possibly my best ever…but you let decorum and good taste interfere. Bah!

  • dc says:

    Do the right thing if you see him.Put him away.Looking pretty ridiculus in Columbus.

  • Guest says:

    Who Cares Anymore!

  • OtherGuest says:

    So the judge set bail at 5M in order to protect Strickland from Soles?

    Is that the way the concept of bail is supposed to work in our legal system?

    Who was the judge?

  • anne says:

    Okay he is back in jail again – how many times? Just a note to the Miss or Mister who chooses to bail him out – LEAVE HIM IN THERE!!!!!
    This has gone on long enough, time for him to face the consequences of his stupidity.

    How many more incidents have to happen before someone gets seriously hurt or killed before this little soap opera ends. Time for a full investigation – not by the good ole boys in the area – but a true investigation into what is going on with these guys and Mr. Soles. Time for him to step up and admit his wrongdoing and his involvement in this whole ridiculous circus.

    Put them all in jail and leave them there. We are tired of hearing about it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Watching from the sidelines says:

    Well, WWAY why didn’t you report that RC Soles, Jr. put on another teaful display this monring? He is such an actor. Soles called Strickland disadvantage. How can a 19 year old driving a BMW and investing in property and re-modeling property do all this when he has no visible means of income.

    Soles loves the drama. These men are disadvantaged only in the concept that they are associating with Soles. All the money spent by Soles could have helped all of Columbus County in its dire need of financial support.

    Give it up, Soles, Strickland and the others. Somebody is going to wind up getting hurt again. The public suffers by the activity that states place. This group has no common decency or any character or they wouldn’t do some of the things they do. If all of North Carolina could see and know what Tabor City has to endure, somebody would start a true investigation and these people would go to prison.

  • Patricia says:

    This comment says it all. I have to agree with everything you said.

  • Guest says:

    It’s time for the SBI and the govenor (good luck on that one) to step in, investigate and clean up this embarrassing mess! WHAT are they waiting on…for someone to get killed? Someone or some groups are covering up a very bizarre and decades long scandal. It’s way past time for a light on it and for the perpetrators to come to justice, including those who aided in the coverup.

  • Guest says:

    Why RC, can you not give your money to a reputible charity? Help people that honestly need it, not some kid that burns the house you gave him down!

  • Challengetheworld says:

    Call the IRS! Call someone else other than anyone in Columbus County or the SBI. There is something so horrible going on here that all of them need to be jailed for life. They are wasting tax payer money like its water with an endless supply. This is making all the citizens in Columbus County and North Carolina look like we have a judical system just for entertainment.

    WWAY – you have to have at least one contact somewhere at ABC News to launch a full investigation and uncover this. It has been day after day of this nonsense. There is definitley more to the story; someone needs to be creative and find a way to expose this monster and these delinquents.

  • Tshine says:

    Way to tell them R.C. it’s your money and you do have the right to do what you want. Here is the one MR. Soles did forget to say, I know for a fact that he has given money to woman cause he has helped a family member of mine. Why doesn’t the paper and wway leave them alone. Its R.C. business of what he does. It says in the Bible we are not to judge other people then why are people in Tabor City judging R. C., Frog and other boys. Are each and everyone of you ready to meet the m aker and be judge yourself.Ye that have no sins cast thy first stone. I would love to see wway start digging into each and everyone of your past,that bad mouth R.C.and Frog, and see what comes up in your past.

  • Patricia says:

    Evidently you are one of the majority in Tabor City who greets this vile man in your outings to the grocery store and actually shakes his hand and then you will smile and say, “hey, there, R.C.” “How ya doing”? You don’t care that he has done these things for the last 40 years. Hopefully, you don’t have family he has violated. May God forgive those who know and have not stood up with facts.

  • Watching on the sideline says:

    Tshine, I bet if the truth is known you have benefited too from RC’s money. My second bet is that you haven’t seen the inside of a church in years. The devil can quote scripture. Anyone who thinks the Soles and boys soap opera is anything but down right disgusting has a low sense of what moral character and integrity means to a community. Soles can do what he wants with his money as long as it’s legal. These boys have told the unlawful ways Soles bribes them. Get a life and quit taking up for a child molester and a dirty old man who desperately needs to seek psychiatric care. Anyone that would use and abuse another individual like he does these boys then wants to play both the boys and the police against each other is not dealing with a full deck. There are past issues in Soles’ life I would suspect that he wants to suppress. He loves the drama. Enough of anything is enough. I would say enough has been reached on this matter.

  • C. Wilson says:

    Well since Mr. Soles has so much money and it is his to do with as he sees fit, perhaps he should hire his own personal body guard to protect him from his boys and stop wasting tax payer’s money calling the police constantly!

  • Mondo says:

    I guess Tshine trolls these replies and defends Soles and company, so I assume Tshine is one of the good ole boys in this diva drama?

  • Guest says:

    I don’t live in Columbus County and I’m glad of that. It’s past time for someone to investigate this “FROG” / Soles soap opera. The news talkes about Senator Soles giving these young men money, buying “Frog” (Strickland) a house which he burns. “Frog” is charged with various criminal violations over a period of time, placed in custody and with no visible means of support and with no varifiable source of income, his bond is posted and he is out and goes right back to the scene of the crime and causes even more damage. It’s time some outside agency is brought in to investigate this Columbus County Soap Opera before someone is killed. This does not reflect well on law enforcement or the court system in Columbus County either. People all over the state are reading about this ongoing fiasco and laughing at our system of justice or should I say “our system of non-justice”. I have no idea who is guilty of what in this saga but it needs to be brought to a close before it is to late and someone suffers a worse fate than has beed suffered todate.

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