FIRST ON 3: Thompson responds to Berger’s issues and accusations

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Submitted: Sat, 09/10/2011 - 3:50am
Updated: Mon, 09/12/2011 - 12:28pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been a long couple of weeks for New Hanover County Commissioners, culminating last night in Brian Berger refusing to resign as the other commissioners requested and then blaming them for the distractions and drama his personal issues have caused.

Commission Vice Chair Jason Thompson sat down with WWAY tonight to talk about Berger’s issues and accusations. He discussed the widening rift between Berger and fellow commissioners, Berger’s refusal to take responsibility for his own problems and where the commission goes from here.


  • Guest99x says:

    Really??? If you find a better place to go please let the rest of us know about it! These folks are the officials we have elected. Just maybe there’ll be some qualified candidates willing to show themselves in the upcoming election cycle. But then again, I have been wrong in the past…

  • Guest3369 says:

    These are REALLY the people that are running our County? I’m moving and taking my tax dollars with me.

  • Helixx says:

    And you all couldn’t understand why NHC wouldn’t pay to pick up your trash after Irene.

    Here’s why . . .

  • guesty says:

    How did you fit thompson’s big mouth and huge ego in that small studio? That was magic.

  • Paul says:

    Guest461, really? Wow, you appear quite delusional or else we haven’t been watching the same commission meetings. For here it looks like they keep giving him a longer and longer rope and leeway yet he kept stepping on his own toes.

  • Guest757 says:

    Why can’t they all resign so we can start with a clean slate…

    Wouldn’t that be nice ????
    where is Ricky Meeks, he would be better than what we have..

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Ricky’s around.
    He recieves disability. But he’s not too “disabled” to walk around all day, and sound more intelligent, and polished, then a lawyer, on the radio. I don’t he’s nearly as dumb as he wants everyone to think he is.

  • Guest says:

    Isn’t that true of ALL politicians? I don’t trust any of them any more. They promise you the moon to get elected, and then they wind up exactly like all the others.

  • Small Business Owner says:

    These guys are ALL a joke. They all have their own adjendas and will say what they have to in order to get elected and then look for ways to bank on their position by doing anything they have to to line their own pockets. They are only out for their own self interests and won’t do anything unless it benefits themselves or the Mayor.

  • Guest says:

    This is the seond time I’ve read this same exact post. The first one was a couple of months ago. Don’t have anything new, Gramps?

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Sorry if the truth offends you.

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Nothing New—-Just the same phoney con game I’ve seen for the last 20 years. By the way, hundreds of people know that you’re not nearly as dumb, or innocent, as you pretend to be.

  • Guest99x says:

    Brian, don’t you remember that it was Comm. Thompson who picked you up after your night in jail and took you to lunch? This is how you demean someone who helped you out when you were in a jam?

    The more I hear of your story, the less I feel that you are suitable to hold this office.

  • Guest461 says:

    Bigmouth bully Thompson and the other three buffoons have hated Berger and his agenda from day one. If anything, Thompson may have tried to put the “image” out the he was helpful, but that was as far as it went. I’ve watched nearly every council meeting and have seen exactly how the other board members treated him. You can’t hide that magnitude of spite and snappy mouthed comments from the camera.

    When you have Thompson, Barfield, Caitlin or Davis smiling at you, whilst patting you on the back, they’re simply looking for a soft spot to stick the knife!

    All of them need to be replaced with effective leaders, that can get this county on it’s feet and in the right direction!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Sometimes, I am so glad that I don’t live in that mess anymore. I was born in Wilmington and I will always love Wilmington, and it truly pains me to watch the mockery its political “leaders” have made of it. And as much as I like reading and joining in on the discussions here, y’all really need to make sure that your voices are heard where it counts the most–at the polls.

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