One dead, another in custody after overnight shooting in Rocky Point

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Submitted: Thu, 09/01/2011 - 8:26pm
Updated: Mon, 04/29/2013 - 3:27pm

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — One man is dead and another in jail after an overnight shooting in Pender County. It happened around 10:30 p.m. in the Summit Ridge neighborhood in Rocky Point.

“This is the first time I’ve seen anything like this in the neighborhood, and it’s really shocking and bizarre,” neighbor Shannon McHone said.

Pender County Sheriff’s deputies charged 34-year-old Michael Grant with murder Thursday afternoon. They say Grant shot and killed his neighbor Anthony Wayne Edens Wednesday night.

Deputies say when they got to Grant’s house he fired shots at an officer.

“A deputy returned fire and struck the suspect,” Sheriff Carson Smith said. “He ran back inside the house, barricaded himself in. It was very soon after that that we found a victim. A white male that had been shot to death in the area of 505 Brighton.”

The 42-year-old Edens lived directly behind grant. Neighbors say it all started with a domestic dispute. McHone says before she heard any shots fired, the suspect’s ex-wife and two children came here to her back door pleading for help.

“I don’t know how she managed to escape actually, from what her and the children described,” McHone said. “I’m surprised she made it to our house.”

McHone says after the family was safe inside her house, Grant started shooting.

“He was just walking around, randomly pointing the gun, not up in the air, but out around him and firing off shots,” McHone said.

McHone says the ex-wife told her that Grant had a drug problem and was using bath salts.

“She said that it was more or less a paranoia from the bath salts,” McHone said. “She said he accused her of cheating with two neighbors, one that lived behind her and one that lived beside her.”

Grant was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center for treatment on his gunshot wound. He was released to sheriff’s deputies Thursday morning.

Grant is charged with first degree murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, assault by pointing a gun, communicating a threat and assault on a female.

Because this case includes an officer-involved shooting, the SBI is investigating.


  • Terry in Wilmington says:

    I knew tony. He was a very caring man that would help in any way that he could. The murderer should be taken out the same way.

  • momof5chaps says:

    I am wondering if Michael’s ex wife’s name is Michelle by chance? If you don’t mind too much can you please just answer yes or no. I believe I possibly know them but if it is the right Michael then he has aged alot since I saw him 10 years ago…and they are just posting the one picture of him.

  • guesstt says:

    34 year old Micheal Leroy Grant is my uncle. I live in Georgia with my mom and dad. This was terrible. My concerns go out to the family that lost a loved one. This is really terrible. I have no sympathy for my uncle and, what is so bad is that he didnt even know what he was doing. The family that lost a loved one is in my prayers and so is my uncle. I hope he finds the help he needs with the lord and savior Jesus Christ…

  • Guest says:

    From all accounts, both by neighbors, the church and friends, Tony was an outstanding man in the community. He died a hero and saved the lives of so many others that night who would surely have met the same fate had Grant had time to continue his rampage. The Edens’ family is nothing short of miraculous!

    Please also understand that this paranoid, disturbed individual has a family and they, too, are left behind to endure the guilt on behalf of Grant. They are a hard-working, loving family who have suffered a horrific existence. Please keep them in your prayers as well as they make the journey forward to a peaceful existence.

  • Guest says:

    Tony was a huge inspiration to me earlier this year. I was in the midst of making a huge life decision, and he spent some time sharing his experiences with me. He helped me to make one of the best decisions of my life, and I will forever be thankful that God brought him into my life at a time when I needed that encouragement!
    He was a God-loving man and would be praying for all those that have made negative comments and the person who spoke of the ongoing dispute with his neighbor. Tony never met a stranger, and was always willing to help someone in need. That was exactly what he was doing…..helping his neighbor. Unfortunately his neighbor was in a paranoid state due to bad choices he made and ended up making a choice that ended my friend’s life.
    Now, I pray that the court system shows justice for Tony’s family and never let’s that man return to his home…..they do not need to have the man responsible for killing this loving husband and father living next door to them. Please pray for this family, especially the children, who may have witnesses the killing of their father…..I cannot even imagine the trauma they have suffered. Thank you!

  • Edens says:

    A little respect during a time of grieving would be nice. Correction, asking you to be nice would even be asking way too much. How about you be human for a second and think of the hurt his family is going through before you open your mouth and spew your hate.

  • Guest says:

    I pray that some day you will come to know this God that you redicule and come to know the joy that comes through His son Jesus Christ. I know it is hard for you to understand, but Christians are not exempt from tragedy and problems. Christians are sinners who have accepted the gift of forgiveness through the scrifice of Christ. I pray you will come to know Him and be able to understand how a Christian can find joy even in the loss of a loved one. God loves you and wants you to come to Him. One day you will face Him; will it be as one who has been forgiven or as one who has no hope? God bless the Eden’s family in their tragedy, but find joy in knowing that Tony is with his Heavenly Father.

  • Guestt says:

    You have no respect at all for anyone especially yourself you sound very immature and do not even know what this family is going through, obviously. You need to be thanking God for giving you your life (especially while typing that unnecessary comment) bc an innocent man lost his. I personally know this whole family and they do not deserve this nonsense from anyone especially the likes of you. You need to check yourself and learn to keep your mouth shut. Even if this is how you truly feel, keep your opinions too yourself. GOD BLESS YOU.

    RIP Tony.. you will truly be missed..

    Family: I love you all.. stay very stong in these hard times.. even though it is hard at this time remember if God puts you to through.. he will pull you through it. Again I Love you all.

  • Freak says:

    God did have something to do with it because he saved Mr. Eden, he’s in heaven now. We all have a time that we’re gonna go, and things like this just show us how we should always be ready, cause we never know when something like this is gonna happen to us. It almost did to me one night too. I’m Eden’s cousin’s cousin so I knew him some and he will be missed.

  • Guest says:

    Shut up you stupid religious freaks! God aint got nothing to do with it! He shure didnt stand between the gun and the bullet last night. So leave your dilluted realities in the closet FREAKS!!

  • Guest says:

    Look, this is a tragedy and there are tons of people hurting as a result. You sound like you are a very angry person. If you don’t have anything nice to say .. especially at a time like this .. then spare us and don’t say anything at all!

  • Guest says:

    The only freak on here is you. It is a shame that you have to attack others in your own weakness. Like so many that don’t have a clue you can’t wait to cast stones at Christians. Many of these same “religious freaks” you rant against pray for you and other lost individuals on a daily basis.

  • Guest says:

    I am glad to see that you are jumping to conclusions as not once does it mention that there was a dispute with the neighbor. It is completely possible that the neighbor was innocent and this man is just a very sick person. Either way there is NO excuse for this to happen. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victim. There is no amount of justice or retribution that can bring back their loved one, I hope you are able to find some peace through the grieving process.

  • Guest says:

    Look. You need to get your information straight before going on the internet and blabbing your mouth. You don’t know the situation and you need to realize that the victim has family and friends that know him a lot better than you obviously do. I’m sorry for your situation but not all situations are like yours. So like i said keep your mouth closed, please.

  • Guest says:

    Look. You need to get your information correct before blabbing your mouth all over the internet. Your about to slander someone’s good name because of your situation. Don’t speculate that there was a dispute when you were no where near this incident. I’m sorry for your unfortunate event, but you need to be reminded that the victim has family and friends who obviously knows him better than you, so like I said keep your mouth closed, please.

  • guest says:

    I can see how somyhing like this could happen,Im currentl having a dispute with one of my neighbors, on that has been going on for nearly 4 year’s, the bad part is these situ’s tend to escalate over time by one or both of the individual’s in my situ the neighbor began calling my probation officer and telling him I was a drug dealer,calling the zoneing commision,calling vice and the sherriff and having surveilance set up on me and my family,telling the neighbor’s I was a drug dealer,driving by my home and getting plate number’s of guest’s and friend’s even seding his children to spy for him,its hard not to became angry to the point where you want to do somthing to stop the harrassment but there are other way’s to deal with this in the courts as I am doing now but it still has me worried because I dont know what he will do next.

  • Du says:

    This has NOTHING to do with you, and your skeletons. This was a concerned neighbor who got caught up in a domestic dispute…he was trying to help. Please stop crying about your own situation.

  • Guest says:

    Reading this as well as all of the comments left behind just makes me want to reach out to people that are unable to take themselves out of the picture and think of others instead. I grew up with Mr. Tony’s oldest niece and even though I did not have the pleasure in meeting him or at least get to experience the love and kindness he shared for others I know that he didn’t want anyone to feel the hate that some of you are feeling towards each other. Everyone has directed their attention to one of the guests comments but what are we changing? Mr. Tony as you rest in peace, know that you are and will be missed for time to come. Thank you for setting a good example of giving of yourself unselfishly. I pray that all of the family be comforted by the thought of him resting peacefully on the other side.

  • Guest says:

    good father, husband, and friend-always there when someone needed help…

  • john brown says:

    well tony was a good man and i dont know much about the other man. but tony was allways a out going and good man and we as a neighbors or in the same neighhood will miss him and lost a good man. i will miss him when we take the kidds out for trick or treat the way we have for the past years with tony and his kids.

  • Guest says:

    Tony was just trying help his neighbors, being the good Christian he was.

  • Guest says:

    Some of you know the truth, there was not really a domestic dispute, Mr. Grant was dillusional due to the ingestion of “bathsalts” That is fact. It’s not an excuse for his actions and he will pay the price society gives him. There are 5 children without daddy’s and two totally devastated family’s. Being of any religion in this case had no bearing on the outcome. I knew Tony as a good man, some would say the same about Mr. Grant. I’ve know him for many years, he had many times in his life that were a good as it could get. What happened is a tragedy. Tony is in the hands of his god and Mike Grant will face his day of reckoning. I am personally so torn up by this as it could have been prevented.

    My heart goes out to Tony’s family and to Mikes children and ex-wife. They are alive, because they were fleet of foot. He tried to get them also. Don’t know how his children will live with this stigma. The bastard.

  • Jessica says:

    Even though the bastard u speak of is my uncle, i understand what u r saying. I feel the same way and u put it in better words i would have. His daughter and son(my cousins) should realize what happened and know the reason they dont have a dad is because he murdered a great man and they should know its for the best that they are not around him.

  • Guest says:

    My heart and thoughts go out to the victim’s family and Grants family. May God help everyone through the rough times ahead.

    God Bless

  • Guest says:

    Every one new Anthony as Tony, a God loving Christian who would not hurt a flea. He loved his wife and children, was always happy and smiling, would do anything for you. His son and my son play football on the same team. A very loving man who will be deeply missed. We send our love and prayers for the Ednes family.

  • Guest says:

    My heart goes out to both of these families and their children. I personally know one of the families and had been visiting with them late last night .. it is a tremendous tragedy for all involved. God Bless all of you!

  • BATH SALTS says:


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