RAW VIDEO: Berger, colleagues air differences at town hall meeting
Submitted by WWAY on Thu, 09/22/2011 - 1:37pm.

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The freaks are the other 4---this kid has a right to be looking over his shoulder. These guys are worse than he is. When it comes to outrageous behavior Barfield and Thompson threatened other public officials. When it comes to taking care of their friends and themselves Catlin and Davis do a mighty fine job. When it came to trasparency on the budget, the art council and the ball team to be funded with public money- thank heavens berger was there. I will not defend his mistakes--he needs to deal with them--but neither will I lose sight that these four "saints" have a lot more serious skeletons in their closets than he does. So as another poster commented- they are in no position to lecture anyone else on credibility. We are suppose to be a God loving community--let's move forward and ignore the hate mongers.

Yes, thank you Barfield & Thompson for finally speaking up and out! And more importantly, stopping Berger from speaking. He doesn't have anything substantial to say but for some reason wants the floor. It is embrassing. It made me mad to see Berger laughing while his fellow Commissioners were speaking. It shows inmaturity and disrespect. I wish they could vote him out.

Chairman Barfield and Vice Chairman Thompson..''GREAT JOB'' in telling Brian Berger where's it at!!!! What disturbes me is that Brian Berger is sitting there smirking,smiling,rolling his eyes and interrupting you when you are making your comments. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!and disrespectful to fellow commissioners is at its highest level!! Brian Berger needs professional help...LIKE NOW!!!

Pure and simple, Brian Berger is a total freakin' idiot.