Leland’s future leaders address current problems

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Submitted: Thu, 10/13/2011 - 2:48am
Updated: Fri, 10/14/2011 - 11:09am

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland’s future officials came together Wednesday night at Cape Fear National for a meet and greet with the public.

During their campaigning efforts a few took some time away to talk to WWAY about the problems their town is facing.

Although one Leland candidate did not want to discuss the issues surrounding the town’s police department, the majority of them were willing to. One even said, had she been on council, she would have done thing a little differently.

“I think it could have been handled a little bit sooner,” said Jane Crowder, candidate for Leland Town Council. “Maybe even when it first started, when it first came out, maybe it could have been addressed then. They are on the right road right now.”

Many at the clubhouse pointed to taxes as a major concern, others talked about the personnel problems.

“Even though it didn’t seem like anybody was doing anything, things were being done,” said Brenda Bozeman, candidate for Mayor. “It’s hard to talk about.”

Despite the cloud that has been surrounding the police department there were other matters of discussion at Wednesday nights meeting.

“Leland’s at a crossroads,” said Donn Garvey, candidate for Leland Town Council. “I want to make sure we don’t end up a debt ridden city of a lot of people paying very high taxes and having poor amenities. I want to pay as you go. We can have everything people want, we just can’t have it right now.”

“I am running because I love Leland. I want to be the voice of the people,” said Crowder. “I want the people to be able to come to me and let their concerns be known and I hope to address it with the council.”

With members of the current council in attendance, Leland’s complications were aired out.

“I’m so happy that the chief sent the letter to the SBI. I want our name cleared and if we’ve got any problems, I want them fixed,” said Bozeman.


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  • guesty says:

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  • gordon hobbs says:

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  • gordon hobbs says:

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  • guesty says:

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    I do however agree with you about the rickyboy & billy big show needing to come to an end.

  • Guestkblue2221984 says:

    I never said anything about the FBI Not investigating Leland. From what I understand they are being investigated for allegedly illegally piggy backing off of a Wilmington Police Department’s Web page used to capture criminals with out Wilmington’s permission. But I’m not 100% sure. Its either that or miss of using the system. Either way its not good. The FBI isn’t here to investigate the corruption of the Timillicky Trio. So don’t think that they are. They may take the investigation of the assault on Sherry Lewis by Rick Delapea and Bill Kozak. Or the cover up by Timmy “left hook” Jayne!!

  • guesty says:

    Copied from this story:

    Submitted by kblue2 (not verified) on Mon, 10/10/2011 – 4:45pm.
    NO and NO! The FBI is not looking into anything and you guys are talking a bunch of JUNK! NO federal crime here! None! Why do you guys still keep talking these stuff up, NO FEDERAL CRIME! You can’t be investigated for doing childish things! WAKE UP NATHAN!!!!! NOT HAPPENING!!!!

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  • boom boom 2 says:

    See D, oh I’m sorry pretend Faye, U are telling everyone it is u when u respond to these statements. Have u ever heard that the guilty protest too much. If you have time to respond to every statement made then perhaps it is u that needs to GET A LIFE. . “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”

  • boom boom 2 says:

    u can quit hiding behind your friend’s name of Faye. Everyone knows it is u and u will do anything to defend your precious J,A and the position you have that u know u aren’t qualified 4. Have no fear, as the town grows and new people take authority they will definitely see who u are and what u are about. U are old news stuck with your old ways.
    Best management practices say that sometimes you just have to clear the bus and get the right people on board.

  • BOOm BOOM says:

    Not ashamed extremely happy, hire a good manager find someone with a positive work history, let them go through the personel records and do a little grievance graft, Employee retention graph, and then look at qualifications, education, exsperience, have an open forum to see if past issues were resolved, open it to the public.

    I believe that you may be drinking the (its all the underlings fault water) it cant possibly be that poor wonderful old nice manager, who has created an air of inconcievable distain between independent thoughtful management and the handful of incompetent, insecure and imature.

    We as citizens are tired of the arrogance of misconception a wife who is in charge of finance a bully that she is married too. a daughter who apparently works from home. how does this all go.

    why is this acceptable at all. Im sure it makes a wonderful working atmosphere for those who have to work with all these family memebers in the front office. sure they are fine now. they have tried to get help… acceptance just like before when they laid all there hopes on Bill Farris.

    Here is who should be ASHAMED— Bill Farris, he has done absolutely nothing except ride the coat tails of a good Manager, he hasnt grown the town one inch he has however had a legacy of supporting the demise of DARE, spending Thousands if not Millions of Dollars on property during an Economic down turn. creating a seperation between staff that allowed each and every person to feel ostersized that railed against work place prejudice, indefference, brutality, and unfair management practices.Waited money, hiring unqualified and incapable employees, hiring employees just to prop up his stature with UNCW.Drawing bullseyes on citizens who have paid taxes in Leland for years. Picking on old lelands citizens while catering to developers. It is also you who should be ashamed for turning a blind eye while others lives and careers were put in distress. Many only wanted to serve the citizens.Thes are just a handful i challenge you to count the grievances.

  • Faye says:

    I see that U R so behind the news in Leland. U Can’t seem to catch up with the new news. U R still harping on news that U have made up and can’t prove. And U can’t even use your real name either. What a shame that U R hiding being Boom Boom. GET A LIFE.

  • Concern Citizen says:

    Why do you feel that there are no decent candidates running for office? And by feeling that way, why did you not consider running for one of the open sits on Council?

  • gordon hobbs says:

    jane crowder is good for the job. and she is also decent. she has the knowledge and knows what to do and the nerve to do it.

  • Robo says:

    Are there any decent candidates running for office in Leland? It does not sound like it from this article.

  • Guest1234567 says:

    If that is the case then why didn’t Ms. Crowder run for Mayor? If she intends to oppose Ms. Bozeman on votes then she is wasting her and others time. Unless she is so great that she will be able to swing the other council members on each and every item that comes before them. Would this really be good for the citizens? Let’s remember that things pass by a majority vote. If Ms. Crowder or any other Council member has preconceived ideas about each issue before they come in front of them or is in a power struggle with an” I’ll show you” mentality then what is the point? Let’s face it, politics is politics and if you or anyone else is making their minds up based on what someone so called promised then you need a new strategy. The reality is that all politicians promise things they often can’t deliver because they want to make us feel good and they want a vote. Many times new- comers say they won’t do this or that but that is because they don’t truly understand the system. Many times citizens want things that are in direct conflict with mandated laws and the reality is that elected officials must follow the law so honestly, only so much can be done. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want to change in your current circumstances and on what you have been “promised” you should be focused on who you believe will have the commitment to make sound decisions, even if they aren’t popular. You should be focused on the individual’s intent and character. Do council members make mistakes and sometimes find they can not come through on everything, certainly. There will always be those unhappy but the person you want for the job is the one who truly cares, studies all possible outcomes, weighs the facts, agonizes over difficult decisions and in the end uses their judgment for what they honestly believe is the best decision for the majority of citizens, not for political ambition, power or because of a so called obligation.

  • Leland and Love it says:

    We needed someone to run against Brenda Bozeman. She seems to be listening to Pat Batleman all the time. I can recall when Brenda spoke her own mind but now she is doing what others what, not what is needed. Leland does need good leaders, but those leaders need to listen to the public that live in Leland. Saying yes and not even doing what U have promise is the same thing as lying.. Speak the truth from your heart and not what U R told to say

  • Boom Boom says:

    Here is your current problems,
    1. Bill Farris
    2. Tim Jayne
    3. Donna Strickland
    4. Jimmy Strickland
    5. Alycia Mintz
    6. Ashli Barefoot
    7. Carol Floyd
    8. Poor Management Skills
    9. Nepotism or act of
    10.Negaus attitudes in authority
    11.Nescience by manager
    12. Heretical, not sticking to standards

    The list is extensive but if you solve just half of these problems the others will self correct. Hire a good managers and most of the problems will be corrected.

  • Kblue2221984 says:

    13. Slick Rick Delapea
    14. I love me Bill Kozak
    The Timillicky show must go!!! Says who? Says KBlue!

  • Faye says:

    Boom Boom. U R ashamed of your self and U R a broken record. Leland does need to clean the Police Dept yes. But how do U figure that the office needs to be cleaned out?

  • hire a good manager says:

    Yes!!!!!!Hire a good manager but not one that is anyone’s pocket, you know……. indebted because they were promised the position and helped manipulate things to get the job. Better yet, don’t hire a manager hire a LEADER. Someone that is progressive, has a vision for the future and will lead and handle situations, not just hope they will correct themselves, someone who is willing to listen to concerns and problems. Someone who just doesn’t want to hear how great their ideas are but someone who is willing to think things out comprehensively and see that action for the sake of action is detrimental. Someone who isn’t immature and only willing to deal with those who are so naive, can’t think on their on and don’t know they are being taken advantage of. Someone who is willing to make a stand and not just concerned that they are liked or remembered. Someone with a backbone to tell the Mayor and Council they can’t do something when what they want is illegal or at most unethical. Someone who is genuinely concerned about the staff but more importantly about the town.

  • W says:

    1- Stop the criminals at H2GO Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer from charging their ridiculous “availability fees”

    2 – Get rid of the ridiculous new turn lanes on village road… there’s no way whoever designed that traffic pattern has ever attempted to access the businesses on the other side of the road. Since everyone is now forced to either U-turn at the light or traverse the parking lot, all the city managed to do was create a major safety issue by turning the side lot by foodlion into a new road with no lines or restrictions…

  • see the real culprit says:

    the problems with the lots beside the food line are one person’s fault.They are not roads but access created and allowed by the property owner. It is private property and therefore that person needs to address these issues. He can create a plan with at the very least some directional safety patterns. He can re stripe the parking lot he can do a lot but the mighty buck in his pocket is so much more important to him.

  • suan says:

    To the prospective Council Members: Change is inevitable, transition is intentional. Life is change. Fighting or resisting change is what we should fear, not change itself. Change is life and without it we die. Resisting change creates blockages. Your job as a public official will be to manage change and to manage the citizens and to guide them through the change.

    To the citizens: Change is not easy for most people. We like our routines and want to know what is coming our way. Change throws us off course. It makes us think and makes us do more work. Change forces us to look at ourselves and come up with a new plan or perspective. The truth is we just don’t like it very much but being open to the flow of life, and not resisting change is the basis for abundance and geatness, otherwise we cease existence.

  • old says:

    Jane Crowder is old Leland and is naïve. She only knows the information she is given by certain Town Staff. Does she really have the nerve? Is she willing to stand up for what is right for ALL the citizens of Leland, not just her “Old Leland” friends that feel they are Leland? Will she cave into the pressure just to preserve the way things are or will she use a progressive, pragmatic approach and think beyond her own feelings to what will be in the best interest of EVERYONE living here. What is her understanding of Public Administration, Planning, Zoning, Affordable Housing, Community Development, etc? Will she be able to abide by the ordinances, laws and procedures that are on the books regardless of personal ideology? There is a lot more to being a government official then helping with recreation programs and saying you want it because you have been around so long.

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