Family dog killed by pit bull
Submitted by wway news on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 9:42pm.

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I hope that the Court of Public Opinion will deal with Mr. Tooker, failing any action by the legal system.

What an absolutely shiftless, horrible man! Not only is he responsible for the death of the Jack Russell, he is also responsible for the possible destruction of his own dogs.

Typical pit bull owner behavior: Failing to accept any responsibility, showing no empathy for the victim dog or the victim's family. And he left the victim dog to die in his car; talk about horrendous behavior!

These dogs did exactly what humans created pit bulls to do: kill other dogs. It is never the dog's fault but it is the breeders'/sellers'/buyers' faults for producing dogs like these. I suspect this pit bull owner is secretly or subconsciously proud of his dogs' killing abilities; that's why he chose this breed type.

Why would anyone who truly cares about dog welfare want to continue breeding dogs with these abilities and instincts? The answer: pit bull promoters, breeders, owners do NOT care about dog welfare. They prove time after time that they only care about themselves and their own enjoyment of possessing a dog that adores them, even if it is an expert at killing other dogs.

If it is illegal for me to enter your fenced yard, repeated put holes in your dog's body and slice off chunks of flesh, why is it legal to breed and sell dogs that are created and continue to be experts at doing exactly the same thing?

Ban this dog owner from owning dogs. Euthanize these poor dogs. Free, mandatory spay/neuter microchipping for all pits/pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Let them mercifully become extinct. Everyone who is sane wins. All dogs win too. 99% of pit bulls suffer terribly during their short lives.

Sounds like it's time for a Lucy's Law, which would force the euthanasia of dog-killing dogs and the restriction from dog ownership of those humans who fail their dogs and their community as this man certainly did. Wow, his parents should be ashamed of their son!