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Family, investigators split on 10-year-old's death

A Columbus County family is grieving tonight after the death of a 10-year-old girl. Loved ones say they found Jasmine McClain last night hanging by a belt in her room. The family says the girl's death was an accident, but investigators believe it's was intentional.

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Only One Knows!

My thoughts and prayers are with this family during their time of loss. Everyone is arguing and going back and fourth over... "The family said this" or "The SBI said that," but only the true and just One knows what really happened that night. It is human nature to hold on to and long for the best case scenerio in a situation like this, where you hope and pray that there is no way my child could commit suicide for any reason... but could/did they? If so, the family is not only left with that huge burdensome loss but fears as to their childs afterlife and the tremindious financial strain that is going to insue, if suicide related, as all ins. benefits are lost. It is then, for 90% of the people that have put God on the back burner, that we turn to God and ask "Why," and we blame Him. Just remember, it is then that you shall be reminded that one day soon, you will meet again at the foot of Christ and stand before the Almighty One and answer for each and every sin within you. Then you shall be judged accordingly and hear one of the two... "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter into the Kingdom of Heaven" or "Depart from Me for I know you not." Therefore, it is important to remember that you should "Judge Not, That Ye Shall Be Judged Also!!!" May God lay His child to sleep peacfully for eternity and may His will be done with her family, as this may have been a huge message for them. With Loving Arms ~A Christians Point of View

The police should listen to

The police should listen to the family, they know better that this little girl didn't intend to die. She might have done a risky experience called The choking game.

Listen to Who???

Anne Guedes, I feel you have it wrong. Everyone should be listening to God for a change and we might get some actual answers and understanding of events that take place in our lives! Instead we are to busy asking God "Why" and blamming him... Just remember everything happens for a reason, although we may not understand it, it does! Not to say in this case, but in some cases, it takes a death or something serious to happen to us, in order to turn us around and facing back to God. It is like the saying goes... "Let Go and Let God!"