ONLY ON 3: Our Penn State alum discusses impact of sex scandal

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Submitted: Fri, 11/11/2011 - 4:55am
Updated: Fri, 11/11/2011 - 3:21pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Penn State scandal is no doubt tugging on the heart strings of students, fans and alumni everywhere. Our family here at WWAY has one of the biggest Penn State supporters in all the Cape Fear.

One look at Tim Buckley’s living room, and you can easily see that the WWAY meteorologist bleeds Penn State blue. Tim not only graduated from PSU, but was part of the school’s Blue Band.

This week Tim, just like many other alumni and fans, have been glued to a screen as the allegations of child molestation by a former assistant coach have surfaced.

For those that not only graduated from the university but have made the school part of who they are, the scandal is hard to swallow. Tim admits at times it has brought him to tears.

“It’s been hard, ’cause it is part of you, so you try and balance that,” Tim said. “As alumni we are not a part of what went on. We didn’t know what was going on, but it’s so much a part of you… You’re trying to figure out what can I believe? Who can I believe? How can that happen there?”

Tim admits it was difficult seeing the firing of Penn State’s iconic coach, especially because Joe Paterno was not given one last opportunity to lead his team on the football field. But as an alum who knows that the university must make it through this tough time, Tim agrees that people who may been involved, even JoePa, have to be let go.

“We have to prove to people that is not who we are as a university. That is not what we want, of course, as a university, and really just bring it back. Make something good out of it. Bring it back to the victims, the kids that are really the tragic figures here,” Tim said.

And as the process of healing begins, many alumni and fans like Tim will look for the lesson to be learned from the controversy.

“Maybe if anything we can get more people to come forward, not from this incident exclusively, but in general. Have people talk about it. Have people make it known that this can’t go on. If you see, something report it. Maybe that can be the message out of this that really you have to stop this,” Tim said. “If that is what we can do as Penn Staters now having this affect us so deeply, maybe that’s where we can make our impact.”

Tim will be at Penn State’s football game against Nebraska Saturday. He says he is not to sure what the atmosphere will be like, but Tim hopes it’s one that will promote healing not only the university but most importantly the victims.


  • Gramps1935 says:

    For years, whenever PaPa Joe’s name was mentioned, it was synomious with a great a fundamental backbone, Christian Values, and a no-nosense blue collar, hard working approach. He was a living saint.

    Now we find out he is a total FRAUD. It sickens me, to think that this man was preaching “Christian Values”,over the last 15 years, while turning a ‘blind-eye’ to the rape of a child. Never once, in 15 years, did he make any effort to comfort the victim, nor bring the perpurtrator to justice. With his power, and clout, it could have been done with a simple phone call.

    Just a few years ago, he did a interview. he presented himself as this humble, honest man, trying to angle in Christian overtones, at every turn.

    But his true colors are finally showing. Without even being charged or named in a lawsuit yet, he has already gone and hired the best lawyer he can, to hopefully protect his phony, selfish butt, and his many precious millions off dollars he has acquired, over the years.

    Joe Perterno would have been a great Catholic Bishop.

  • Sammy says:

    If hyper-masculine football were not the All American Religion and the coaches Gods on Earth, then perhaps Sandusky, family man with six children and devout Christian, would have been convicted of pedophilia and sent to jail years ago.

    Super Bowl Sunday will always trump Christmas Day here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    What a shame. A stoic career wiped out, because of a small mistake, made over 15 years ago. He did report it to a higher source. So what’s the big deal ?….

    If that was his 12 year son, who got raped, I’m sure PaPa Joe would have handled it the same way. Yeah Right. What a phony. It sickens me that anyone at Penn State would even think of letting him stay on another minute.
    The real truth about PaPa Joe, is that he didn’t give a damn about a 12 year old child being raped. What a selfish phony, all he cares about is his phony legacy. For over 15 years, he went on as if nothing happened. “Legend”, My Foot! If you want to see the true definition of “Selfish Hypricrite”, just look at Joe Perterno.

  • Mike T says:

    For Pete sake the story is about a young man who loves his school and is suffering along with thousands of other alumni who feel so bad about this.
    I say, son go to your football game this sat. Have a good time with your fellow students. Support your University. Penn State is a great school.
    Hold your heads up.
    Don’t let these Monday morning Quarter Backs bring you down. They don’t have a clue what they would have done or how they would have done it. We are all guilty of turning or heads on some important matter during our lives. Its just when you get caught!!

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Dear Mike T
    You’re absolutely right. I apologize. Who can fault PaPa Joe for “turning his head”. He had more important issues then a 12 year old kid being raped by an assistant in his training room, to think about.

  • truth says:

    the victims!

    the facilitators and coaches need a day in the showers with a molester !

    the student protesters and crybabies for the coach can get a invitation to the showers as well !

  • Guest99x says:

    Who had a worse day yesterday; Joe Paterno or Rick Perry?

  • Mike T says:

    Thanks for the apology but I think it should go to Tim.
    Suggestion. If you have a printer nearby please copy your blog. Take it with you to church tomorrow, review it with your Pastor. Maybe between to two of you, you can make it better. I am certain the God I know would appreciate that.

  • MikeT says:

    Gramps, I think you missed the point. Something tells me you miss a lot!
    No sane person dismisses this evil set of events however the saying goes, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. You must be the he, since your throwing by the hands full. Along with protecting children and telling the truth. We are directed to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and heal the sick. Man we do a lot of things wrong don’t we!! I was so fortunate to have a mother and father that I could have shared a problem like this and I am sure it would have been taken care of. These children were singled out and preyed upon because they didn’t have what I had. This type of activity is going on all around us. Its kind of stupid that all we have to do is sit at a computer and swap insults!

  • Gramps1935 says:

    Mike T
    I bet if you were the one who was raped, you would not dismiss it as simply “turning our heads”, or “something we are all guilty of”. By the way, the Jesus I know, speaks very strongly about protecting children, and standing up for the truth. Again, I apologize if my stance against such evil offends you.

  • truth says:

    how hard is 9..1…1?

    report to law enforcement

    not to football coach..

    these people crying for the coach are losers !!!!!!

    cry and support the victims!

    Covering up goes on more than you will ever know !

  • Robert Green says:

    Pedophile State University failed the entire community.They have more important things to be concerned about than playing their precious football game.The civil litigation will take a heavy toll on their finances and those individuals who neglected their moral responsibilty.The response from many of their immature students was a further blackeye for Pedophile State.

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