Wife of outgoing Carolina Beach police chief charged with assault

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Submitted: Tue, 11/22/2011 - 4:56am
Updated: Tue, 11/22/2011 - 3:24pm

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Election Night held some drama in Carolina Beach. It’s only now come to light with the arrest of the outgoing police chief’s wife.

Darlene Younginer is accused of communicating threats and assault on a government official.

Alicia Lachance resigned last week as the Ocean Rescue Director for Carolina Beach. That may have something to do with an incident that happened a week before.

On Election Night Police Chief William Younginer’s wife Darlene allegedly confronted Lachance in front of town hall.

“From what I understand she became very agitated, threatened to strangle her, kill her, and then when she was leaving, as the chief was standing there, hit her on the left arm, leaving bruising,” Lachance’s attorney Julia Boseman said.

Lachance was on duty when it happened, but she didn’t go to the magistrate to get a warrant right way. She waited until Saturday, 12 days after the alleged assault.

Boseman says there’s a reason lachance waited so long.

“She was told, her superiors had asked her to wait and they would handle it internally,” Boseman said. “And then nothing was done, then the resignation happened.”

Town Manager Tim Owens confirms that the town attorney was investigating these allegations, but ultimately the town did not take any action.

Wednesday Lachance resigned and Chief Younginer retired. The town reportedly investigated allegations of an affair between the chief and Lachance, but found no evidence.

Boseman says Lachance is not commenting on the affair allegations. She’s just focusing on the assault right now.

Darlene Younginer was served with a warrant for the charges yesterday. Her court date is December 12.

We tried to get in touch with Chief Younginer and his wife, but we were unable to reach them.


  • PublicAvenger says:

    Carolina Beach has alot of fine officers. I know this for a fact. Don’t let junk like this affect the positive things.

  • Wayne Crear says:

    Another typical incident on Carolina Beach….SMH.

  • J says:

    Carolina Beach lost a very good Chief. I am sure he is living a stress free life now that he doesn’t have to deal with small town politics.

  • Rothrock Rocks says:

    Please Tim, break the spell on this Town. Remember Chief Mayer. Now Chief Younginer. Look for a FAMILY MAN, WITH A GREAT EDUCATION AND VALUES AS WELL AS SOME CLASS!!! Get our Town a First Class Chief. No good ole boys. WE ARE ALL WATCHING.

  • CBaction says:

    We don’t need someone else’s small townie Chief comin to our Town and being our small townie Chief. We pay plenty. 79K! Get us somebody packin some credentials. FRESH BLOOD. NEW PERSPECTIVE. Get us somebody who will get CB in the paper and on TV because he knows what he is doing. We need someone who will not reduce himself and CB to scandal.

  • Sandy B. says:

    CB has always aimed too low and as a result we have always shot ourselves in the foot. We need a Chief with no baggage who will come in here and care about our officers as more than just employees and unite them behind him. That person needs to be “USDA Grade A, First Rate” Our Town and our officers deserve the best we can afford.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Don’t read the news often do ya?

    Yep, stress free and outa small town politics. “Hey Jennifer, could I have another…pleez?”

  • rothrockrocks says:

    Rothrock will fix this. No more stomach aches. He will bring in a first rate professional who is not a “good ole boy” with connections. The Mayor will find someone who is well equipped to resolve the controversy and get our Police Department’s focus back on important issues.

  • Borrowed Thought says:

    Just thought of something. Let’s get a producer in Wilmington to produce a new show – “As the Stomach Turns – Brunswick/Columbus County. It could be a reality show with just the bad law enforcement officers of Carolina Beach, Leland and Tabor City and all the yahoos involved in the situations. They could play themselves – wouldn’t take too much writing. Over the past couple of years, they have been given enough material to last awhile. It would be a kind of Dukes of Hazard meet Cops. What you think? Could we sell it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BRANDY says:


  • None of your business says:

    Shouldn”t make comments if you have no details and it’s pretty obvious you don’t. Darlene is a very well educated women and yes they had been married for 33 years when he informed her he had been having an affair, only it was with 2 different women, not one. They did not legally separate until Dec 29, 2009. So redneck? I think not! She has more class and elegance about her than anyone I have ever known. So until you walk the walk, keep your ignorant opinions to yourself.

  • just me says:

    Darlene has been an outstanding wife and devoted mother for 33 years to ‘chief” She moved willingly, supporting him through his military career, raised two wonderful children to adults, while working to help support the family. She has every right after 33 years to grieve including all the aspects of grieving including anger! Darlene is a very intelligent, classy lady however when you see all you have worked for and loved fall apart over a piece, I would be angry as well.
    We have been close to both for 25 years. Billy’s actions showing lack of respect for himself, his wife and children shocks me. I believe his little head was doing the thinking and if he were my husband he would be looking for it on the side of the road. Darlene, Call me if you need me…I got your back girl! Love, Ann

  • guest111 says:

    Was the chief and his wife legally seperated or not? If they were then it’s none of the future ex-wife’s business as to whom he was seeing. If they weren’t, then he’s just a good ole boy. Sounds like the chief’s wife/future ex has a bit of a red-neck. Pretty common of her to assault this woman. The problem she has started at home with him. No wonder he was looking. .

  • Das Weibstück says:

    I doubt the wife would be so furious if they were already separated and her hubby started dating after that. I may be wrong but I bet the younger woman is the reason they are getting separated/divorced. I think the rednecks are the husband and his young lover.

  • Brandy says:

    You weren’t there!! I was, she did not attack anyone, she would never stoop to that level. She is too much of a lady to lower herself to that women’s standards. Bravo to her for being the women she is.

  • Guest111 says:

    I have walked the walk… found my husband with the secretary. If she is legally seperated she has no say what so ever, in his activities. Well educated, classy and elegant women DO NOT ATTACK ANY ONE, AT ALL, AT ANY TIME, IN ANY SITUATION, FOR ANY REASON, WHAT SO EVER. Look up the meaning of these words and you’ll see who is ignorant.

  • GuestExactly says:

    Yes, exactly! Any woman worth half her salt would just walk away, knowing that what goes around comes around.

    I would also like to add, they may have been separated, but they were still legally married. Even when I was legally separated, I still waited until I was divorced before I started dating again. I spent 9 years with my husband, and we had a child together. I felt that dating before my divorce was final was a sign of disrespect to my soon to be ex, and to the child we had together. He didn’t wait until the ink was dry on the separation papers before he was sleeping around with other women.

    Now he’s in his 60’s, been married 4 times, had numberous live-ins, and his life is still a soap opera. I see him as a sad, lost, and bitter old man who thinks of noone but himself. You can’t control what other people do, but you can control what YOU do. Like I said, what goes around comes around.

  • Katalyst68 says:

    Well put!! Hang in there, Darlene is an amazing person and I wish her all the best :)

  • Guest211. says:


  • Guest111 says:

    Then your daughter had a lousy attorney. . . or she was in jail.

  • Guest99x says:

    I gotta agree with ya on that…. the man and girl are the situation that’s just so wrong.

    I laugh every time a see a geezer chasing down a youthful woman. I think of the Toby Keith song with the words “I ain’t as good as I once was But I’m as good once as I ever was.”

  • Guest211 says:


  • guesty says:

    Really? They couldn’t find any evidence of him “screwing” around with her? There was enough evidence that Stevie Wonder could see it pile up. She was hired into the department and the chief decided to be her training officer. The two were always together, she was his personal chauffeur. She was quickly promoted through the department and any officers that spoke out about it or her were either repremanded, disciplined or quit/fired.

    In other news, I hope Mrs. Younginer sues Lachance for alienation of affection if the affair happened before they were separated. Lachance is nothing but trash and this might make it harder for her to work in law enforcement anywhere else.

    I also hope all the officers that were silenced, shut down & removed from the department bring suit against the town to let them know this kind of behavior isn’t acceptable.

  • ocean2haze says:

    I believe that in today’s society, the word EQUAL means just that, EQUAL! The Carolina Beach Police Department is composed of Caucasian white males and NOW only one caucasian white female.

    What a coincidence! One cannot, in this day and time assault, abuse and refuse someone of a job they did in great manner. The only time LaChance was reprommanded was for working too many hours and suffering from heat exhaustion. OK, so, she’s a horrible person for working really hard for the tax payers of Carolina Beach. Damn, she worked too many hours to do an above par job on the beaches of Carolina Beach.

    OK. And none of her officers went with her to the hospital… Huh, looks like they were trying to get rid of her to me…

    Bottom line: An on-duty police officer can not be assaulted by anyone. Not a police chief’s wife, nor anyone else, and if it were you, your child, or a family member, you would feel the same way.

    So, regardless of the rumors… What do you think is just?

  • fellowcop says:

    What the heck is going on in these Wilmington area suburbs? The debacle in Leland combined with this makes for great journalism drama for the local media. And I saw the mugshot of the former police chief’s wife. She is not a bad looking middle aged lady. Can I be of any particular service to you dear?

  • old friend from work says:

    I have worked with Darlene in the past and know what a terrific person she is! Her cheating ass husband did mess around with that coworker at the police station…..everyone knew it…Darlene left that POS to try and get her life together….unfortunately, he begged her back. Darlene… I dont blame you for your anger…..some people just take it so literally! I hope you get over him and through this mess soon! Hang in there! Love You!1

  • Das Weibstück says:

    The office romance. Everyone knows about it but no one says a word. Trashy.

  • Guest461 says:

    The warrant clearly states, “I want to…” it does NOT state, “I’m going to…”. “Wanting” to do something isn’t a threat. Mrs. Younginer was merely venting her anguish and hurt. A very typical response where cheating, worm-like husbands choose to get their meat where they get their potatoes and throw it in the wifes face like this. Any attorney worth their money will easily have these accusations kicked out of court. The funny thing is that Ms. Lachance just helped establish a case for divorce and property settlement that very likely will not suit the Chief. She would have been much smarter to have kept her ruby red lips shut, but it is quite evident that intelligence isn’t the personal attribute that the Chief or his newly found flower can be recognized for. Behavior like this makes the citizens of the town wonder just how many more scumbuckets without integrity are “serving” (or “dipping”, as it may be) in town authority.
    Bottom line: Nice going lovers! Your actions just set you up for disaster. Felt like teens again,huh? Let’s see how you feel in court!

  • Guest111 says:

    North Carolina is a no fault state. The split will be 50 / 50. . been there, done that, never going back!

  • caddy says:

    Amen ..the wife needs to take out papers… on both!

  • in the know says:

    I think the question is where were the kids during this affair. The other spouse already knew.

  • Native Wilmingtonian says:

    Has everyone overlooked the fact that Ms Lachance was (is?) married? Where is the outrage for that spouse? Seems a tad sexist to me that the comments suggest only one spouse is hurt in a situation like this.

  • ChefnSurf says:

    A Priest, a Rabbi and a Buddist Monk walk into a town council meeting in Carolina Beach. The mayor says to them “Hey guys, don’t you read the papers? Sorry to tell you this, but we don’t need you; we already ARE a joke!”
    Watching what happens in Carolina Beach is like watching a train wreck in slow motion …. A guilty pleasure but painful to watch.

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