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ONLY ON 3: Mother says daughter was "attacked" in schoolyard fight

A schoolyard brawl isn't news, until it hits YouTube allowing the whole world to access the girl fight at Laney High School. Brooke Glisson's mom Emily says her daughter is the victim of the fight and she doesn't want her daughter's future destroyed by someone else's recklessness.

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I dont know what happened,

I dont know what happened, or what it was about; I would be PISSED!, if I saw mydaughter get beat like that ANYWHERE!

this is bs. i saw the fight.

this is bs. i saw the fight. brooke was saying she was going to beat tt up. lol the mom is lieing sje trying to get some money out of this lol buggin

So everyone knows obviously

So everyone knows obviously the fight happened for a reason I know both t.t and brook and brook had been threatening t.t all day telling everyone she was going to bet her up and what not and it wasnt t.ts place to do anything but stop acting like brook did no wrong

Round Two

Brooke should accept her invitation for round two! They should have it set up in front of the school & let us ALL WATCH! Wonder if "TT" would be as willing as she was the first round! It is so true, BULLIES feel like they need an audience! So, let's ALL give her ONE!!! She has a rude awakening as she grows up if she thinks someone, somewhere will not FIGHT BACK :(

schoolyard fight

i hope she does take legal action, its kids like her are the reason there is so much bullying and school shootings, i blame the parents and the school. Brook should have never been suspended when she was blindsided. i have met brook before and she is a wonderful girl never would she ever take part in any kind of fight or bullying. i cant beleive someone would waste there time to put something like this on the news or online, if anything interview the princple of laney and find out why they would allow this to even go on as long as it did. i feel that girl should not be allowed back in school for the safety of brook.

I think ol TT needs to go on

I think ol TT needs to go on scared straight and see if she can kick someones ass in that facility since shes so badddd.

Brook Is THe BesT !

I just watched the video and i must say Brooke didn't do anything !!!!! Brooke is beautiful and ALL you Laney rejects need a life !! Brooke i'll teach you how to take eyes out of their head, Martial Arts !!!!!!! you are way way to good for all that bs brooke ! now you've had,
shall we say a taste of trash, STAY away from them !! You have an amazing future to look forward to and it will be here soon, if you can deal with the stupid,trashy,JEALOUS, raised by crack head people !! good luck doll !! P.S. STAY CLEAR AND MOM I WOULD SUE THE HELL OUT OF THAT FAMILY !!!! Beat that babygirls head,, i don't think SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO

Scared Straight

I totally agree with this comment! Payback is HELL!!!!


I am absolutely disgusted with the outcome, I know both girls and Brooke is NOT and NEVER has been a fighter. There is supposed to be a ZERO TOLERANCE rule in schools, TT should have been suspended for 10 days and charges pressed by the school, being a mother who has a teenage daughter who was involved in altercations at Laney and charges were ALWAYS pressed because of the zero tolerance rule, I dont understand why this is not the case, obvious bullying that lead to an altercation at school which took teachers how long to respond, it truly makes me sick, something should be done especially if a child has mutiple referrals to the Dean or Principals office.

I think this school has

I think this school has different rules as they see fit. clearly this girl was being attacted. Thank goodness we as adults don't have to be beaten on the street without defending ourselfs we can stop our attacter if we are able. this just tells any trouble maker they can drag down others with them all they have to do is start. Shame on the rule makers for not handling this.