ONLY ON 3: Robbery suspect speaks out from behind bars

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Submitted: Sat, 12/10/2011 - 3:25am
Updated: Mon, 12/12/2011 - 1:32pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A 17-year-old boy is still behind bars after allegedly trying to rob a Wilmington convenience store Wednesday morning. This story sparked a flurry of comments on our website; the most interesting ones coming from the suspect’s own mother who said she raised her son right, but he is making bad decisions. We spoke exclusively with Jaquan Martin and his mom in a story you’ll see “ONLY ON 3.”

“Don’t try to fit in the crowd just because you feel alone. Don’t try to act that way just because you want to be part of something,” said robbery suspect Jaquan Martin from behind the glass at the New Hanover County Jail. “Be your own man. Make your own decisions, or somebody will force you to do something that you know is wrong. Think before you act.”

That’s the advice Martin has after being arrested and jailed for attempting to rob the A&J Food Mart early Wednesday morning.

The robbery didn’t go as planned. Martin was held up by the store clerk, and begged for his life. Martin says he wasn’t in his right mind when he tried to rob the store.

“It was dumb,” Martin admits. “I wasn’t thinking because of the drugs I was on.”

He says he didn’t think about the consequences, but now all he can think about is how he doesn’t want to be behind bars. He said it’s a place he would never wish on anyone.

Among her feelings of sadness, Jaquan’s mom Tamika Beatty said she’s also happy, happy because her son is in jail and not in the ground. She’s thankful the store clerk didn’t kill her son and gave him the opportunity to turn his life around.

“He’s still my son. I still love him,” Beatty said. “Regardless of what type of stuff that he do, I have to continue to love him and nurture him and try to get him to be better in today’s society.”

Martin said he’s got a simple message for his mom and the store clerk.

“I apologize for everything I put you through, all the heartache, all the stress, the pain,” Martin said.

Martin said he used to make good grades and play sports, but then he started doing drugs. Beatty said Martin was an A-B honor roll senior at Laney High School set to graduate this summer, but the possibility of jail time will likely set him back.

In response to the comments about not knowing where her son was at four o’clock in the morning, Beatty said it’s nearly impossible to know where your children are 24/7.

Martin said his mom did raise him with morals, and he’s sorry he made the choices he did that landed him in jail.


  • Guestvnvnvnv says:

    It would be nice if they did a story on racism, but it would never happen it’s hard to approach the topic of racism without being called a racist in some way. If they did a story and had a black guy tell it, it’s racist. If they had a white guy tell it, its racist. Just like the rest of America they either A.) don’t care B.) look the other way c.) deny it even or D.) all of the above. After reading a few comments on any site even a child can tell you its still a problem.

  • Guest55555 says:

    I have a hard time blaming a parent for the actions of a 17 year old. They know right from wrong at that age, and I believe they are accountable for their own actions. The mom was probably asleep when the son slipped out at 4am. A parent’s gotta sleep sometime.

    Some kids, no matter what you do, are gonna do the opposite of what they were taught. It doesn’t necessarily mean she was a bad mom.

    Drugs have been the downfall of many a young man. With all the warnings on TV, in the news, and in schools, why do kids still try drugs this day and time? They always think, “It will never happen to me.”

    Drugs are destroying America and especially the youth. Wake up kids, before you become the next statistic and wind up in the same spot this young man is now in.

  • Speaking The Truth says:

    Martin was also in a stolen vehicle in 2009 that was involved in an accident that someone was killed in. Even back then his mom didn’t know he wasn’t at school. Sounds like someone isn’t watching their children and they’re letting the streets raise em.

  • deputy 25 says:

    er’ry body finds religion or sympathy in a fox hole!!

  • Guest228 says:

    A lot of you “bloggers” just sit around and wait on articles from WWAY about black people. You argue how you are so “justified” in your postings about how the clerk should defend himself and his property but however I noticed on the Virginia Tech story where a white man killed an OFFICER of the law, ZERO COMMENTS. Why is that? its crime, right? oh thats right, its a white man so it dosen’t count. He had “problems” I’m sure or needed someone to talk to. Nothing like what black people go through. A white man can go on a shooting spree once again but no outrageous cry of “shoot kim, kill him, etc”..WWAY should do a story on how racist wilmington is. You guys pick and choose only black stories to comment on and express your anger at guns and safety. Whats that old saying about the pot calling the kettle black, it must have originated in Wilmington. (Lets see if Scott will post this comment)

  • Guest20 says:

    And you’re just as racist on your posts about white people, which always appear on these type articles also. You don’t have to be white to be racist.

    Tag…you’re it.

  • Guest3 says:

    “I was raised to believe that excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism. And that’s how I operate my life.” – – Oprah Winfrey

    Instead of complaining about racism, which changes nothing, try convincing everyone of your race to strive for excellence in everything they do.

  • just sayin says:

    everybody is making comments about this young man and the things he done. Nobody knows what there situation was and what lead him to doing the things he done. Who are we to judge anybody on their actions!!!! How can you say so much stuff about a person u dont know i mean really. In the end only God can judge him!!!!!

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Some people are flat out racists, but they are aware of it, and hate based on skin color. Others are racists but to ignorant to see it in themselves. You fall under the last catagory. You hate for the same reason you claim to hate them. Most of us see it in your posts, it’s a shame you don’t. Can’t fix it if you are unaware it is broken. We have heard all the cackling a thousand times. The mean ole white man just keeps you down. Anything and everything is everyone elses fault. It’s never to late to stand up and be a man. Give it a try sometime.

  • GuestUsed2B99x says:

    Guest 228, you are positively right in your assessment. Attacks against African Americans are palpably more intense than against Whites on this board. Somewhere in this collection of posts an individual claimed that there were also attacks against the White kid who attempted to break into the police officer’s truck. True enough, there were some coarse words but nowhere near the calling to “shoot to kill”. I guess there are those who believe that two wrongs make a right.

    228, you make very legitimate points that racism is alive and well right here in dear old Wilmington. The only argumentation I see here is that some of your opponents shout “racist” back at you, but they epically fail to refute your premise.

    I sometimes wonder how a black person can even retain composure when the logic that the Civil War was fought to protect “states rights” gets spewed. States’ rights to do what? Enslave people??

  • Anonymus says:

    That was beautifully stated. We have come too far to sit around and just talk about being discriminated against. Our forefathers not only talked about how to overcome they overcame passing us; their children tne torch to keep fighting. Raising our young girls and boys to be productive women and men, on their knees unceasingly praying that we go down the right path and that the opressoe will not harm us. We can’t go around calling it out if we are not going to do anything about it. The young man in this particular story may be sorry now but who will reach out to him to make sure he knows that he can have a second chance. Surely, whomever does there is NO news agency that will cover that story.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I don’t care WHAT happened in his life, there is a line that you do not cross if you have an even rudimentary concept of right and wrong. When a person decides, “I’m going to get a gun, walk into that store and rob them,” there is no way that anyone with a brain can defend his or her actions.

    BTW, rest assured that before God gets to judge him, a jury or judge will. It’s only too bad that the clerk didn’t take actions to avoid that waste of time.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    There is a plethora of white sc**bags who will hopefully encounter an armed store clerk or bank manager sooner than later. They ALL deserve to be removed from society, regardless of color.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    First, a single nutjob poses far less a threat over the long term, and to fewer people, than a career felon.

    Second, few people in Wilmington care what’s happening in Blacksburg. What little interest there was ended once the loon blew his brains out.

    I’ll go on record as recommending that store owners immediately engage and kill any armed robber, regardless of color. Trash is trash.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Tell him to quit breaking the law and he wouldn’t have to hear from anyone !

  • Honest Working Black Man says:

    Its people like us that don’t need him. He is a weed in the garden of life and should be pulled so the healthy plants can grow. Let him use his efforts to do good and actually contribute in a positive way. HE has chosen not to do so. Sorry you made the mistake to marry a thug. I guess you cant fix stupid.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    We don’t need to know him to form an opinion. We are worried about our lives, and that is why we want this punk thug locked up. If he doesn’t want strangers talking about him, maybe he shouldn’t go around trying to rob strangers. Easy enough for you? Do you need me to break it down any further for you? Was that simple enough?

  • wow lots of dummies says:

    Did you leave your brain elsewhere chick?? Seriously….I mean we don’t need to know him. What I know is that there is one less criminal and gang member on the street. Hey he doesn’t like it in jail??? Well that’s just too damn bad. He, by his own accord, put himself in there. I do not feel sorry for you or him. I do, however,feel for his mom. He pulled the wool over her eyes. I hope that this stay in a taxpayer hotel lasts awhile. Lol awww poor little boy is scared now that he is with the big dogs. Hey kid you play adult games you better be ready to take the adult consequences

  • Lynetta Karlson says:

    I do know this boy and his mother. I have know them for a long time. I can speak to her efforts to raise her children and have them do the right thing. It is not as simple as people make it out to be and it can happen to any of us. Drugs are in all our school and no matter how hard staff work to keep them out they are still there. I understand that the store clerk needs to protect himself, and I thank him and God for not shoting Jaquan. As for Jaquan I pray this is his bottom and that he does turn his life around. He is a very bright young man and it is shame to waste his talent. We all should be praying with and for this family because addiction can destroy any of us. We need to remember this.

  • nchilltopper says:

    When he walked into a store with a gun for the sole purpose of robbing the place he opened the door for judgments to be made about him.

    Mistakes? I’ve made MANY mistakes in my life but I have not once committed a felony with a weapon!

    People like who; law abiding, honest, working citizens that actually contribute to society as opposed to abusing it?

    Honestly, it’s people like yourself WE don’t need to hear from!

  • guesty says:

    You are correct ‘his wife’, I don’t know him nor do I want to know him. I don’t associate with criminals, gang bangers or druggies. I do worry about my life being as I stop into convenience stores to purchase drinks and could be in one when your ‘husband’ decides he needs some walking around money.

    Once again, armed robbery isn’t a mistake, it is a choice. Anybody that makes that choice has some maturity issues.

    I’m going out on a limb here, is he also your babies daddy?

  • ~Sniffle~ IQ says:

    We know him by his actions of trying to rob a store. We learned more about him after he was arrested AGAIN. He is gonna hear from the judge that represents the people and I hope he hears a long prison sentence. He will continue to be a drain on society while in prison and one after he gets out…

  • guesty says:

    I don’t want to know this piece of garbage but I do have to worry about him. You see, your little hero didn’t make a mistake, he chose to commit armed robbery. I might be in the store the next time this punk decides to try again.
    It is people like me this little jerk needs to hear from, the people that are tired of criminals and will not take their crap. His “work” choice could lead to his eternal dirt nap.

    Since you claim to be his wife Monique, let me take a guess, he be da baby daddy an’ he done didz be outs shoppinz fo’ formula.

  • anne says:

    He didn’t make a mistake. He chose to do what he did and he will pay a consequence for that. He could have paid with his life if the clerk had shot him. When you live the life of a hood, you are going to act like a hood and die like a hood. If you are his wife, perhaps you need to have a heart to heart talk with him and tell him that you are not willing to live that kind of life and he needs to get straightened out. That would be doing him justice sweetie!

    He is young and he can change; it will come from within himself. Perhaps some time in the pokey will give him that time to think about what he has done and what he wants to do with his life.

  • Guest1125 says:

    No, it’s people like him and I that will be on his jury and will make sure his butt has several years in prison to keep him from doing this again. Because we all know when he gets out he’s going to again. And if you find yourself defending him then maybe we don’t need your or your ilk around either.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    I don’t know him.
    I don’t have to.
    His kind are a dime a dozen.
    And before you call me racist, I meant the lazy, don’t want an honest job, thieving, robbing piece of crap that passes as young thugs of today.

    And yes, I do worry about my life and my loved ones lives, because thugs like him could kill them in a stupid robbery that nets him $10.

    Your damn right he doesn’t like jail. No baby mama’s, no drugs, and if he does anything, chances are it will be productive.

    If your his wife, why is he living at home with mom. Could it be you don’t have very high standards. By that I mean, he doesn’t have a job, he has a record, and is well on his way to life in prison.

    Your right about one thing. He doesn’t need to hear from me. He’s too busy listening to other thug rats telling him an honest job is for fools. Being married is for dummies. Being a father is a “no show” job. It’s more important to be a “playa”.

    If you are married to this guy, make him MAN UP, and do the right thing. I doubt you can, even if you wanted to.

    I know he won’t listen to me, he probably won’t listen to you either.

  • wade Griffis says:

    I do not know him, and thank God for that. It really gets tiresome hearing people making excuses for losers. This kid will be dead before he is 25. It will be better for him and it will be better for the country.

  • anon says:

    Oprah Winfrey did a show about a white man that turned his skin black to live as a black man for one month…Per his words he did not last a week. Walk in the shoes of a black man before you criticize and demean what you dont FULLY understand. Who do you think created this mess?

  • wilmington2011 says:

    You are right,give the little thugs all they deserve.

  • Just another example of someone getting caught and all of a sudden they are just a poor little boy who got caught the first time they ever did wrong.
    BULL, he was to be court that morning for drug charges so he had already been arrested at least once so he knew what jail was like.
    It’s funny how all the people are saying that clerks shouldn’t have guns, they may make a mistake and kill someone wrongly, and on and on.
    Never do you see the HOOD people saying anything but how they are so good and the honest hard working people are so wrong.
    These HOODIES have guns and that’s alright?
    First, this low life was already on his way to court/jail, out at 4 am trying to rob someone, maybe for court cost that morning, so it’s the court’s fault, and people think he’s a good kid, yea right, the only thing wrong here is that I wasn’t the one he tried to rob because if he had, I would have saved the state a lot of money.
    Folks, look at the news and it’s stuff like this or worse every single day, the state of NC has freed up the laws allowing us honest folks the right to protect ourself and it’s because the state itself knows that they can’t do anything with them so it hopes that maybe we will help them out.
    We are headed back to the days of the wild west where everyone had a gun and justice was quick and fast. Now if the court and the state would just hang everyone on death row today like 12 honest people told them too, and do so everytime these low life HOOD WANTABES tried this crap, we would be better off.
    Just look at the cost savings, reductions in many areas:
    Less free housing because most of these lowlifes live there.
    Less food stamps
    Less welfare
    Less babies without daddies
    Less in jail because we have put them in the ground.

    Now before you start putting on here that I am a racist, I am not but facts are facts and facts are color blind. 90 percent of what you see on here doing crimes are HOODIES and wantabes. The only time you see good news anymore is when the HOODIES AND AGNGS are killing each other.

  • Brian says:

    If Mom was ‘raising him right’, she would not have allowed him to be away from home long enough to be doing drugs. Don’t tell me that she didn’t notice that something was different about him. Don’t tell me she didn’t know who the thugs are and that he was hanging around with them. She couldn’t be bothered – she had to spend lots of time praying that God would fix him.

  • Guest228 says:

    Confederate States Of America.

  • Bob Lee says:

    Confederate States of America, please

  • guesty says:

    Hey criminal lover99x.
    A validated gang member is one who has claimed his “set” when arrested, has the tattoo’s and/or brandings of the gang, wears the colors of the gang and associates with other gang members. You have to remember, we are not talking about the smartest segment of the population. They like to brag and claim their gang because they think it makes them bad.

    If my search is correct, he has been arrested 5 times for drugs, drug paraphernalia and resisting police.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    How about they stay in school and EARN a stake in the economy?

  • Guest2020 says:

    i feel for people with addiction because once you get started it is hard to get out of, but being strung out on drugs is no excuse.

  • WriteRight says:

    I for one am not going to allow anyone’s drug induced mistake be the reason my life is taken. My children will not give a damn whether or not some thug learned a lesson at the expense of them losing their father. I’m all for grace and redemption but this isn’t a situation where I act out the whole “no greater love” part of my faith. If you go to threaten me or my family in a way that I interpret as fearing for the life of myself or family, you will meet you judge before you body comes to a rest on the floor. I’ll take my chances before a jury any day.

  • Guestvdb says:

    Everyone makes mistakes, yes, but armed robbery is not a “mistake” it was a choice he made. Now he will accept the punishment.

  • Guest0741 says:

    People make mistakes, that doesn’t make him a bad person! Drugs make you do stuff you wouldn’t do normally and that was clearly what happened in this situation. Everyone goes through rough times but in the end it makes them a better person, hopefully he will come out on top and learn from these mistakes. You’re gonna be okay <3

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    So it’s the white mans fault once again??? How funny. You racist pig. Time to grow up and learn to be a man.

  • guesty says:

    Only lazy black people try to blame their failures on their skin color.

  • 1 Blackman says:

    Only an ignorant or innocent black man blames his failures on his skin color. Ignorant is not dumb but just not realizing of the fact that mayde they are wromg. And innocent because there is collateral damage or innocent bystanders

  • guesty says:

    He has been arrested many times for drugs, is a validated gang member of the Folk Gangsters Disciples and has fought/resisted the police in the past. It won’t be long and he will end up in the ground and he still won’t be considered a good boy.

    He says he didn’t think about the consequences, but now all he can think about is how he doesn’t want to be behind bars. He said it’s a place he would never wish on anyone.

    Well that just breaks my heart, you have to pay for your actions. Sniffle.

  • his Wife says:

    if you dont know him dont judge him and worry about you and your life and not Jaquan Martin. yes he makes mistakes but its people like you that he dosent need to hear from!
    ~Monique~ GQ

  • Wade Griffis says:

    It is amazing how attitudes can change after a short stay in McMahon’s Motel.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    the possibility of jail time delay his graduation? SChool is about to go on Holiday.

    They do offer classes while one is incarcerated. He can feel sorry for himself or dedicate the time he will serve to continuing his education on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Of course, he has other charges pending. Once the dust settles, he may serve enough time to complete high school and start junior college; all on the taxpayer’s dime.

  • guesty says:

    He has been arrested many times for drugs, is a validated gang member of the Folk Gangsters Disciples and has fought/resisted the police in the past. It won’t be long and he will end up in the ground and he still won’t be considered a good boy.

    He says he didn’t think about the consequences, but now all he can think about is how he doesn’t want to be behind bars. He said it’s a place he would never wish on anyone.

    Well that just breaks my heart, you have to pay for your actions. Sniffle.

  • Guest99x says:

    Hey Coultergeist, I’m curious! He’s been arrested many times you say. How many? What is a “validated” gang member? How do you know? Did you witness an initiation ritual?

    Here are some suggestions to solve your gang problem.

    First, there aren’t enough wealthy lily-white drug consumers in prison. Once you remove the customer base, a business usually goes under, unless of course “pure and righteous” white folks have a stake in the cash being collected.

    Second, if you really want to get rid of the “ghetto” you have to give these young people a real stake in our economy. Young people who sense they have a future are not ordinarily out after hours robbing folks.

    Third, wake up to the fact that the first tenth of the twenty-first century is behind us. Your ‘good old days’ are history. Reading what some of you have to say I am at a loss to figure out which good old days you really want to bring back. Not sure if it’s the Confederate States of America or the Third Reich.

  • GuestJaxsonATL.Ga says:

    i don’t doubt that she’s a good mother, or that she tried to keep her son from living the life he has chosen; thing is that once you are in a gang, YOU ARE IN! the only exit is in a box, unless of course she plans on moving, and even then who is to say her son will change his behavior. He may just find another set, same gang, same BS lifestyle, etc. my heart is with the mother tho; i hope that you begin to live for yourself… sometimes we have to just love from a distance. it may seem harsh to say, but its real. If Parents keep patting their kids on the hand saying “dont do that anymore” then what REAL lesson is learned. None. i say let him sit there. continue to encourage him to change, and most importantly CONTINUE TO PRAY for HEALING/CHANGE in him.

  • anne says:

    Totally agree with you. Everyone makes mistakes, but choosing to arm yourself with a weapon and attempt to take something that is not yours is no mistake. It is a choice the young man made and if everyone wants to blame it on the drugs, they can. But just remember, he also chose to do the drugs. It is time that society makes people take responsibility for their actions instead of giving them excuses not to. If they can’t do the time, they shouldn’t do the crime!

    At least he has a chance to make good. His family could have been planning a funeral and hopefully he recognizes that fact.

  • Charles Walters says:

    The clerk should have just shot him right in head. It would have saved the state the money of having to feed him. He was going for a gun so it would have been justified, and the new law that gives people more protections when defending themselves. He will get out and try this crap again, and some clerk will blow his head off and another fool will be out of our misiery.

  • mike73 says:

    Ms. Tamika Beatty’s statements show a good degree of reason. For his own sake I hope he can get out of the gang. It’s like an addiction, once you are in, it’s incredible difficult to get out. Heck, let’s hope for all of our sakes that he can get his life in order, we will all be better off if there is one less person in a gang.

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