Teacher of the Week: Sabrina Hill-Black
Submitted by wway news on Wed, 12/14/2011 - 12:02am.

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It would have been nice if the "Teacher of the Week" would have been a little more appreciative. There are great teachers out there and their budgets have been cut, and when she is presented with the check she has no sign of excitement. Glad she's not my child's teacher.

How petty can you be?! She is a phenomenal teacher, who goes above and beyond for her students. What if being on camera makes her nervous? She does not do all she does for special awards or thanks. Sabrina has positively impacted the lives of thousands of kids, and all you can do is critique her excitement level?! Your child would have been fortunate to be in her class. Thank goodness for genuine, dedicated and caring teachers like her. Congratulations, Sabrina!