ONLY ON 3: Author of book discussing NC forced sterilization talks about proposed compensation
Submitted by wway news on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 9:04pm.

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not sure how this wrong can be righted. chances are the people who took it apon themselves to decide someone elses reproductive rights are no longer paying into the system that may now have to contribute millions of dollars in compensation. billions if this is done by all states that participated. but to play devils advocate. i know a nurse who served on the eugenics board that made these decisions and to be honest she still feels that there should be some way to evaluate if a person is capable to reproduction. I think we all know that there are people who should never have kids. I am not saying I would ever want to be the one who decides, or that descrimination and ecomonics werent involved in these decisions, but remember frequently society is asked to care for children whose parents are not capable of caring for them, and under the current system people who abuse, neglect and even murder there children still have the right to reproduce and that cant be right either.