ONLY ON 3: Judge Jolly ducks reporter questions on NC Supreme Court ruling

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Submitted: Tue, 01/31/2012 - 4:59am
Updated: Tue, 01/31/2012 - 3:05pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Judge Jerry Jolly took District Attorney Jon David all the way to the state Supreme Court over the DA’s new traffic court program, but the judge would not stop for our camera when we tried to ask about the high court ruling against him.

Judge Jolly did not have much to say when we asked about last week’s ruling against him rejecting a traffic court program in Brunswick County.The ruling marked the end of a nearly year-long battle between the Chief District Court Judge and the District Attorney.

Although David was interested in Jolly’s reaction to the decision, he says he’s looking forward to working with all judges to make traffic court more efficient.

“I want the community to know that at least from my side of the fence I’m completely willing to work with Judge Jolly and every other leader in the criminal justice system for the betterment of the community that we all serve,” David said.

Judge Jolly shut down traffic court last April because he said David was trying to run a scam by using the Streetsafe program with it. The Supreme Court ruled that move was outside of Jolly’s power.

Now David is looking forward to moving on with his plans.

“Traffic program is back, and I’m very heartened by the fact that Judge Jolly and I were able to come together and map out a chart moving forward of how that could be reintegrated into our system,” David said. “I’m very excited that now Streetsafe will be a tool in the tool chest for us.”

Despite Jolly’s silence, both sides must now work together with the system in place.

In his original decision, Jolly accused David of using Streetsafe because it was run by a person who donated to David’s campaign.


  • Off The Cuff says:

    While David seems to have “won” the battle, the losers are the local community colleges in Columbus and other counties. Southeastern has had a driving school for a very long time. Why should not the local economy and that college benefit from those who are sentenced to driving school. No, instead David wants his friend and benefactor to benefit and it costs the poor citizen even more money than that charged by the college. “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” is what David is doing. Columbus County is one of the poorest counties in the state, yet David wants those convicted of traffic violations to have to use an out of county service and pay more to boot. You tell me who that benefits?????

    David can try to spin it any way he likes, but facts are facts. Money speaks loudly doesn’t it David…….no Mr will be used ever in regards to him. He doesn’t deserve that much respect when he turns a blind eye to the Leland situation and spends more time on a traffic school.

  • factfinder says:

    Hard to argue with concrete facts in the state employees public salary database. Jon David, by filing multiple hearings in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court; willingly chose to spend 1 year of his public salary time to ‘fight’ political chest thumping battles. Instead of upholding his District Attorney Oath of Office, commanding that the District Attorney spend his salaried time prosecuting criminal cases.

    Public salary database

    ยง 7A-61. Duties of district attorney.
    The district attorney shall prepare the trial dockets, prosecute in a timely manner in the name of the State all criminal actions and infractions requiring prosecution in the superior and district courts of his prosecutorial district, advise the officers of justice in his district, and perform such duties related to appeals to the Appellate Division from his district as the Attorney General may require. Effective January 1, 1971, the district attorney shall also represent the State in juvenile cases in which the juvenile is represented by an attorney. Each district attorney shall devote his full time to the duties of his office and shall not engage in the private practice of law.

  • Concern says:

    These posts have Judge Ola Lewis written all over them. What personal gain do Judge Jolly and Lewis have in breaking the law. The highest court in the state have stated clearly, both are out of line. These two need to go in the next election or petition them out of office. Here is a program that helps not only any citizen but also our youth, showing the danger of texting while driving or consuming alcohol while driving. Good job Mr. DA, thanks for looking out for us and not being on some power grab, as Jolly and Lewis have been.

  • Guest21 says:

    The 13th Judicial District District has had Defensive Driving School for over 20 years, which has been administered by the local Community Colleges. The costs were cheap and the colleges got the money.

    This ego battle, which David started, was over whether or not David could have a little “payola” for his financial backers. The losers are the poor drivers along with Brunswick Community College, Southeastern Community College, and Bladen Community College.

    David is an egotistical scary person. However, it takes Jon David to keep sleazy “boy-lover”, RC Soles, and slick, bank board “thief”, Richard Wright in check.

  • GuestPowerGraber says:

    You obviously have not seen the sign over the DA’s office. Talk about Power Graber! None of the Judges have EXTRA LARGE SIGNS announcing to the world where their offices are! NO, tell it like it is….Court of Appeals Upheld Jolly’s Order. Republican Supreme Court vacated order after Jon David’s investigator taught ‘em all how to shoot! Check their conceal carry certificates on file in the Wake County Sheriff’s office. Richard White, concealed carry expert teaches the supremes how to shoot.

    Now Lady Justice, which way are you peeking today?

    PS. Real Men don’t have to advertise! Size does matter, and his sign is wway to big to believe it’s true!

  • Thelawisthelaw says:

    Just look at the list of cry babies out there putting their ‘spin’ on the antics of Jolly, the puppet of Lewis. And yes, it is their ‘spin and no ‘spin’ on the part of David. This decision was reached by the NC Supreme Court with a four judge panel that included republicans and democrats. The verdict was unanimous! So now all you Jolly-Lewis groupies are sitting at your keyboards rendering opinions that you feel are above the highest court in the state. David said all along Jolly was outside his authority but would put his faith in the courts and accept the verdict regardless of what that verdict may be. Well folks, it is in and Jolly-Lewis lost. Too bad they as Judges can’t accept the verdict of a higher court. Now that Jolly must follow the order of that court, we the people, won. So groupies, get over it. Also, you may want to form a search party for Judge Jolly and Judge Lewis as they seem not to be found by anyone anywhere. How gutless they won’t show their faces. Disgraceful!

  • Guest123456 says:

    It is funny to hear DA David talk about working with community leaders. As a resident of Brunswick County and someone involved in the law enforcement community, I can assure you that all police chiefs (other than Leland) and sheriff deputies have lost confidence in this DA and regret any and all support they gave him during the last election. It is unbelievable that this DA continues to say he is working for the community when all he does is go on radio/TV and self promote himself. If I was a police chief or sheriff, I would distance myself from this DA as much as possible. I only hope that the public is able to see what everyone in the law enforcement community has seen…that this DA is hurting Brunswick County and its citizens.

  • Vote for Jolly says:

    Has anyone ever sat through a day with Jolly? Why is it he allows cases to get continued if one of his friend/attorneys requests for no “valid” reason? Uhh, your honorless…I would like to have this case continued because I think the other parties will get tired and give up….Motion granted!!!! Your honorless, I have a tee time at 9:45, now I know this case has been on the books for years but heck, you’re invited also…Motion granted court in recess until I am done. Give someone a robe and they think they are god without consequences. UNBELIEVABLE

  • Guest2020 says:

    I agree. I don’t believe he was working in the citizens’ best interest with the way he chose not to take any meaningful action with the situation with Leland’s police department. With that election I voted for only one democrat and that was Butch Pope. I was willing to give David the benefit of the doubt. I think he could have handled the traffic court situation and he should have respected the judge enough to consult with him on it. I also believe that the judge could have handled it better as well. Still, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The lack of action on his part regarding Leland’s police department has reaffirmed my decision not to vote for him. He placed his friend’s interest above the interests of those he was elected to represent.

  • Fed Up and Disgusted says:

    This went all the way to the Supreme Court over a $235.00 donation yet not one person has questioned the $1500.00 filing fee that was paid by a Bruns. Cty. elected official who was immediately given the Chief Investigator job by D.A. David. Since that appointment there are over 20 unsolved murders in Brunswick and Columbus Counties and no one questions that. Cronyism? Good Old Boys?

  • baddboy says:

    Judge Jolly why wouldn’t he allow this in Brunswick County,it has been needed for year’s!!Jolly doesn’t play by the rules himself,neve of him not wanting this to pass!!

  • Lawdog says:

    Judge Jolly helped start driving school 20 YEARS AGO!!!

    Jon David was called on the carpet by Judge Jolly because SteetSafe is a political donor being paid back by Jon David.

    By the way, citizens will now pay MORE for traffic school under Jon David’s plan than they EVER did before.

    Wake up and quit drinking Jon David’s koolaid folks. This guy is a political animal. Ever wonder why he put so much effort into traffic tickets and making people go to his buddies traffic school??????

  • Guest2020 says:

    Have things changed in the last few years regarding driving school? When I worked for an attorney five years ago, there was a class offered at Brunswick Community College. So, it’s not something that David came up with. It was already there.

  • Concern says:

    Would someone please file a petition to remove Jolly!!

  • Guest234 says:

    Jon David is the one who needs to be removed for spending more time on talk radio than at work! OK! SO! U ONE! OH, R # WON! Go to work already! Try a case, and stop letting drunks and RC go free!

  • Blahblah says:

    Judge Jolly is the primary judge handling child support cases in BC. He doesn’t run this courtroom.. the DSS child support squad does. These women believe that proper service of court documents is to ignore all information, including but not limited to, current longstanding phone numbers, long term addresses, and repeated phone calls, and then send a summons to appear in court to a family members’ POST OFFICE BOX!

    When the person doesn’t appear in court due to having no notice, the squad claims the person was “properly served” and simply failed to appear. With no legal proof of service, Judge Jolly enters an order for arrest for this person based on… NOTHING.

    Now, this is in direct violation of the Due Process Clause of the 14th amendment as well as the N.C. Rules for Civil Procedure which state the simple rules of what constitutes “service” of legal documents. This includes delivery by an officer or registered mail with a signed return receipt.

    How is this behavior even remotely considered “sticking to the Constitution”?

    As an aside, I do NOT agree with what our DA has done in this case, so I am not against Judge Jolly based on those grounds. Only on the claim of him being fair and performing his duties properly.

  • Guest02 says:

    Judge Jerry Jolly is fair, honest, conservative, and sticks to the Constitution. Jon David is also an honorable person. They had a disagreement, which the Supreme Court decided. Now that it is over, I admire Judge Jolly for not commenting to the tabloid “mudruckers” at WWAY TV3. Even TV3’s premise was wrong. (It was David that filed the appeal – not Jolly.) It would interesting, however, to know who paid for David’s lawyers and who paid for Jolly’s lawyers to waste time in the appellate courts.

    That being said, however, the legislature has politicized the courts. At this juncture, Traffic court is a moneymaker only for the folks that run it. No one speaks out for the middle class that is playing all the bills.

  • Guest2020 says:

    Do you consider David’s actions concerning Chief Jayne honorable? It is not honorable for an elected official to but the interests of a friend above that of the community he was elected to serve.

  • Blahblah says:

    Wow! No he doesn’t! He phones it all in!

  • Guest24 says:

    Judge Jolly is fair and balanced and David is not.

    Judge Jolly upholds the Constitution every day and protects the innocent from abuse while David preens for the TV cameras and media just like ole Sheriff Ronald Hewett used to do it.

  • Guest1011 says:

    Bottom line–just don’t drive fast enough to get a speeding ticket & driving school won’t cost you a penny. Obey the law!

  • Guest28451 says:

    Problem is these stupid boys keep getting bought off and without a complaining witness or him being caught with this pants down (pun intended) Soles will continue to be a free man. On the other hand John David needs to answer for his behavior regarding the issues with Tim Jayne and the Leland PD where David has an obvious conflict of interest since he and Tim are neighbors and buddy buddy outside of their professional careers.

  • Guest28479 says:

    Thank you Guest28451, for pointing out David’s lack of professionalism regarding Tim Jayne. David used his friendship with Jayne not to do anything when that was the exact reason he should have asked for an outside investigation. Over a year later and the DA still will not ask for an investigation and the people are still getting screwed by the local government. Sorry to say I voted for him, won’t next time.

  • Jer says:

    What I see here more than anything else is a clash between two men with extended egos. I can’t help but wonder how this may eventually impact the outcomes of defendent’s abilities to get a fair trial when these two face off in court. I don’t think this is the end of their acrimony.

  • oldcoot says:

    I’m sure there will be no more acrimony than when the DA’s officers face ‘court as usual’ in Brunswick County where lawyers already have been visiting judges BEFORE the trial, spreading ‘cheer’ so that the decision in court will be favorable to their clients. That’s why most of the cases in the paper are listed as voluntarily dismissed, no matter how many times they have been in court for the same things before, no matter how long a list of charges they face. That was the case LONG before Jon David ever got here. I am getting tired of knowing there are far too many people on the road without car insurance, without registration, without a driver’s license AND they tend be caught with drugs and/or alcohol either in the car or inside the drivers. There ought to be a law about lawyers visiting judges just before the case is heard. Curious how these people always get off scott free.

  • Guest:Lelandgal says:

    Well at least Judge Jolly went about it the fair way. If this program is feedind Jon David then he needs to back out of it or we need another program that is not anyone’s that would benfit from in that works in the Court system.

  • Guest111 says:

    Still some of those good ole boys hanging on in Brunswick county trying to have it their old way. Give it time. . . maybe to the next election . . and maybe more of them will get voted out. Hard to break old habits,,, huh Judge?

  • oldcoot says:

    Some of you posters need to wise up – this whole thing, instigated by Ola Lewis (where is she now that the decision has been made?) and others, was NEVER about any kind of driving school! Wake up! This was the latest attempt by the ousted party to try and gain back their power by forcing David into a position where he would have to katow to them. If the ruling had been the other way around, they would have felt like they could block anything he tried to do in the future. The whole line of pot-stirrings they have in mind are all designed to run him out of the county and district. Pure and simple. God knows, if we start looking for corruption in the PAST, there would not be enough cells to hold all this suddenly sanctimonious Democrats. Not everybody is stupid: so take your juvenile kool-ade comments and crawl back under your rocks. Some of us don’t want business as usual like it has been in the past.

  • Guesttoo says:

    Jerry took the hit and Ola’s laughing all the way. She’s the one that pushed the issue, orchestrated the campaign against the DA and stood back to see what shook out.

    Judge(s) fault the DA for accepting campaign donations and then dealing with the donor…but what about them? Could a citizen who gave money to a judges campain expect to get a favorable judgement? Based on Ola’s…er…Jerry’s arguement, that should be the case.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I think it was a matter of ego more than politics or partisanship.

  • Guest28451 says:

    Just curious? Glad to see him put in his proper place instead of usurping authority that was purely political and partisan in nature

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