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FIRST ON 3: Video appears to show SUV that crashed with headlights on

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The main focus here is these kids lost their lives. Some of these victims had children. Why would you say such things as they were scoping out what to steal. I think it is ignorant for individuals to be so cold hearted when families are grieving. PLEASE let these individuals rest. We need to pray for these children that no longer have their parents. One lady would work faithfully at McDonalds and loved her two children. I encountered her presence at work while dining there, she did what she had to do to support her children. Pray for the lost. Stop degrading them by making comments about what they were after to steal in this neighborhood. We all were young once and did some things that did not catch up with us. We learn most of the time from our mistakes or choices but God has his way of doing things. Yes they were speeding, I'm not making any excuses about that but they were young and this could have been anyone's young child. A parent may raise his or her child to their best ability but a child will make his or her own choices. So STOP PUTTING THEIR parents down about the way they have RAISED their children. WAKE UP and SHOW REMORSE. I"M PRAYING THAT EVERYONE FINDS Understanding and COME TOGETHER. MY HEART GOES out to these VICTIM's FAMILIES.

Police chase? How was that

Police chase? How was that a police chase? The cop car was several seconds after the first car going at least 15-20 mph slower with no lights on.

What lie? The police said they saw a car with no lights on and they turned around to investigate. That is what we pay them to do. If they see a car crusing around my neighborhood at 3am with no lights they better be trying to figure out what they are up to. It's pretty obvious that the car nailed the gas while the cop was turning around, and I imagine that somewhere between 50mph and 80mph they decided to turn their headlights on so they could see what was making them bounce 20 feet into the air every few seconds.

The video shows no chase, no lie. It shows the truth, as hard as that may be for some people to stomach.

Looks like a police chase to

Looks like a police chase to me.. very sad.. but jus shows that shouldnt run from the police.. even if you scared to go back to jail no matter the case.. that other peoples lives your dealin wit..


You must be blind. The cop was 11 seconds behind the speeding car, the cop wasn't even going fast. Stop trying to blame this on the cops, its obvious it was the stupid criminal driver of the SUV !

This is why cops get a bad wrap!!

WHY did the cop lie? Only he and God know...What REALLY happened that night? One would hope that law enforcement could be trusted...."evidence" proves this officer lied....can WE trust our officers? idk

what video were you

what video were you watching, what evidence course have you taken, and are your eyes in need of glasses,clearly the police officer was not in hot pursuit,the suv was in high gear and hualing butt, so because a driver made a bad choice other people in that suv died, so to blame it on the policeman and calling him a liar is unfounded, we apologize to the policeman for you, as you are obviously anti police doing their jobs.

What exactly are the cops

What exactly are the cops lying about? Who the heck would you be blaming this on if a cop hadn't been there for you to scapegoat? Now, some of you want to claim how awesome these people were and what wonderful mothers they were. If that was the case then what were yhey doing out? Where are the husbands of these wonderful mothers? What the heck were they going in excess of 70 for on a neighborhood street? You can blame the cops all you want but, it just shows your ignorance.

This is why you get a bad wrap!!

The officer said when he passed the vehicle the light were out, he then turned around and followed it. How do you know the vehicle did not turn them on after the officer turned? You don't have a damn clue do you? I didn't think so. Evidence proves you are just plain stupid.


The evidence only proves that when he crashed his lights were on. My car has daytime running lights also but the switch still allows you to turn the lights off.