ONLY ON 3: Neighbors complain about dangers from bar

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Submitted: Thu, 02/16/2012 - 7:41pm
Updated: Fri, 02/17/2012 - 12:57am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Some neighbors say a Wilmington bar is causing major problems, including shootings and drug use, but the bar owner says his business is going above and beyond to improve the community.

“We live here, and everybody here is kind of afraid of what might happen,” Michael Bolick said.

Bolick lives on 15th Street in Wilmington. He says the End Zone Sports Bar just up the road on Dawson Street causes major problems, including excess traffic, extremely loud noise and violence in the neighborhood. He says he is always concerned for his safety.

“It’s a little disconcerting to know that at any moment a shooting might occur because of something going on up at the corner,” Bolick said.

Bolick says since the bar opened in 2008, there have been major issues, including stabbings and shootings outside the club.

Tim kenny owns the building that the End Zone is in. He says the bar is not the problem. Kenny says neighbors do not understand the neighborhood they live in.

“It’s clearly an indication of difficulties that have existed in the neighborhood for a very long time, and it has a lot to do with the low-income housing project that’s across the street,” Kenny said.

Kenny says if anything, he thinks the bar has cleaned up the surrounding community.

The owner of the bar, Darryl Brown, told us he works closely with Wilmington Police to keep the area as safe as possible.

Alcohol Law Enforcement says there is an investigation into End Zone. Brown says ALE told him they must investigate any business that has a formal complaint against it.


  • M.Bolick says:

    To those who might read this, this is what we on the southside, including Hillcrest public housing, are fighting hard for:

    Choice Neighborhoods Grant from HUD—–

    Choice Neighborhoods grants transform distressed neighborhoods and public and assisted communities into viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods by linking housing improvements with appropriate services, schools, public assets, transportation, and access to jobs. A strong emphasis is placed on local community planning for access to high-quality educational opportunities, including early childhood education. Choice Neighborhoods will provide support for the preservation and rehabilitation of public and HUD-assisted housing, within the context of a broader approach to concentrated poverty. In addition to public housing authorities, the initiative will involve local governments, non-profits, and for-profit developers in undertaking comprehensive local planning with residents and the community.

    Grant Award winners can receive up to $31M towards their Transformation Plan and rebuilding/revitalization effort. Our Choice Neighborhoods will encompass the rebuilding of the Hillcrest Public Housing Community located at 14th & Dawson St. and the revitalization of the SouthSide area of Wilmington. We recently completed our needs assessment and asset mapping phase of the project, and currently (January, 2012) have our eye on Economic Development for the area and Community Outreach. This collected data combined with our community partnerships will be very important as we continually develop our Transformation Plan to rebuild and revitalize the SouthSide.

    Timeline: We (Wilmington Housing Authority) hope to submit the Transformation Plan for Choice Neighborhoods in the fall, 2012, with an expected announcement by Spring, 2013. With a little luck, we could start the rebuilding and revitalization process in the Fall, 2013. Please remember these dates are subject to change and there is no guarantee that we will receive any funds from HUD. But with your help and community partnership, we stand a better chance of submitting a complete & winning Transformation Plan that will be ready to go with or without the funds!

    Let’s come together and make this work!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Let’s end this kind of federal Santa Claus nonsense because it’s bankrupting the country. How is a crappy neighborhood in Wilmington a federal issue that justifies blowing millions?

  • M. Bolick says:

    Yes, we do have to start somewhere and blaming Hillcrest for what happens every Friday and Saturday night at The Endzone doesn’t make sense. WE, the neighbors LIVE here. WE know what’s going on. WE put up with it every weekend when the patrons let out at 2:30am. I would gladly sell my house to Tim Kenny so he could experience the Endzone first hand and its’ affects on the community. Before the Endzone Sports Bar, there were no parking problems, excessive nosie, patrons deficating and urinating on lawns, etc. The shooting and stabbings that have happend outside the Endzone didn’t happen in Hillcrest. It happend outside the Endzone. Why not put a coffee shop in that location? When you come into Wilmington off of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge, you come right into the Southside. WE do need to start somewhere.

  • Guestfedup says:

    Umm, do these neighbors realize what neighborhood they’re in? It’s a cesspool over there. Well, I guess a formal complaint is a good place to start. Maybe that’ll get the ball rolling for an investigation and a clean up of some of the rif raf. Gotta start somewhere.

  • M.Bolick says:

    In regards to the neighbors not knowing their own neighborhood is simply untrue. WE live here. We know what goes on. I don’t recall Mr. Kenny living on the Southside so he only assumes what is happening. Tim Kenny’s assertion that all the problems of the Soutside are from Hillcrest is also untrue. If the Endzone Sports bar did NOT exsist, would people show up to an empty building just to play loud music, deficate and urinate on lawns, scream and yell at 2am? I think not.

  • Guest28451 says:

    I can tell ya this it makes me nervous if I have to come across the Cape Fear Memorial at night driving into borderline ghetto/hood that lies along the Wooster/Dawson corridor there. The neighborHOOD is the problem not the bar itself. Forgive me if Im wrong but didnt they just have at least one major shooting incident at a grocery store right there on Dawson near the bar? Maybe we should investigate the store by ALE because obviously something was amiss at the store for this shooting to happen. Heres the damn problem. Its the same problem as it was with the incidents downtown and over at 609 on Market Street. The hoodrats have no respect for life. You look at somebody wrong and they pull a 9 on you and blow you away all because some percieved disrespect by somebodyelse. The sad thing is as a whole the black community are much more religious and church going then white people Id dare say but sadly that message to respect life and other people in general never seems to get between the thick skulls of the youth who care more about their gang family then they do their own flesh and blood but the truth is the gangs wouldnt flourish if parents put their foot down and in some cases up the rear-ends of their children. Quit making excuses for your childrens actions, hold them accountable at a young age instead of “kids will be kids” well kids being kids has seen 9yr olds killing each other in some cases. Its gotta stop. The African-American community complains that Republicans are out to harm them and take away their services when the Democrats want you to be subserviant to the government and needing them to get by. Me personally I think there is some truth. When you punish a woman by cutting her benefits when shes tryign to get ahead and move up to self-sufficiency that to me speaks volumes about trying to keep people down. Im all for a safety net but one that helps people get on their feet (IE helps them with child care costs while they go back to school, doesnt cut their benefits if they are trying to become self-sufficent and definitely not one that encourages them to continue to have child after child out of wedlock just to get more money). You dont have to take my word for it. Listen to Bill Cosby or Thomas Sowell or other well respected African-Americans who believe its time to stop making excuses for the behavior of children and hold them accountable. Stop blaming everybodyelse and try looking in the mirror occasionally because like it or not the examples you set for your children are the ones that are the most lasting.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    How did this become about black and white again? Don’t be so stupid. If a white male wants to live in your so called black community he can, by the way it is called a ghetto not black community. Lets not make it something it ain’t. Thats right we have our trailor parks and you have you section 8 ghettos. Enjoy your stay stupid.

  • M.Bolick says:

    Actually, I moved to this house in 2005 so I was here before the Endzone- do your homework. Apparently you haven’t been made aware of the 5 pages of 911 calls from July 2008 to Jan 2012 I obtained from the WPD to show that others are complaining. So I’m not the only one complaining. If 5 pages of 911 calls is what you call an improvement to the area, I would hate to have seen it before the Enzone. Other neighbors didn’t want to go on camera because they are scared. I stand up for them. If sound can’t be heard from the bar, then why do the police keep issuing tickets? And sound from the bar is not the only problem- the parking, the noise when patrons leave, I’ve seen patrons deficating and urinating on lawns, etc. What exactly has the Endzone done to improve the quality of life around here again? I’m not trying to change the neighborhood for me, WE, the citizens, are going to change it for us. And I have no problem with the low income housing, I hope Wilmington can get the $30 Million grant to give Hillcrest a much needed make over (Choice Neighborhoods Grant- google it). Any help to bring up the quality of life is greatly appreciated.

  • Guest28403 says:

    Anything to get a news story. Mr. Bolick it seems that you’re the only one complaining, the neighbors aren’t complaining. You’re the only idiot on the news making a fool out yourself. Bolick recently moved there and the Endzone been there since 2008. If you fear that much for your life move. You guys fail to mention what the Endzone and it’s patrons do for the community. Wway have you investigated the white clubs downtown where rapes occurred in the morning hours, fights, etc. No, you have a white male in a black community, a place they call home like the trailer park the whites call home. By the way the other neighbors are complaining who resides directly behind the club, mr. Bolick lives further down and you can’t hear a sound of noise. If you feel for your life, again move. This is our low income housing and we aren’t going anywhere, just like the Endzone isnt going anyway where. Next time do your research before moving in a neighorhood that’s not going to change for you, wway, or anyone else.

  • Guestfedup says:

    Mr. Bolick, I feel for you and I look up to you. You seem to be the ONLY one having any concern for the plight of that neighborhood. I commend you. It’s people like the commentor on the top of the page who says “we’re not going anywhere” and “nothing will ever change” that are the problem. You, sir, WILL succeed, just by bringing this to the forefront. You let us know that it is not just uneducated, lazy criminals that lives in that area, that there really are some good, law abiding folks living there too, ones that want a change. Good for you, bud. Let us know how we can help, as a community. Good luck!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:


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