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Teacher of the Week: Tim McCoy

Today's winner from NHHS adds a musical note to the promotion.

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Mr. McCoy is clearly one of

Mr. McCoy is clearly one of the best teachers ever.
He's completely honest with his students, and he never sugarcoats anything. He isn't afraid to tell us what we're doing wrong and he'll call us out on it, too. He helps us strive to be more, each and every day. He does not let us settle for mediocrity. He pushes us to go far and to not give up. He reminds us that we aren't just there for ourselves, in band. We are there for each and every other person, too. You cannot be self-centered and survive in band, because it's not just about any one person. He reminds us that we all matter. We aren't anything like sports teams. We use all 'players' in marching band. If one of us messes up, we all mess up. We all matter.
He's everything that defines a great teacher, everything a teacher should be.
I have learned so much from him, so much more than I ever thought I could. It's not just the fact he's a great teacher, he also loves each and every one of his students, and he shows it. He's more than a band director, he's a mentor, and I think we've all learned something from him over the years. Thank God for Mr. McCoy. :)

Tim McCoy

Mr McCoy is an awsome teacher/Director. Not only has he talt me things I will cary with me through life, He has also managed to help me strive to be a better drummer. I have had an awsome 3&1/2 years in the NHHS Marching band and will always remember the good times, thankyou! -jon