VOTE 2012: Pantano hoping 2010 experience propels him to 2012 success
Submitted by wway news on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 1:13pm.

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Came to Wilmington without a dime,murdered two men (was not self -defense) profitted off the situation writing a book that was so distorted and filled with lies.Took 22,000 dollars from the American Legion for his defense along with his for profit Defend The Defenders in which he profit off of.Never had a job and has milked tax payers for donations and still is in debt with his campaign.Had a party at the Blockrunner with 300 people for his won election(oh but he didn't win).Kind of arrogant don't you think?

You are obviously uninformed! Is being a member of our armed forces not a job? What about owning your own this not a job? What about working for the sheriff's department, being an author.....? We live in a sad society when an American Patriot who is willing to die for his country, not once but twice and, then want to serve his country in Washington, D.C. is slandered by the uninformed, politically dangerous liberals who refuse to see our country's dilema. Nor will these types admit that we need to rid D.C. of politicians and fill the offices with honest, intelligent, Christian business men and women to save us from the likes of our current administration and other liberals such as yourself. Illario Pantano has my support financially and through prayers all the way from the state of Texas. May God bless us with dozens more with his beliefs and values to save this downward spiraling country!!!

God Bless him and he has my vote... Giving hell marine

He shot 2 prisoners of war, he cut their cuffs off of them then shot them 60 times. A clear violation of the Geneva Convention. NCGOP7 deserves better for a representative. Why would I support someone like him? No steady job and questionable background? I think I will continue to look for a better candidate.

So we have a failed book author running for the 7th District? This media hog STILL can't answer what it is he does!!! Here's a prediction: he loses again.


The issues with this family and the way they obtained dogs, their reaction to the whole situation and the things they had to say, both him and his wife, turned me off. I voted for him once but never again. I don't think they are honest and up front people. Pretty underhanded, the way they dealt with the dog issue. Nope, no vote here.