FIRST ON 3: NC commerce secretary not discouraged by loss of industry to other states

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Submitted: Fri, 03/02/2012 - 5:29pm
Updated: Sun, 03/04/2012 - 12:40pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In the past several months, two major corporations have decided not to move to southeastern North Carolina. The losses are something many legislators say need to spark change in the way the state attracts business.

During a visit to Wilmington today, we talked to NC Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco about business.

Continental Tire and Caterpillar both considered building in Brunswick County, but both decided to go somewhere else. Crisco does not see this as a negative, but a positive; not because we lost the companies, but because they considered us in the first place.

“I don’t know anybody that’s ever batted 1.000, but the key is to go to bat a lot,” Crisco said. “North Carolina, we’re aggressive. We go after the big ones. We won’t win them all, but we are winning a lot of them.”

Crisco says North Carolina’s economy is looking up. He sees these losses as an opportunity to learn and improve on our approach.

“Yes, we need to review them,” he said. “The economy is changing, and competition is changing. I told the legislature yesterday everything they knew prior, they should disregard because it’s out of date and look at what’s happening now.”

Crisco said the fact that those businesses looked here means more will, too. He said success is never guaranteed, but you have to try.

The commerce secretary believes the key is having an economic development team that works together.

Many criticize North Carolina’s tax incentives for the loss of thousands of jobs the companies would have brought to the area. Crisco said incentives are certainly something the state is looking to improve.


  • Challengetheworld says:

    Hello Crisco:

    This isn’t horseshoes, you don’ get credit because they considered us if they go somewhere else. The only think that brings jobs is teh commitment. I’m sure they consider many places but two great opportunties walked; you can’t be happy about that.

  • Prosper says:

    A good negotiator is desperately needed, someone with a successful record of bringing in businesses. The one important issue that is not fully stated is WHY these companies decided not to come here.

  • Captn Billy says:

    If you want the job, apply for it, wherever it is. If you get the job, move there and prosper. That is what I did when I was younger, I found a place I liked and settled down and retired, Scotts Hill. Now, I do not want a cement plant. Good luck to all, but do not sit on your rear and think it will come to you, lol.

  • Guest276502765 says:

    Perhaps Mr. Crisco would be more concerned about the job market if he were without a job…..since it doesn’t appear that he is excelling at his job perhaps we should be replacing him.

  • robo says:

    This guy is totally out of touch with reality. There is no second place trophy or other ribbons to be awarded for trying hard.

  • Guest1212 says:

    Of course he is not worried . Im sure he makes 6 figures. Not for long. When a Rep is in Raleigh in Nov all those jobs will be going to new folks.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    $135,000 per year. He always travels with a pet stooge. He had the nerve to go to France this past spring to an air show, on the state dime, with 5 little subordinates; he dropped nearly $400 for a dinner for the 6 of them even though there is a per diem they are to stick to. All of this he did to seek “aerospace” opportunities. The aerospace industry is dying; I guess he missed that.

    And, then while in Europe, he did not avail himself of the opportunity to call upon Continental Tire in Germany, to determine what it would really take to land the plant.

    But guess what? SC Governor was at the same show and she took the time to call upon Continental. And SC got the plant.

    She showed interest and enthusiasm. He shows arrogance and a very weak thought process.

    He should be the first to go after Governor McCrory is sworn in.

  • Observer says:

    When I read news of North Carolina failing to attract industry for it’s citizens, I am reminded that Toby Bronstein, the northeast transplant is in bed with those that will find any excuse to nix economic development in our region.

    Crisco may be the latest Dem appointee to stumble and bumble confusing not closing the deal for jobs as being successful, but Bronstein is the malignant, self-annointed superior mind who is at the heart of the economic growth problem in Brunswick County.

    Toby Bronstein and many of her rabble in NoPort have their fat cat pensions through employment elsewhere. They prefer turtle nests, golf and senior retiree frivolities to honest jobs and economic growth for the large majority of Brunswick County residents.

    Democratic party shills like Crisco know they have the backing of the northeast liberal establishment within the Forbidden City called St. James and other gated communities and tacitly cater to this travisty.

    I guess Toby feels her myopic and agenda-driiven “studies” and the money supporting her destructive vision for Brunswick Couty are enough to warrant that Democratic visitors will avoid saying anything to unleash her old, predictable and foolish rants to the media coupled with the usual suspects with time to burn writing nonsense letters to the editor in the local papers that in effect trade jobs for swampland.

    Folks like Crisco and Bronstein are a bridge to nowhere.

  • prosper says:

    What is needed is an expert negotiator with a proven record. Crisco is trying to put a positive frame on this situation – but loss of two large corporations not coming in? The information he did not give is WHY they decided not to come here.

  • Ricky Bobby says:

    If you ain’t first, you’re last

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